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Circuit diagram, place plan, PCB layout of a roger beep for meteorscatter, simple add-on,
needs no wires to be cut, senses PTT line and
adds beep when PTT goes inactive
from DL4MEA's pages
  Circuit diagram place plan, PCB layout
of an improved version of LA8AK's audio
up-converter for meteorscatter
from DL4MEA's pages
Further info on Motorola's MC1496P
Block diagrams   of meteorscatter rigs Circuit diagram
DL3NCR's audio keying circuit for HSCW
(in German language)
The "K" series Morse Keyer Website
morse keyers for speeds up to 6000lpm
by K1EL
The DUBUS Archives   from DUBUS issues
1982 - 1992 : pdf-filed technical articles
Circuit diagram
audio keying circuit for high-speed CW
keying interface for OH5IY's MS-soft
Rig Modifications for high speed CW
from PA5MS's (ex PE1OGF) pages
  External RX Input modification
for the Yaesu FT847
from DL4MEA's pages
Modifications of the IC202 transceiver series
from DH5FS's pages

IC202(E/S), IC402, FT225RD, D200
mods, manuals, tests, schematics
from PE1HWO's pages

Upgrading a conventional rotator controller,
speed reduction Yeasu/Kenpro 1000 rotator
from PAØPLY's pages

Manuals and Mods   by KB2LJJ
Manuals and Radio Mods database

Modifications of FT736R   by OH5IY
tx delay & high speed keying

Mods & improvements of the IC746
from GW8IZR's homepage

Modification of the IC746
for 2m RX/TX separation
from K7YVZ's homepage

Modifications of FT736R / IC746
from IK6MLI's homepage

  Modifications of the FT225RD
rx/tx split, transverter output, IF output
from SM7OVK's pages
Soundcard Interfacing   by DL9AN
USB/Ser/Soundcard interfaces

Soundcard Interfacing   by WM2U
interfacing schemes for various radio models and Sound Card configurations

  DSP-10 Project Amateur-radio 2mtr transceiver that can be built at home,
operates SSB/FM/CW
Features are tailored to operation with weak
signals on VHF/UHF/SHF. The software part of
this project can actually be used as a
stand-alone DSP processor, with 200Hz/450Hz wide 600Hz center freq CW filters, spectral
display, waterfall display, online information on
moon az/el, doppler shift for your path
& sun noise measurements   by W7PUA
Digital Tape Recorder (DTR, DTR+)
DF7KF's digital tape recorder
for meteorscatter
Results of an elaborate test comparing
the performance of the DTR,
a modified tape recorder, and MSDSP
by Maarten Broess N1DZ (ex PE1FIG, W1FIG)
VHF construction projects
VHF antennae, weak signal source, preamp,
az/el digital readout, sequencer  by W5UN
  VHF construction projects
PA3BIY LNA Design with ATF-54143
from PA2DW's pages
YU1AW's library of projects & articles
VHF/UHF preamp design, power amplifiers,
144MHz GS35b High Power Amplifier
from DL4MEA's pages
Modifications to the W1SL 144MHz PA
from GM4JJJ's pages
Simple water cooling of a 2C39a PA
from GW8IZR's pages
W6PO 8877 144MHz kiloWatt Amplifier
Reprint of the classic construction article from
Eimac Amateur Radio Newsletter
from W5UN's pages
Modified W6PO kiloWatt Amplifier
from WB5APD's pages
144MHz 4CX800A High Power Amplifier
from Svetlana Technical Bulletin #42
144MHz 2x4CX250B High Power Amplifier
from LAØBY's pages
ITT AM6155/AM6154 amplifiers   by N1RWY
Mods, discussion, history, & pictures of the
ITT AM6155/AM6154 amplifiers,
can be modded for 144/222/432MHz,
300-500Watts out on each band
see also : WZ1V's VHF Modifications Page
DL1IAO's list of hot links
to homebrew PA projects
TE solid state amp
by KJ6KO
ND2X's QRO pages
list of hot links to PA projects with
tubes of the Russian GS series
Power Amplifiers, Tubes & Related Items
by Dr. David Kirkby, G8WRB
  EIMAC Tubes
Reference Data
Russian Tubes Data Sheets/Reference Data
Russian tubes from <Tubes.ru>
Russian Tubes Data Sheets/Reference Data
Tubes of the GI/GS/GU/RW/TH/YH/YL series
from DF6NA's pages
Russian Tubes Data Sheets/Reference Data
Russian tubes from   ND2X's pages
Datenblätter von Röhren aller Art
Beschaffungsservice von DJ4FU
Coaxial Cable Data line losses, max power,
diameters, halfwave/quarterwave lengths
  How to cut phasing linesto length
from GM4JJJ's pages
Stacking Yagi Antennas from
G3SEK's "Amateur Radio Technical Notebook"
VHF/UHF Long Yagi Workshop includes
information on the latest yagi designs by DJ9BV
for 50/144/432MHz; from
G3SEK's "Amateur Radio Technical Notebook"
High Performance Antenna Stack for 2m
from S55WW's pages, also features homebrew projects of 14/144MHz transverter,
144MHz LNA
Online Microwave Antenna Book   by W1GHZ

"Fool-resistant" sequencer   by W1GHZ
for microwave transverters

VE7BQH 144MHz Long Yagi
construction details of a portable 43ele yagi
from W7GJ's pages
DK7ZB VHF Antennae   by DK7ZB
VHF Antenna construction projects
in 28Ohm technique & more
zu Optimierung & Konstruktion
von DK7ZB VHF yagis (in deutscher Sprache)   from DH5FS's pages
zum Selbstbau von DK7ZB VHF yagis u.a.
kommerzielle Site von Attila Kocis, DL1NUX
kommerzieller u. Selbstbau-Antennen
Strahlungsdiagramme, mech. Abmessungen von UKW u. KW-Antennen
in deutscher Sprache von DM2BLE/DJ2ZS
Construction of high-gain Quagi antennae
from N6NB's VHF website
Antenna Tracking Interface   by AH6LE
and T/R sequencer, using Basic StampII
Radio Mods for EME, modifying
FT847/IC746/TS2000 for safe sequencing
Antenna Couplers for 144/432MHz
by Stefan Heck, LAØBY
construction details and test results
Optimizing VHF antennas
from SM5BSZ's pages
How to become an antenna guru
by Dan Warren, Rome Laboratory, USAF
RX System Optimization
construction of single/multi stage preamps
from VE3KH's pages
The Aurora Alarm Mark Haun's
senior engineering project : automated
optical/electronic detection of Aurora
  Taking the Earth's Magnetic Pulse
design for a homemade magnetometer
from the archives of UKSMG
SAM Homepage

SAM - Simple Aurora Monitor

Selbstbau eines Magnetometers auf Basis
eines preiswerten Fluxgate-Sensors
design & kit of an accurate homemade
magnetometer based on a low-cost
fluxgate sensor
The G3PLX Chirp Project
Passive measurement of HF range and
propagation using ionospheric sounders,
from ZL1BPU's "Modern Digital Modes"

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