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G7RAU/EA6VQ Live MUF calculator
G7RAU/EA6VQ Live MUF calculator
GB7BAA dxcluster wap access
  WebDX Cluster
OH2BUA WebDX Cluster
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The DXrobot (gooddx.net)
The DXrobot (Europe & U.S. alerts)
  EA6VQ, pre-formatted DXspots

Jan-Martin Nøding LA8AK     SK Apr 27, 2005
Book of Condolence

VHF DX Group DL-West, 
homesite and online database

     DL8EBW VHF DX Database     

  version V2.20 - 10/2005  

Download (1), zip-file 90kB
DL8EBW MS Database / V2.20 - 10/2005
an excerpt of DL8EBW VHF DX Database

Download (2)
, zip-file 41kB (callsign.txt)
DL8EBW MS Database / V2.20 - 10/2005
modified for use with K1JT's WSJT
for WSJT versions below V4.9.0

Download (2a)
, zip-file 77kB (call3.txt)
DL8EBW MS Database / V2.20 - 10/2005
modified for use with K1JT's WSJT
for WSJT versions above V4.9.0

Searchform for DL8EBW VHF DX Database

 online database maintained by DH3YAK
your data for the DL8EBW VHF DX Database
get your own personal password and add & edit
your data online


VHF MS Database Viewer   by DGØKW
V1.0.6 - 09/2005

  144MHz DX Activity Contest  
sponsored by VHF DX Group DL-West : a year-round challenge


Compiled by DL8EBW :  The Most Wanted Squares Europe 2005 

A Guide to plan your next DXpedition

Archived Maps
Maps of The Most Wanted Squares Europe
years 1996-2005, thumbnails
The Most Wanted Squares Europe 2005
on a grid map of Europe (52kB)
Need squares from OH ?
interactive cgi-page by OH8K, enter your missing
squares from Finland, in order to generate a list
of most wanted squares from OH
Most Wanted DXCCs on VHF, Europe 2005
compiled by PA2CHR
The Brendan Trophies
by IRTS, the Irish Radio Transmitters Society
will be awarded to the operators of the two
amateur radio stations which first establish
two-way communication between the continents of Europe & America
within the Two Metre Amateur Band
man-made reflectors (aircraft, satellites, etc.)
as well as EME are excluded
  TransAtlantic VHF Propagation   by RSGB
basic mechanisms, geometry,
multi-hop scattering

More on TransAtlantic VHF Propagation
by Dr. Volker Grassmann, DF5AI

VHF TransAtlantic Beacons

  Trans-Atlantic FM on June 26th, 2003
from <DXRadio.co.uk>
Brendan Trophy Attempt Leonids 2002

A German group of radio amateurs was qrv during the
Leonides in November 2002 from both sides of the
Atlantic ocean. Harry, DL2DAO, joined a group of
Canadian radio amateurs (headed by Paul, VO1HE) at Cabot Tower / Newfoundland / GN37 while Volker, DL5DAW, and Nico, DK5DQ, travelled to southwest
to set up their rig in IO41tu. Central aim was
to cross the NorthAtlantic (qrb ~ 3030km) on 144MHz in meteorscatter using FSK441 mode during the Leonid meteor storm on Nov 19th.

The TransAtlantic Attempt failed due to high winds and a blown HV transformer. . .
VO1BZM (Cabot Tower/St.John's) & EI2TAA (IO41tu)
did not complete in an attempt that began with so many well grounded high hopes. Full story & pics :

 VHF TransAtlantic Experiment 2002 
    1st Terrestial TransAtlantic qso ?    
N2PIG claims having achieved
1st terrestial TransAtlantic contact,
Mar 17th/19th, 2002

Follow-up report (pdf, 2.2Mb)

   by Rochester VHF Group

Follow-up report in

   EI7GL's Ireland VHF News, August 2003 :
   N2PIG filing claim for the Brendan Trophy,
   decision of the Brendan Trophy Award Panel

Brendan Trophy Attempts 1999
ON7WP News Bulletins #2, #3, #4, #5
2SØICF/p News Bulletin #1, Results
Ireland VHF News   by EI7GL EI7GL's VHF page
Russian VHF Information by RA3DQ
listing of Russian VHF amateurs
News bulletins abt Russian VHF activities
  VHF Homepage   of DF2ZC
subscribe to his monthly EME Newsletter
The ARRL DXCC List 144MHz EME Skeds On-Line
webpages maintained by Gabriel, EA6VQ;
skeds & directory of stations maintained
by Brian, W3EME
Listing   of VHF/UHF Beacons Europe,
(zip-file, 50kB), as compiled by LAØBY
  Download   Listing of VOR beacons Europe
sorted by frequency, terrestial coordinates converted to Maidenhead locators by I8TWK
Zip-file (18kB), unfolds to <vorfrq.txt> (43kB)
Audioclips   of VHF Beacons Europe,
as compiled by DDØVF
Download   Listing of VOR beacons Europe, 112.000MHz - 117.975MHz
sorted in alphabetical order, terrestial coordinates; Zip-file (15kB),
unfolds to <eurovor.txt> (59kB)
Mailing lists
on VHF-related topics / Meteorscatter
Geo alerts / Geophysical & Solar Activity
Download   Listing of VOR beacons Europe
sorted by location, terrestial coordinates converted to Maidenhead locators by I8TWK
Zip-file (17kB), unfolds to <vorloc.txt> (39kB)
Interactive WWLocator Map Viewer
by F5LEN
Draws path between two WWlocators on a map, calculates bearing and distance
  World / U.S. / Europe   Locator Maps
from VE2PIJ's pages
DL locator map   from DC7BJ's Info Pages
download, 1.4Mb jpg-file
U.S. locator map   from W6AMT's pages
download, 77kB gif-file
Color Landform Atlas   of the United States About Grid Locators and Grid Squares,
& software for grid locator calculations
from ARRL WEBsite
Determine your grid square without a map
from the pages of Valley RC, Eugene/Or
The Rover Resource Page
by Dan Evans, K9ZF (ex N9RLA)
The Master Clock
of the U.S. Naval Observatory USNO
The Official U.S. Time
choose U.S. time zones from a map
Time Zones  find out the time anywhere
in the world, set up your own customized
time zone reference card
CQ VHF magazine   DUBUS VHF magazine   by G4PMK
The NorthAmerican High Speed
Meteor Scatter Rally & Contests

sponsored by K1JT, N6ENU, WA5UFH
VHF Contest Calendar USA/Canada
as compiled by VE2PIJ
VHF/UHF Contest Calendar, Rules, Results,
Forms, Certificates, Log, Grid Square List,
Dupe sheet, software
Geminids Meteorscatter Contest
Dec11th/20UT - Dec15th/02UT, 2004
by Bavarian Contest Club BCC
VUCC  VHF/UHF Century Club Award Rules
from ARRL WEBsite
IARU Region 1 VHF DX records   Liste der VHF/UHF/SHF-Erstverbindungen DL

Liste der 50MHz-Erstverbindungen DL

UKW-Topliste   von "CQ DL" / DL2OM

VHF-DX Toplist online

VHF-DX DL First Contacts   by DF6NA
U.S. VHF/UHF/Microwave Standings
of the years 1996 - 2000
from ARRL WEBsite
Amateur Radio Propagation Studies
by Dr. Volker Grassmann, DF5AI
D-Layer Ionoscatter on 50MHz
from the archives of the UK Six Metre Group
Propagation Studies Committee
of Radio Society of Great Britain

Make More MeteorScatter Skeds :
by   mailing list

by   mailing list

HSMS-net   14.185MHz +/-
Sat & Sun, 2200UT
Packet Radio WW Convers :
ch 14345 (DX on 50MHz & up)
ch 14346 (WSJT)                        
telnet to Packet Radio DXcluster & WW convers :
HF   :   VHF-net   14.345MHz
internet real time :
MS Rocks Live !
NØUK's   Ping Jockey Central
NØUK's   JT44talk
internet real time :
MS Euro Live !
DF6NA MS Chat   ·   DK5YA VHF DX Chat
ON4KST 50MHz & 144MHz Chats
EchoLink Conferences   :   VHF_TALK / EME-MS
load down & install   EchoLink
ON4KST telnet client as a standalone application,   V1.3 by EA6VQ

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