UI-View32 Setup

NOTE: this is only a quick guide for setting up UI-View32 with special proposals for the Hamburg APRS-Group. It's recommended to read the UI-View online-help also!
APRS QRG for Europe is 144.800 FM. 1k2 AFSK.
<- Deutsche version
COM Port Setup
  • Go to Setup in the Menu-Bar and select Comms Setup.
 for TNC / KISS
  • Select Baud Rate ( for 1k2 TNC - 9600 / for 9k6 TNC - 19k2 usual).
  • Set Data Bits to 8.
  • Set Stop Bits to 1.
  • Set Parity to None.
  • Select the COM Port where your TNC is connected to the PC.
  • Set Host mode to KISS.
  • click the Setup Button! 
    -> KISS Setup Screen will pop up.
  • use Easy Setup:
    - TNC2 or compatible click on TF.
    - PK232 or compatible click on PK.
  • set the Tx Delay (30 usual for common Handy's/Mobil Rig's).
  • set Tx Tail (2 default).
  • set Slot Time (10 default).
  • set Persist (64 default).
  • if you have a Dual-Port TNC set the Dual Port TNC Checkbox and fill also the fields for Port 2.
  • click OK -> KISS Setup will close.
  • click also OK on Comms Setup! -> Comms Setup will close.
Station Setup
  • Go to Setup in the Menu-Bar and select Station Setup.


Advanced Path Setup of Unproto address:

after checking your range on HF with the default RELAY,WIDE3-3 you should change the path! the reason is that if you use RELAY you create a lot of HF traffic because every stn is a RELAY!!

  • change to APRS,WIDE,WIDE3-3 or APRS,WIDE,TRACE3-3
    if you can work a WIDE-digi direct! 
  • if there is a known 24hr operating WIDE-digi within your area / or RELAY if you can't reach a WIDE directly, change the first PATH entry to the WIDE/RELAY digi-call!
    e.g. if you are within the range of DB0xxx and you know this stn act 24hr as a APRS digi change your path to APRS,DB0xxx,WIDE3-3 or APRS,DB0xxx,TRACE3-3.
  • use RELAY,WIDEn-n or RELAY,TRACEn-n ONLY for mobile use.
    - Trackers like TinyTrack should use WIDEn-n instead of TRACEn-n because the path is not of interest!
  • do NOT USE RELAY after WIDE! e.g.: APRS,WIDE3-3,RELAY
  • do NOT USE WIDEn-n and TRACEn-n in the same path!!
    e.g: APRS,WIDE3-3,TRACE3-3 
  • use Beacon Interval with a time of 30min because within 30mins all user should see all active stn on their screens!
  • use TRACEn-n only if you wish that everyone can TRACE your path!
  • type your CALLSIGN in the Callsign Field.
  • set the Latitude (= Breitengrad) to your QTH's value. insert the value as DD.MM.DM[N] (degrees/minutes/decimalminutes).
  • set the Longitude (= L´┐Żngengrad) to your QTH's value. insert the value as DDD.MM.DM[N] (degrees/minutes/decimalminutes).
  • your Locator appears in the Locator Field.
  • set Unproto port to 1 (if you have 2 ports then set it to 1,2 and so on for more ports).
  • type in your Unproto adress:
    - for NEW Stn: APRS,RELAY,WIDE3-3.
    pse read Advanced Path Setup!
    (with RELAY,WIDE3-3 you normally could be seen within a range of 150-300km. you can increase to WIDE5-5 or use TRACEn-n ..see online help for details! see also the Digipeater Setup section!
  • If you have more than one port you can specify 2 different Unproto addresses seperated by a |. example: APRS,RELAY,WIDE3-3|APRS,RELAY.
    The following beacon now will be send out:
    On port 1: APRS,RELAY,WIDE3-3
    On port 2: APRS,RELAY
  • set your Beacon comment (should contain your Name, other info optional).
  • check the UI-View Tag checkbox to identify you as a UI-View stn.
  • set Beacon interval Fixed to 30 min.
    - it's recommended that fixed stations should send at minimum every 30min!
  • select a Symbol (Home default for UHF Stn).
  • check Compressed Beacon.
  • for the other Boxes check out the UI-View online help! (not needed for normal use at Home on UHF/HF)
  • click on OK. -> Station Setup will close.
Status Text
  • Go to Setup in the Menu-Bar and select Status Text.
  • set Interval to 30 min.
  • check the Send best DX checkbox.
    ->  with this setting others will automatically see your DX - good for propagation info on 2m!
  • to switch between km/miles for DX and Station List go to any Station List (via Menu Bar -> Stations) and click on the km/miles Button.
Digipeater Setup
  • Go to Setup in the Menu-Bar and select Digipeater Setup.

NOTE: Digipeater settings are one of the most important, because if you set it not the right way you can generate a lot of HF-Traffic!!

NOTE: in priciple every APRS Station should act as a RELAY-Digi!

pse DO NOT act as RELAY if there is a (24hr operating) RELAY-digi within 5km!

pse DO NOT act as WIDE if you do not have a range on HF >50km OR if there is more than one other 24hr operating WIDE-digi within a range of 50km!

  • check the Enable digi checkbox.
  • uncheck the UI Only checkbox!
  • check the Alias substitution checkbox.
  • if you act as WIDE-digi check WIDEn-n AND TRACEn-n.
  • set Alias(es) to RELAY,<YOURCALL>,<YOURSUBALIAS>. Extend the string with ,WIDE if you act as WIDE-Digi.
  • set your Sub Alias to your CALLSIGN (with SSID).
  • set Dupe secs to 28 if you act as WIDE.
  • set Digi routes to 1=1. (if you have more than one port than also add the other ports.
    e.g.: 1=1;1=2;2=1;2=2. this setting will digi all frames heard on port 1 or 2 on the port itself and also on the other port - crossport digipeating).
  • Go to Setup in the Menu-Bar and select Miscellaneous.
  • Set Expire Time to a value between 60-90min. this specifies the expire time of a Station's Icon on your screen after the last Beacon was send by this station.
  • set Object interval to ~30min. this specifies the interval for sending out Object information.
  • if you have a fast PC set Auto Refresh Mode to Immediate. Otherwise set it to Timer and specify the time in mins.
  • Set your Station List Sort Order for all your Station Lists.
  • uncheck Auto sort station list. this is necessary if you connect to an APRSServer via Internet.
  • check Minimize to Sys Tray if you want UI-View running minimized shown only in the Sys Tray.
  • uncheck Show start-up tips.
  • for all other settings please read the UI-View Online Help.
APRS Server Setup (only important if you want to connect to a Internet APRS-Server)
  • Go to Setup in the Menu-Bar and select APRS Server Setup.



  • type the Server you want to connect into Select A Server.
    will show you DL/PA/OE/ON/F stations.
  • if you want to connect to the server you must go to Menu Bar -> Actions -> Connect APRServer.


Owner: DK7XE

UI-View32 Setup - DK7XE/OE6DLD

Update: 15.05.2006