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OH5IY's Website
A wealth of information about basics of meteor astronomy, amateurradio meteorscatter,
automated radio meteor monitoring
download V5.1 of OH5IY's MS-Soft for PC
his elaborate paper on Meteor Observations with VHF Radio & Computer also links
to a download of his MCT5X software for counting meteor reflections with radio
  VHF Homepage   of OZ1RH
featuring his lectures about
meteorscatter basics, troposcatter,
ground gain & radiation angle on VHF,
contest techniques

F6CRP Web Site
excellent portal into the world of
hamradio / vhf / meteorscatter

Equipment for VHF DX  by SM5BSZ
excellent information on how to set up/
modify/improve a VHF weak signal station
(for info about "weak signal" see also homepage of W5UN (link below) and
W6/PA0ZN's DSP Interchange)
World above 50MHz   by DK5YA
excellent portal into the world of
vhf / eme / meteorscatter

The 144MHz DX Group
VHF news bulletin by GØNFA

The EME Primer   by W5UN
How to build/set up/operate
an EME/weak signal station
Getting Started on EME
K6PF's »CQ-VHF« article
from GM4JJJ's pages
Moonbounce   by SM2CEW EME & Weak Signal   by AF9Y
Amateur Radio Technical Notebook
of G3SEK
How to stack yagi antennas and more
DLØGER goes 432 EME
PA, Antenna - and the Moon

LA8AK homepage
Radio Communication Resources
Amateurfunk in Lüdinghausen
mit ausgezeichneten Texten zu
Grundlagen der UKW-Ausbreitung
(in deutscher Sprache)
N1BUG Web   by N1BUG
includes North American HSMS database,
Real Time Aurora Monitoring, Software,
EME "How To"; list of preamp makers
GØRUZ Weak Signal DX
on 50/144/432/1296MHz
  HSCW MS and VHF Dx in IO90uv by G1HWY
"THE VHF DXer's TABLES" & more
see also his weather satellite site : <http://www.weathersatellite.info>
VHF/UHF DX Homepage   of GØISW The Magic Band Network
PA4PA's 50MHz page
VHF / Meteorscatter Homepage
of PA5MS (ex PE1OGF)
rig mods, ms activity logs
VHF / EME Homepage   of PAØJMV
pics, plots, wav-files of EME-qsos
VHF / Meteorscatter Homepage
  VHF Homepage   of LA7DFA/JX7DFA
  VHF Homepage   of OZ1IEP
VHF Homepage   of DF2ZC VHF Homepage   of DJ3LE
VHF / EME / Astrophotography
by DF9CY
VHF Homepage   of DL2NFX
software co-author of the
MOP - Meteor Observation Project
VHF / Meteorscatter Homepage
of DK5KK
VHF / EME Homepage
VHF Homepage   of DF6NA VHF Homepage   of DL8EBW
VHF / EME Homepage   of EA6VQ / Mallorca
features, among others, an extensive G/T chart of VHF-antennas
  VHF Homepage
of EA3GJO, in Spanish language
VHF / Meteorscatter Homepage
VHF / EME Homepage   of EA3BB
VHF/EME infos, pics of C31TLT DXped
VHF Homepage
of HB9SNR - EWWA infos
VHF / Satellite Homepage
VHF Homepage   of I3LGP
for sked proposals, use his online
schedule proposal form
  VHF Homepage
of I4XCC
VHF Homepage  of IC8FAX
VHF / Meteorscatter & F.A.I. propagation
VHF / Meteorscatter Homepage
VHF / EME Homepage
VHF / Meteorscatter Homepage
IW1AZJ VHF Ham Radio IK2CFR contest team
VHF-UHF technical pages
of HA8ET
VHF / Meteorscatter Homepage
of S51MQ
VHF / EME Homepage
of KL6M - EME from Alaska
VHF Homepage
of KH6FOO - weak signal Hawaiian style
Amateur Radio WWW bookmark file
by WZ1V - In Ron's own words :
"For everything under the sun
 even vaguely related to radio..."

The AM & FM DXer's Resource

  Amateur Radio and DX reference Guide
by AC6V

Realhamradio.com   HF/VHF antenna projects, high power GS35B RF amplifiers, mobile RFI solutions, GPS frequency standards,
6mtr equipment, Computer corner,
and useful techniques   by K8CU

RAIN report   by Hap Holly, KC9RP
Radio Amateur Information Network
Amateur Radio Information
eHam.net   Community web site
for hamradio operators around the world
The DXZone
Amateur Radio Internet Guide

NA HSMS WEB W8WN's HSMS Bulletin Board

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