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Working DX on a Dead 50MHz Band
using Meteorscatter
an excellent paper about Meteorscatter basics by Palle Preben-Hansen, OZ1RH
see also OZ1RH's homepage for papers about troposcatter, ionoscatter, ground gain,
radiation angle & contest techniques
  Wie funktioniert Meteorscatter ? von DJ4UF
sehr gute Einführung in MS CW, SSB, WSJT
procedures, qso-Beispiel, Software-Anwendung

Geometrie von Meteorscatterverbindungen
von DJ5HG, Prof. Klaus von der Heide,
Informatik Uni HH, pdf-file 1.7Mb
excellente Einführung in die Geometrie von
Meteorscatterverbindungen in Theorie und

Block diagrams
of amateur radio meteorscatter rigs
Q & A about Radio Meteors
very informative, answers questions like :
what is forward scatter, how does a meteor
reflect radio waves ? - From the site of the
International Meteor Organization IMO
You're new to amateurradio meteorscatter ?
Please study   "Operating Procedures"   and
"Flowchart"   BEFORE  starting your first qso
HSMS Flowchart
flowchart of an MS/HSMS/WSJT qso
from WB5APD's pages
Meteorscatter Operating Procedures
for IARU Region 1, Version as amended by
IARU Region 1 Conference in SanMarino '02
and published in The IARU Region 1
VHF Manager's Handbook V4.31/July2003
Meteorscatter Operating Procedures
for IARU Region 2, HSCW & FSK441 (WSJT)
rev 2004/02, V.23 by W8WN
Meteor observation
by scattered radio waves
using WINRADIO WR1550e & DL2NFX's MOP
by Kimmo Lehtinen, U. of Helsinki / Finland
  Global Meteor Scatter Network
a global network of automatic meteor counting
stations, made possible by a consortium of
amateur radio meteor observers
Detection of Sporadic E, Aurora & Meteors
by using Radio Spectrum Analysis, by G7IZU
The RAMSES project
Fully automated radio meteor
forward scatter set-up based at
the Urania Public Observatory in Belgium
Automated Meteor Observations
Meteor Observatory of University of
Ghent / Belgium
automated radio meteor observations,
total reflection counts of the years
1994 - 2002 in graphical display
Radio Meteor Observation Bulletins
by Christian Steyaert / Belgium
subscribe to RMOB's eMail distribution list
Radio Meteor Observations
by Werfried Kuneth, OE8FNK
Radio Meteor Observations
by Hiroshi Ogawa, University of Tsukuba
observational projects 2001-2003
Radio Detection of Meteors
by Phil Gebhardt,VE3ACK, of the
"Ontario DX Association"
AMS Radio Meteor Project
by American Meteor Society
Sam's Meteor Radio Echo Page
by K5KJ, excellent collection of links
to meteor radio listening, astronomy
FM Radio Detection of Meteors
Marianne Gualteri, 10th-grade student of Morristown/NJ, compares
peak intensity of the '98 Leonids to
peak intensity of the '98 Geminids
Das Europäische Feuerkugelnetz
von DLR, Institut für Weltraumsensorik &
Planetenerkundung, Berlin; beschreibt ein
System von Kamerastationen in Europa zur fotografischen Erfassung von Meteoren
IMO   The International Meteor Organization   DMS   Dutch Meteor Society
AMS   The American Meteor Society
dedicated to visual, CCD camera, and radio observations of meteor activity, analysis of
this data and publication of results
JAS   The Jordanian Astronomical Society
offers an extensive list of links to astronomical
sites; information about amateur astronomy,
amateur radio astronomy, radio meteor observations
The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
W7XU's Top Ten List   . . . of ways to know
this year's shower isn't up to par
  Meteor Scatter Operating Test  by OH6MAZ
Have you got what it takes to be a ping-king ?

Make More MeteorScatter Skeds :
by   mailing list

by   mailing list

HSMS-net   14.185MHz +/-
Sat & Sun, 2200UT
Packet Radio WW Convers :
ch 14345 (DX on 50MHz & up)
ch 14346 (WSJT)                        
telnet to Packet Radio DXcluster & WW convers :
HF   :   VHF-net   14.345MHz
internet real time :
MS Rocks Live !
NØUK's   Ping Jockey Central
NØUK's   JT44talk
internet real time :
MS Euro Live !
DF6NA MS Chat   ·   DK5YA VHF DX Chat
ON4KST 50MHz & 144MHz Chats
EchoLink Conferences   :   VHF_TALK / EME-MS
load down & install   EchoLink
ON4KST telnet client as a standalone application,   V1.3 by EA6VQ

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