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HSMS, High Speed Meteor Scatter
For the use of discussion on software, hard-
ware, techniques, propagation, skeds etc.
of high speed meteor scatter
To subscribe, see : HSMS mailing list

Purpose :
- To provide a forum to encourage discussion on 50MHz & up meteor scatter propagation and
- Announcing Meteor-scatter DXpeditions, arranging skeds and sending your activity
reports.   To subscribe, see :
Meteor-Scatter mailing list
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with text (no subject) : subscribe

UK VHF mailing list
To subscribe : Send mail to
with text (no subject) :
subscribe vhf-dx-discuss

and DX on the bands above 50 MHz
Topics include CW/SSB VHF/UHF/SHF beyond-line-of-sight Propagation, Contesting, DXing,
Equipment & Operating Techniques.
ATV, FM, Packet, Repeater, Satellite
operations are NOT discussed here.
To subscribe, see :
WSVHF mailing list
Europe On 144MHz   by GØNFA
Subscribe to GØNFA's "144mhzeu" and "WSJT"
mail reflectors
Here's how to subscribe to the EME'ers
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Radio Meteor Observation Bulletins, RMOB
The RMOB is an independent initiative of ...
workers in the field of radio meteor scatter
observations ... contains typically : summaries
of recent observations, equipment data, first
results of stream activity by radio methods,
relations between radio and optical meteors,
references to other publications in the field of
meteor astronomy and radio scatter
techniques, announcements of meetings, short
questions and answers, non-commercial
(second hand) sale of radio equipment,
available software.
To subscribe (or un-subscribe) to the E-mail
distribution list, please send a message to
Christian Steyaert :
  Meteorobs   Meteor Observing Mailing List
. . . dedicated to email discussions relating to
amateur meteor astronomy. The 'meteorobs'
list is an open forum for amateur astronomers
at all levels to share their knowledge, interest,
& observations of meteors.

S & T Weekly News Bulletin and
"Sky at a Glance" by "Sky and Telescope"
in cooperation with the Astronomical League and the
American Association of Amateur Astronomers
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with text (no subject) : join

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