Blockdiagrams of Meteorscatter rigs
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DK3 XT blockdiagram

Above block diagram represents my (DK3XT) setup as I started meteorscatter in 1976. Modified Icom IC201 vhf transceiver with separate rx/tx connectors and two separate coax lines for receive and transmit. The rx/tx switching relay connects right to the antenna's feedingpoint, together with preamp in a weatherproof housing. PowerAmp homebuilt with a QQEØ6/4Ø, putting out an honest 85Watts. Antenna two 13ele longyagis, each on a 6m (19.7ft) boom, vertically stacked, early DJ9BV design. No fancy sequencer. During receive, coaxrelay and preamp are in the "on"-position. The morse keyer triggers the transceiver's vox, which then triggers the PA's HF-vox and a 12V powersupply which again switches coaxrelay and preamp into "off"-position. HighSpeed morsekeyer homemade with single TTL chips, with four switchable memories, each holding abt 20 words. The tape recorder is a "UHER Report" with 4 speeds from 17cm/s to 4.125cm/s. In 1976 we ran two-hour skeds, with 5-min-sequence at 600lpm (120wpm) morse code speed. With this moderate rig I worked 40 European DXCC-countries and the very first contact between Iceland & Germany on 144MHz (GM3YOR/TF, 02-04UT/Aug1st 1978).
In the late 70's, there weren't any personal computers around as they are today. Yet we were dreaming of a computer and a program that would run a meteorscatter qso "almost all by itself, display the decoded messages on the screen, select and transmit the right answering messages, and all that in one burst..." Little did we know that a quarter century later a Nobel prize laureat and dedicated hamradio operator K1JT would come up with a program that almost does just that !

OH5IY blockdiagram

This block diagram introduces the PC to the VHF station. The narrow AF-filter has been upgraded with LA8AK's AF up converter, which converts the received audio to a higher frequency, thus giving a better decode from the tape recorder. OH5IY's MS-Soft for PC does the high speed cw keying, automatically switching tx/rx. Tape recorder, AF up converter and AF filter may also be replaced by DF7KF's digital tape recorder DTR.

K1JT blockdiagram

Here we are : from the dreams of the late 70s to the 21st century, PC and soundcard are full integral parts of the VHF station. K1JT's program does sequencing, keying, decoding, and displays received messages on the screen. 30-second-sequences, MS-qsos usually take less than 30minutes.

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