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The Geomagnetic Field status monitor periodically downloads data
from the NOAA Space Environment Center FTP server
The previous 24 hours of 3 hour Planetary Kp Index data
is analyzed and an appropriate level of activity
for the past 24 hours is assigned as follows > > >
updates every 10minutes

Geomagnetic Field status

Quiet : Kp<4         Unsettled : Kp=4         Storm : Kp>4
The DXrobot's Aurora Monitor                     > > >

Current space weather, forecasts, solar wind, geomagnetic data, archive :

Aurora image galleries : April/May 2003 June/July 2003 Sept/Oct 2003 July 2004 Nov 2004 May 2005

Worldwide Aurora Forecast Maps
customized for your region
by Geophysical Institute/
University of Alaska/Fairbanks
  N1BUG's Aurora Sentry
N1BUG's Aurora Sentry
Aurora Beacon DKØWCY
Real Time Magnetometer located
in JO44vq / Northern Germany
ähnlich N1BUG's Aurora Sentry, jedoch in deutscher Sprache
von "AKM" Arbeitskreis Meteore e.V.
Real Time Magnetometer by Mats Mattson
Amateur Astronomer from Stockholm/Sweden
Real time magnetometer
by Swedish Institute of Space Physics,
Hourly Auroral Activity Report
plot showing the current position of the auroral oval determined by the polar-orbiting DMSP satellites; plot of current visibility of auroral activity, download STD aurora monitor software
  Estimated Auroral Activity
from NOAA/TIROS data; near-real-time,
highly informative map in polar view
Near-Real-Time MUF Map
Global map of current MUFs, current locations of the auroral ovals, sunrise/sunset terminator,
highly informative map in equatorial view
updated every 30 minutes
Near-Real-Time E-Layer Critical Freq. Map
Global map of current E-Layer critical frequencies, current locations of the auroral ovals,
sunrise/sunset terminator, highly informative map
in equatorial view, updated every hour
The Aurora   Information and Images
by Geophysical Institute of the University of
Alaska / Fairbanks
Planetary K-Index Plot
Up-to-date monthly plot containing the estimated planetary K-Index
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
  Natural VLF Radio Phenomena
The Music of the Magnetosphere
describes correlation between VLF and Aurorae
  KGØVL's VHF Radio Aurora Research
travelling northern WØ & VE in search for radio/visual aurora
Taking the Earth's Magnetic Pulse
design for a homemade magnetometer
from the archives of UKSMG

see also AuroraWatch UK
for a homemade detector
Join the aurora discussion forum (email reflector),
encourages discussion of anything related to radio
and/or visual aurora, geomagnetism, space
weather, solar activity, etc. To subscribe, or for
more information, please visit : <>
The Aurora Alarm Mark Haun's
senior engineering project : automated
optical/electronic detection of Aurora
Auroral Activity Observation Network
. . . obtain current auroral activity sighting reports from around the world
& submit your own auroral activity sightings
SAM Homepage

SAM - Simple Aurora Monitor

Selbstbau eines Magnetometers auf Basis
eines preiswerten Fluxgate-Sensors
design & kit of an accurate homemade
magnetometer based on a low-cost
fluxgate sensor
DL3HRT   Karsten Hansky's homepage :
>> meet the man behind SAM

mit Standorten von Hobbyastronomen, die
Aurorabeobachtungen mit SAM durchführen

DUBUS Standard Aurora report format
by LAØBY, column editor

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