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Geomagnetic Field status monitor
VHF aurora monitor
144MHz sporadic E
The DXrobot
Scatter Activity Real Time Data Plot
data collected by OH5IY - update interval 10 minutes
X-scale : minutes passed since 0000UT/Jan01, 2005
i.e. #420720 = 0400UT/Oct20, 2005
Meteor & Meteor Shower Detection
using FFT spectrum analysis
archived daily meteor count & live data
by Andy Smith, G7IZU
DH7FB's EME station
internet remote controlled
by   Frank, DH7FB in JO62sm
Real Time Detection of NAVSPASUR Radar
by Moonreflection
using Radio Spectrum Analysis
by   Rob Hardenberg, PE1ITR   in Eindhoven
SKYMET Meteor Flux Data
daily meteor flux, height/angular distribution
radar data from Andoya Rocket Range/Norway
Weekly Meteor Activity Outlook
by Robert Lunsford,
American Meteor Society
Aurora Beacon DKØWCY
real time magnetometer in JO44
Hourly Auroral Activity Report
current position of the auroral oval
Near-Real-Time MUF Map
map of current MUFs
VHF/UHF Tropospheric Ducting Forecast
3-day-forecast Tropo Maps for NorthAmerica/Europe
DK5YA's summary of
DK5YA's Es summary
Es in Europe, cycle of 2003
Es in Europe, cycle of 2004
Es in Europe, cycle of 2005
EA6VQ's animated maps
estimated evolution of the Es-cloud
during Es openings in 2003/2004/2005
see also  :  Trans-Atlantic FM / June 26th, 2003     from <>

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