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MSDSP Project
a program, in conjunction with a soundcard, to transmit & record high speed morse code and replay in low speed, by Tihomir Heidelberg, 9A4GL
DOS : Versions V0.34/V0.51/V0.70beta
- U. S. Mirror download site, manual &
operating tips :   NA HSMS Web
- Europe Mirror download site, manual & operating tips :   G7RAU Software Page Win95/98 : WinMSDSP 2000 (Shareware),
latest version of Dec 20th, 2000
- U. S. Mirror download site, manual &
operating tips :   W8WN's HSCW page


LinWSJT V0.4.6 (release June 2003)
an attempt to implement JT44 & FSK441
for Linux (and other platforms) in C++
available in source code form


PTT32   LPT & COM port PTT utility
by OZ2M
to be used with applications incapable of PTT
under Windows 2000, XP (e.g MSDSP), or as a
"COM port to LPT port router" (WSJT)


"FixCom" utility   to set the serial port
DTR/RTS lines to "low" under WindowsME
this & much more from G3VFP's software page


MultiKeyer V1.0, CW/Voice Keying Program
sends timed CW messages for EME & MS
operation, sequenced Phone mode transmits
prerecorded wav files for MS/Contest operation


MeteorSim   by Moe Wheatley, AE4JY
HSCW/WSJT meteorscatter/path simulator
"... a first attempt at trying to model
meteorscatter events and simulate their
transmission characteristics"


VHF MS Database Viewer V1.0.3  by DGØKW
view & search the DL8EBW VHF MS Database, convert MS Database files to K1JT's <callsign.txt>

  Compact MS-Soft for PC
V5.1 / Jan 12th, 2002   by Ilkka Yrjola, OH5IY
a program to transmit high speed morse code in automated, customizable sequence
- can create a list of missing squares within
MS-range(<2250 km), which is based on a
user-created list of worked squares.
- OH5IY's elaborate paper on Meteor Observations with VHF Radio & Computer also
links to a download of his MCT5X software for
counting meteor reflections with radio
- offers download of MAnalyzer V0.94
(mod A & B) by OH2AYP, 01/2002 version
software that uses PC & soundcard to generate numeric statistics on meteor
total reflection duration and counts

 WSJT V5.8.6  beta release version Sept 23 rd, 2005
Please read update/version history
With V5.8.6 it is no longer necessary/desirable
to run SPECTRAN simultaneously with WSJT.
Created by Joe, K1JT, WSJT is a computer
program for VHF/UHF communication using
state of the art digital techniques. It can
decode fraction-of-a-second signals reflected
from meteor trails, as well as steady signals
more than 10dB weaker than those required
for conventional CW.
WSJT is freely available to radio amateurs
for non-commercial purposes.
Includes :
- FSK441 MS operation
   (FSK441B & FSK441C with Forward Error Correction)
- JT6M MS operation
   (JT6M designed for meteorscatter on 50MHz)

- JT44 EME operation (including Echo Mode)
- JT65 EME operation
complete with all new WSJT User's Guide

SimJT V0.8.1   by Joe, K1JT
utility program to generate wav-files for
testing and calibrating your own CW copying
ability or the sensitivity of the JT65 decoder,
generates CW & JT65 signals.

Joe is Dr. Joseph Taylor, 1993 Nobel laureate
in physics, for the discovery of a new type of pulsar (Princeton Pulsar Group), see his

autobiography at the Nobel e-Museum

- WSJT4.6 Handbuch
  in deutscher Übersetzung von DH7FB
  pdf-file, 986kB
- Ergänzung des WSJT4.6 Handbuches
  zur Version 4.9; pdf-file, 16kB

- Kurzübersicht zu WSJT4 & JT65
  K1JT's "JT65 Update Notes & Special FAQ"
  in deutscher Übersetzung von DH7FB

- WSJT Handbuch
  in deutscher Übersetzung von DJ1YFK
  pdf-file, 680kB

- Europe mirror download site

- help & advise, FAQ, wav-files, interfaces

- From Moonbounce to Hard Drives
  US National Science Foundation article
  about the origins of Joe Taylor's
  error correction code as used in JT65
by DL3JIN  (
a program, in conjunction with a soundcard, to record high speed morse code and replay in low speed, requires DOS 5.0 or later/Win3.x
Download SBMS V1.0 (zipped, 150kB,
unfolds to <sbms.exe, *.doc, *.ini>)
Download Q-Basic source code
(zipped, 17kB, unfolds to <sbms34.bas>)
  TheMeteorScatterPredictor   by DL5BAC
based on your own qth, calculates optimum
times & paths for a large number of
meteorshowers; requires MS-DOS
Download TMSP
(zip-file, 44kB, unfolds to <tmsp.exe>)
in a version modified by DL5SWB
G3PPT's software page : MFSK, THROB, Hellschreiber & more
Meteor V6.0/WMeteor V1.1
DOS/Windows-based programs for
automated recording of radio meteor bursts   by Pierre Terrier
  MOP - Meteor Observation Project
DOS-based program to detect radio meteors,
for PC & soundcard, no special interface required
R_Meteor   Win9x-based program for
automated detection of radio meteor bursts
A Radio/Computer System for Automated Detection of Meteors   by Anthony Mallama
Your Sky
The interactive planetarium of the Web
You can produce maps for any time, date, viewpoint, and observing location. If you enter the orbital elements of an asteroid or comet (or meteor shower !), Your Sky will compute its current position and plot it on the map. Each map is accompanied by an ephemeris for the Sun, Moon, planets, and any tracked asteroid or comet.
  Dublin Night Sky Observer   by Gary Nugent
General astronomy, with excellent collection of
astronomy software
VK3UM's EME utilities :
- planner & tracking soft
- radiation & performance calculator
Download from SM2CEW's pages
F1EHN's EME calculating & tracking
Version 5.1, Win 32bit soft, freeware
Palm Track   by GM4JJJ
Moontracking software for Palm Pilot
GeoClock   by Joe Ahlgren
shows current time (based on your computer's clock) on a high quality map of the earth, displays the parts of the earth in sunlight and twilight, current sun position, sun's az & el,
local sunrise & sunset
shareware for DOS/Win3.x/Win9x
easy-to-use time synchronization utility
freeware for Win9x/NT

From WB5APD's pages :
How to get Dimension4 working
with WindowsXP

GPS-Time   freeware applet,
corrects your PC clock using GPS

AboutTime V4.8
by Paul Lutus (author of Arachnophilia)
time client and server, sets your computer's clock by acquiring a time value from the Internet, will act as a timeserver as well to provide time synchronization on each machine of your LAN
RadioClock adjusts your PC-clock
by listening to time signals from your radio
decodes WWVB, MSF, DCF77, HBG
requires LF/HF radio & 16bit soundblaster
compatible soundcard
DCF77 decoder V1.15   by ON5DI
adjusts your PC-clock by supporting a DCF77 receiver connected to the joystick port,
for Win95/98
The DSP Interchange
for Weaksignal Communication and SETI
  Amateur Radio Soundblaster Software Collection   by Dr. Oliver Welp, DL9QJ
well-maintained & up-to-date software
collection for PC /w soundblaster card
  FFTDSP   by AF9Y
Using the PC's sound card, FFTDSP extracts &
displays weak signals from the receiver audio
in real time
Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
Digital Oscilloscope/FFT Analyzer with lots of features, DOS only, runs even with
XT type computers, Shareware
SPECTRAN V2.0 (build 212)
Using the PC's sound card, HAMVIEW / SPECTRAN extract & display weak signals from
the receiver audio in real time, real time audio
filtering and much more
EchoFilter2 / EchoFilter3
general-purpose real-time digital audio filter
Spectrum Laboratory V2.4 b32   by DL4YHF
Spectrum Analyzer with Waterfall Display and
real-time audio processing
see also : Detection of Sporadic E, Aurora & Meteors
by using Radio Spectrum Analysis, by G7IZU
PC software project
for weak signal reception by SM5BSZ
DXsoft   Windows™ HAM radio software
DXcluster monitor, HAM logger, TTY decoder,
morse decoder (<5000lpm) / type terminal,
digital voice processor
Voive Keyer Express
by Stu Olson, N7QJP
For contest & meteorscatter operation,
VKE turns your PC's soundcard into a
powerful and versatile digital voice keyer
Shareware, requires soundcard & Win9x/NT
  GoldWaveV5.03beta Digital Audio Editor
real-time amplitude, spectrum, & spectrogram oscilloscopes, file editing, supports wide variety
of sound formats, for Win3.x/Win95
PrWave   by Franz Straessler
utility to hardcopy wav-files of any length, any sample rate
GRAM Spectrogram Version 7
Audio frequency analyzer
BV Version 7   by DF3CB
QSL Management and Label Printing
SQ QRA Square Database V2.0   by G4PMK
Visual, map-based database for squares
worked and confirmed
QSL Maker   by WB8RCR
drafts, edits & prints your QSL-cards
BEACONet : a PSK31 tool
for Meteor Scatter Experimenters
  Article#1 & Article#2
about Packet Radio Meteorscatter
Proposal of a QSO protocol in Packet Radio that allows the exploitation of minor Meteor Bursts & presentation of a program for PCs that handles such a protocol   by I2KFX
presentation of a visual method of working MS by displaying incoming dots & dashes of high speed morse code bursts in real time, reading letters directly off the screen
by EB4GIA and EA4EOZ
Great Circle Maps GcmWin V2.3
by Roger Hedin, SM3GSJ
Create azimuthal equidistant maps from any location in the world; choose scale, colors, meridians, fields and/or squares from the Maidenhead locator system
  Azimuth3 for Win9x   by Tony Field, VE6YP
Displays or prints an Azimuth/Mercator map of
the world centered on a given location from
a chosen scale, displays Maidenhead Locator System, DXCC, cities; allows reasonable print
quality for maps up to 1 meter wide
Online Map Creation   AZ_PROJ v1.1.6
Azimuthal Equidistant Projection Map Server
Create world maps; local area maps; maps customised for your qth; grid square maps with your own worked grids
by NA3T & NV3Z
DX Atlas V2.25   by VE3NEA
Radio Distance V2.1.3
by Ekki Plicht, DF4OR
Calculates distance & bearing between two points, points are either entered as geographical data (Latitude/Longitude) or as qth-locator in Maidenhead format. Output in degrees [°] for bearings, in Kilometer [km], US statute miles [mi] or nautical miles [nm] for distance, supports GPS data input (standard NMEA device)
from DF4OR's software pages
  WinGrid V3.7   by W4SM
grid calculator
calculates distance & bearing between
squares of Maidenhead locator system

Download   locator calculator for Win3.x
(zip-file, 60kB) by OH3NJC
calculates distance & bearing between
squares of Maidenhead locator system

EA6VQLOG V3.0b   by EA6VQ
logging software for European VHF'ers
generates statistics, shows worked/confirmed grids on a map
- neu : auch in deutscher Sprache
nach einer Übersetzung von DL1KDA
- Mirror download site : DH6JL's VQLOG Mirror
  Winlog32 version 2.8.29
free Windows logging software, includes user
updatable "Worked VHF Locator" database
TACLog / TACLog Lite   by OZ2M
Universal logging/contest logging program
"can be configured for use in practically every type of contest on VHF/UHF/SHF"
WinContest V3.0.10   by DD3KU
Contest-Programm in deutscher Sprache
für Win3.x/95/98/NT
  VHFCONT Rev3.0b   by KC6TEU
DOS-based VHF Contest Logger
DX-Telnet V5.2   by IK4VYX
  K9SE E-Layer Prop Assessment Page
VHF Propagation Analysis Software for the
Radio Amateur   by WB9QIU
W3KM's Shareware downloads
- VHFLOG for Windows, Versions for DOS/Win3.x/Win95; supports ARRL VHF/UHF/ Sprint contests, Rovers & Canadian Sprints
- HF/VHF/UHF/Micro Logbook, Grids, States, VUCC
- Tx&Rx CW software; Digital Voice Keyer with interface & switchboard
dB-calculator V1.2   by DL5SWB
converts dB-voltage, dBm-power,
dBµv-voltage, s-meter simulation,
calculates coaxcable losses & more
(in deutscher Sprache)
Downloadable Software's software collection

Yagi Genetic Optimizer from NEC archive
provides an unlimited freeware version
of YGO (150ele)

G7RAU's Software Pages
Online MUF & QRA calculators
downloads of programs/utilities

atlc Analysis software analysis of
transmission lines of arbitrary shape -
useful when there is no analytical formula
by Dr. David Kirkby, G8WRB

Linux Hamsoftware WB6BLD's Software Pages
utility programs for filter design,
impedance matching
meter-scale drawing & more

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