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This page has been set up following a proposal of Bo Hansen, OZ2M (ex OZ1FDJ).   Opened August 25th, 1998.
The idea is that DXpedition operators share their first-hand information of DXpedition sites so that others can choose to use this QTH
if they go on expedition. It will also ease the finding of low QRM sites, accomodation, gas stations, restaurants near by and so on.
Your contributions are highly appreciated ! Please mail to : DK3XT,

DXpeditions to J N 4 3   DXpeditions to J M 4 8 h x
DXpeditions to Ireland, Lichtenstein,
Åland Islands, Norway by DF6NA
DXpeditions to Greek Islands by IW1AZJ
DXpeditions to Greece
(KM06/07/16/19, KN10) by OE6IWG
DXpedition to SV9 / Crete by DK5YA et al.
Download a Word document containing infos in table form about DXpedition QTHs at :
IN52nj, IN53nf, IN63sl, IN83KH, IM56mx, IM5mb, IM78mb, IM89vl, IN90tk, JN02, JN12, JN24pe,
JO58ax, JP22ne, JP30si, JP41ua, JP51na, JP67lv, JP68jc, JP78cd, JP89kb, JP98aw, JO49hu, JQ90ja,
KP07fu, KP19sq, KP28ab, KP38rk, KQ00bc, KQ10cl, KQ30ov, KQ31qb, KQ40od, KQ41bc, KQ50mh
Zip-file (2,8kB) unfolds to <exp-loc.doc> (12,3kB)
Table compiled and submitted by Stefan Heck, LAØBY,

J N 4 3 - info submitted by Gabriele Calvillo, IK1LGV

tnx to dk5dq now it's not a really RARE square, but I guess it's 
still possible to do some good activity from there, maybe in a 
bavarian contest...
Good qth : Monte Calvario station of ARI Chapter of Imperia. 
far away from the town, only some qrm from A12 motorway.
20 m tower with 11 el f9ft, small shack with heating system.
Obviously no probs of Pwr source. The best takeoff to the north in 
all the coast!!
Good restourants all around (not properly cheap mostly), and lot's of 
pizzeria . Space for a camping car or tents, but u can also sleep in 
the shack if  necessary. Good beaches in a 10km range...excellent 
olive oil to take back home.
For more infos ask me, as the iw1ptz , 
the stn responxive guy, is a friend of mine and do not speak so much 
english... ( I'm the real John Mafioso..:))) )

J M 4 8 h x - info submitted by Gabriele Calvillo, IK1LGV
I would really pleased to have some ops from there, as I activated 
it last year ..but obviously,,,not wked.
Place: Porto Pino, Camping Sardegna( ++39781967013 Active all year)
Owners are friendly  and German and English speaking.
Possible periods: 15/5-10/7 or  20/8-30 /9
Very nice place, good takeoff, incredible beach , good prices.
no probs for power source. U need a tent or a camping car only.
Also nice wildlife in the ponds near the camping, but few mosquitos.
Nice wildlife on the beach too...really wild!!
excellent  fish restourants all around..good prices for lobster too! 
Taste the typical Bottarga ( fish eggs salted and pressed) . 
especially on pasta
Lot to see in a 50 km range (Caves, archeological sites)...
Its a perfect place for an holiday with the family...while dxing!

The ferry to Sardinia: u must book it almost on April to be 
sure to came there. Mni companies taking u there from Genova, Livorno, 
La Spezia , Piombino, to various ports of the island: everywhere u 
will land is ok , as u can reach Porto Pino in 3 hours from the 
farest  port of arrive.
Absence of local activity and electronic retailers...have with u 
spares for all the station!
wind: sometimes reach 70km prepaired.
Feel free to call me b4 to go to have more infos... 

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