OH5LID/RK1B Quadrantids Dxpeditions
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OH5LID/RK1B in KP61ee - Quadrantids 2005
...16 litre beer, 1 litre vodka, 2 broken linear, one broken van window, one broken hand 
and littlebit qsos, how we made that?

History :

Already during BCC 2005 in KO67, during time when we listerned  S 3-5 QRM 
I start to plan with Alex next expedition, somewhere quiet place. 
There we looked MWS 2004 map and yep, KP61 will be fb place,
just over 100 km open sea to main operating way. Also had interest 
to take 70cm with, and try 2 signal in 2 meter one time.

31th Dec 2004
Because normally all final fixing need to do last evening before driving, 
now I was really early. In Russian roads are not too great for extra stuff in car 
(also not for car...) so my 18 el for 2m was 16 el and 43el for 70cm was 42 element. 
New year evening was great time to fix those. Exatly my XYL made that, 
because 1st Jan I had 16 hour QRL period...
So, that is real love, but I don't recommend test that in your home :)

1st Jan 2005
Back home from QRL 20z and all mechanical stuff to van and 4 hour zzz

2nd Jan
0230z on the road. 150 km to Värtsilä border cross KP52, just 30min for OH and UA borders 
but next 190 km Russian roads needs 5 hour, so you can image quality during winter time... 
In KP61ee last 40 meters snow was not cleaned, so one sport hour was ok 
after several driving hours. 
QTH was abt 100 meter from lake Ladoka, but 9 meter higher, just few pines there 
but another way ok.
  When Ludmila (72 years young lady), whom we rented one room for 2 night saw all antennas, 
she already told that great, here is very difficult look TV. 
After that was best part of expedition. 
Alex RU1AS told, that please tell all neighbours that better read books than look TV, 
and she MADE IT! 
That's really FB for radio amateur hobby!!! Local news told that in lake Ladoga is 20 m/s wind, 
that was easy to beleive when we made at least 2m yagi 8 m up. 
  Up here winter day is not too long, so it went dark when we start to make 70cm 43el. 
But something good, when we put antenna up it went to 380v line, 
really good when that was not open line....
  Ok, antennas made, so to our room. Setup there but what a shit, 
SWR in 2 meter was totally high... oh no, broken coax. 
Indeed we had not idea how we take antenna down, change coax (unfortunately very long one, 
and adapters both side etc) and made antenna back on the air. 
  During that time several aurora infos went to GSM. So that aurora we missed totally. 
And GSM coverage was very poor there, only some place in garden gsm worked. 
So normally I didn't answer SMS, because they was already 2-8 hours old ones.
  So it was already time for tropo. 70cm we made without problem 2 qsos. 
Just one small problem we had. Of course home it's not nesessary to test systems, 
better see far away that coax to antenna is N type but to Russian relays
it don't goes wery easily. 
But no problem, I had also transistor heater Tokyo HL-130 U, 
and we make signal enough for both stations what we also RXed during tropo session.
  2m with new coax was quite quiet 1st evening. Just power supply of GS-35b 
didn't liked too much unstabile volts (maybe around 180-250v Russian countryside) 
and main smoke went out of power supply. As we all know, all radios etc work with smoke, 
when smoke goes out, those don't work anymore... 
So it was time to change GU-74b, but.... Tuning was broken. Main reason was maybe those roads, 
even it was is soft bed in my car...  Time to sleep...

3rd Jan
So what we still have, one transistor heater Lunar 10-150. From my van battery inside, 
charger also we had. We are here for Quadrantids so it's not time to cry! 
Hmmm, totally output was 50w, but littlebit optimist I write 100w to few sms 
that even somebody try to answer us ;) And 50w was down, so what was up in antenna, 
will not even think that... But we was already middle of nowhere so it was only way 
to enjoy beer and look, if we can even hear something ;) During that day nothing special, 
only littlebit logbook and more beer.

4th Jan
Setdown morning, 10z we start cars and plan to drive back home. Alex after start engine 
went out for clean snow of windows, close door and we hear CLOK, central closing system worked, 
but why? We are not criminals, so after 40 min trying to go car, 
Alex just broke 2 finger it was time to broke one window. So again time to try drive home. 
With Alex end trip went without problem, but I drived just 30-40 km when 1st truck 
was middle of the road and off road... One hour help period and that was back on the road. 
  Next small stop was Russian custom. 
As we know, Russian Xmas & new year period is 1-7th January, so custom was not too quickly. 
3 hour in line, great that just 1930 went to OH custom, because Värtsilä is open 06-20z. 
Last 150km to home without problems! But 12 hour for 350km, here it is "normal"...

5th Jan
I saw one cockroach when take notebook from suitcase!!! Great end for this expedition...

73 de Janne OH5LID & Alex RU1AS

70cm TROPO :

2nd Jan 2005
1	RX1AX	549	1945	KO59FX	 171
2	OH5IY	449	2007	KP30HV	 312

2m TROPO :

2nd Jan 2005 
1	RX1AX	59	1940	KO59FX 	171
2	RX1AS	59	1949	KO59FX 	171
NC	ES6RQ		1955	KO28WA 	509

2m FSK441 :

3rd Jan 2005 
NC	DL8EBW	0737-		JO31NF		1900
NC	PA0JMV	1145-1237	JO21PM	1968
NC	DJ8ES		1250-		JO43SX		1572
1	OZ1LPR	1406-1410	JO44WX	1486
2	PA2CHR	1410-1429	JO22XA		1897
3	OZ2M		1430-1440	JO65FR		1305
4	OZ5AGJ	1440-1455	JO56DF		1385
5	DJ7OF		1456-1500	JO51HQ	1695
6	ES6RQ		1500-1515	KO28WA	 509
7	DJ8ES		1515-1527	JO43SX		1572
NC	DL9MS		1527-1544	JO54WC	1447
8	PA5DD		1544-1548	JO22FE		1960
9	DL9MS		1552-1610	JO54WC	1447
10	OZ1PIF		1610-1630	JO65AN	1337
11	PA0V		1630-1643	JO33II		1761
12	OZ6ABA	1643-1652	JO57DJ		1320
13	DK1KO		1631-1701	JO53CT		1551
14	OZ1IEP		1705-1734	JO55XU		1322
NC	DL4DWA	1734-		JO61QH	1600
15	LA4XGA	1800-1827	JP33VC		1291
16	OE3FVU	1855-1925	JN78UE		1791
NC	DL8EBW	1926-		JO31NF		1900
17	SM5DIC	1946-2011	JO89JT		868
NC	DH3YAK	2016-		JO31RS	1841
18	SP2IQW	2117-2132	JO94GM	1103
19	DL1SUN	2132-2151	JO53QN	1516
20	OZ1LO		2152-2158	JO55VC	1380
21	DL2ARD	2221-2236	JO60AR	1710
NC	DK3BU		2245-		JO33NO	1722

OH5LID/RK1B in KO69di - Quadrantids 2004     Top of Page   ·   Bottom of Page
Mission freezer is done!

Yep, that was quite interesting expedition to try winter time portable
operating. I drived with Alex RU1AS saturday 3rd Jan to KO69 without idea
where we will be. Area in that part of sqr is flat, so not any hill for us
but big field we found and just stopped car middle of nothing. Wx was sunny
and a bit windy, around -19c hole day & night, just sunday morning was bit
overcost and warm up to -13c when we made set down. Boot of my van is not
isolated so panel of van was good cooler. We made hard decision, because we
taked bottlet gas heater we didn't take any beer with us, so booze operators
don't burn hole setup and themselves. But that heater was too hot and so
much stuff inside so we could't use it. So last way was take wall away
between cab and boot and engine idled there nonstop. Heater is enought for
cab but not for hole car, so that was better be without beer when several -
degrees were hole time inside so less alcohol liquid will be frozened...


Just after 1 hour driving my GU-74b start to act up. Output drop down around
100w and terrible noise all time when used, so some bad connections or what,
that we try to hunt but didn't found way to fix. Just in case we had also
150w transistor linear and so we change -6db.

After fixing period moon was already shining, so I looked from JT44 right
RUSSIAN TIME..... So 18.28-1929utc we beam just 50 degree too much east. I

I was really wondering where is ham spirit. It shows that what higher place
is in Bubus toplist that lower is moral standard. When we had qso going on,
more than once, twice... on that expedition I rx few well known dx'ers who
wanted to work with us. If every rx period we had few strong burst, I can't
really beleive that those operators can't hear that we didn't work with him.
Maxim QRM time was even 25 min. If after CQ I start with someone, I tryed to
complete qso also. We lost much time after start qso and wait qso partners
burst when totally 5 DIFFERENT BIG EME GUN enjoyed to show how QRM powerful
they are. If they was too late to answer they just didn't want to stop
transmitting that we can complete qso that we run, so there was really meny
nonsense burst for us what also destroyed same time smaller burst. Really
don't know how meny qso less we made in that limited time expedition due
those egoists, but few that's sure.

 In WJST progam have also monitor possibility. So everyone will thing is it
possible to use that if after CQ u start to answer but u hear that who gived
CQ answer to some other. Just QRX and wait next CQ. Less QRM. U are not
onlyone who want to work new sqr!

Oops, that's enought mumble, let's look our log what is made with IC-706,
Lunar 10-150 and 18el DL2WU.

3rd Jan 2004
  1 1355    DJ9MG     JO52TC 1655
  2 1408    DK1KO    JO53CT 1482
NC           DJ9YE       JO43HV 1564
NC           PA0BAT    JO32JF  1770
  3 1828    SP6GWB   JO80HK 1406
NC           HA5OV     JN97NJ 1587
  4 2204    SP3VSC    JO92DF 1179
  5 1932    DL4DWA  JO61QH 1489
  6 1944    DL9MS      JO54WC 1372
  7 1955    DL7FF       JO62TJ    1394
  8 2001    DL8EBW   JO31NF 1821
  9 2014    DL1RNW  JO62GH 1457
10 2037    PA0JMV    JO21PM  1900
11 2038    OZ1IEP     JO55XU 1271
12 2102    DF7KF      JO30GU  1879
13 2122    DJ9YE       JO43HV 1564
NC           DL5WG     JO52VK 1487
14 2144    DJ3LE       JO44TN 1470
15 2147    OZ2M       JO65CO 1269
16 2151    DL8BDU   JO43AA 1650
17 2202    DG2BCP   JO43DC 1631
18 2213    LA5KO     ???
NC            SM0EJY   JO89SC 841
19 2249    LA0BY      JO59FW 1227
20 2304    OZ1LPR    JO44UW 1444
21 2319    SM7FMX  JO65KN 1234
22 2347    OK1KT     JO70WE 1461
NC            PA3BIY    JO22EB 1915

4th Jan 2004
23 0028    DG6JF/P    JO33QN 1654
NC            HA5CBA  JN97OM 1572
24 0101    OK2MWR JN99HQ 1388
NC            DF2ZC      JO30RN 1851
25 0245    OK2PM     JN99AO 1419
26 0303    SM5CUI    JO89VX 819
27 0324    RX1AS      KO59FX 125 Tropo
28 0329    OK1YA     JN79IO 1565
29 0449    RA3IS       KO76WT 353
30 0455    DL9AN      JO62RE 1418
31 0610    DH7FB      JO62SM 1390
NC            SP2IQW  JO94GM 992

That's it! Where we do go next? Next good shower is Areitids, so we may go
somewhere, but where. Pse update ur missing sqr infot DL8EBW MWS 2004 list.
And with missing OH sqr's use pse


73 de Janne OH5LID

OH5LID/RK1B Quads 2005     -     OH5LID/RK1B Quads 2004

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