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today   picture of DJ9ZL's qra (77 kB)  and  DJ9ZL's rig in 1969 (48 kB)  1969

QRV in the analog modes: AM, FM, SSB 1.8 ... 440 MHz
SSTV, Fax (b/w, color, all common modes)

and in digital modes:
CW, RTTY, PSK31, FEC, Amtor, Pactor, Packet, TCP/IP

See me preferably after 21 h UTC in:
PSK31 on 14.070+
RTTY/Pactor on 14.080+, 3.580+ or
SSTV (Martin1) on 14.230+, 3.730+

The family: DJ9ZL, DK1CH and DH2BM (48 kB)

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DJ9ZL in his shack (WebCam)
and the QSL cards >

QSL cards of DJ9ZL/DK2CH (63 kB)

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DJ9ZL's SSTV page

DJ9ZL's SSTV pages

what else I like

classical music (piano)
le Languedoc-Roussillon
and mountains (skiing)
Screenshot of WintrackPro for Windows (59 kB) Sputnik 41 memorial

Sounds and pictures from space station Mir

Space Station Mir
Screendump of PSK31 operation PSK31 - a new mode for old RTTY'ers - it's narrow band, just as fast as you type,  it's connectionless just as RTTY, it's great ......

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.... and a few more of my favoured links ....

Member of  DOK

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of the Deutscher
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Satellite Tracking

Ham Radio links

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DJ9ZL's home page  73 Jürgen, DJ9ZL - dj9zl@qsl.net, Packet: dj9zl@dk0mwx.deu.eu