I'm grateful for a once-in-a-lifetime gift. I have a friend.
Who happens to be a proud and born Montanan.

My call AB7IY is based in Roy/Mt., with my dear friend Dale Wallace's home. I passed the tests with a VE-team on Bitburg AFB in Germany, first held KC7CZY (General), two months and one more test later in March 1995, finally got AB7IY (Extra). Dale taught me to hold on to my hat : there is a lot more to Montana than just "AB7IY" : it's the Big Sky Country. Here I enjoy a kind of personal freedom I've never experienced in crusty old continental Europe. So, since 1992 or so, I spend almost every summer vacation in Roy.
Whatever I may want to call this,   "personal freedom"  or  "The Spirit of America", ever since Sept 11th, 2001, I know it's not to be taken for granted.   God Bless America.
New York Firefighters, Sept 2001
©Don Graytak "The Greater Metropolitan Area of Roy/Montana"
- conveniently located in the middle of nowhere -
The Greater Metropolitan Area of Roy/Montana View south from Mabee Road, about 1mi north of Roy/Mt . "Black Butte" in the background,
an extinct volcano setting a prominent landmark for dozens of miles. Roy is home to AB7IY,
located in DN57mh, Fergus County, 35miles northeast of the county seat Lewistown/Mt.

Big Sky Country - riding down the Little Rockies from Zortman Even a V8 Jeep Cherokee gets stuck - dig 'em out ! The Great Montana FisherPerson Antelope hunting Paul Bunyan ? nice try ! Home

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Zortman/Mt is located abt 50miles north of Roy. The Zortman-Landusky area, a mining and ranching region in the Little Rocky Mountains in the late 1800s and early 1900s, was home to the Wild Bunch, led by Harvey Logan (known as Kid Curry) and consisting of his three brothers : Henry, John and Loney, and Butch Cassidy and Harry Longabaugh (better known as the Sundance Kid). Then called the
"Tom Dewar Bar", it's today the "Miner's Club", owned and operated by Dale Wallace's brother
Clayton Wallace. Zortman is also home to the N7ARA amateur radio repeater on 146.790MHz(-) .

Miner's Club, formerly Tom Dewar Bar, Zortman/Mt
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