Automatic repeater shift (ARS)


This is a function, which you'll need only when you have modified your transceiver (expand frequency range modification). Under some circumstances you lost your transceiver-based automatic repeater shift then.


FT847-SuperControl® can give you back this function with some more features, but of course only via software control.


You can configure up to eight different repeater offsets. Also you can configure several different offsets for the same band ! (refer to picture 1.1) ***



(picture 1.1 - ARS-configuration window)




ARS configuration:


Please make sure you don't have overlaping ranges configured, as they might result in some malfunction. To configure the offset, please check the checkbox under the title "edit", to enable the whole line. You can select your offset and write your frequency range to the next two text boxes under the title "qrg begin" and "qrg end". The description-textbox is only a information for you and is not needed for program operation. You also can leave it empty. To save your entry, please use the button "save and exit". The entry's will be saved to the Windows registry database then.



Using ARS:


You can turn on the ARS function by using the button "ARS ON" in the root program window. After that, a new indicator in the software display called "ARS" will pop up. ARS is now activated. From now on, after every tuning in the software, the ARS function will compare your previously saved frequency ranges with the actual frequency on VFO1. If the actual frequency fits the previously saved frequency range, the previously saved repeater offset will be send to the transceiver. In the display of your transceiver and in the display of FT847-SuperControl®, an indicator for the repeater offset is visible then. ***



*** Attention: FT847-SuperControl® is able to send CAT-commands to the transceiver, which normally should change the repeater offset on the transceiver. If you take a look to your FT-847 users manual, you can find several CAT commands there (opcode 09, F9).  Unfortunately with some transceivers this function don't work. Maybe a modification is the reason for this malfunction  ? Actually we don't know the reason. So in this case we only can switch on the repeater offset, which is already configured in the transceivers internal menu.


Please also note, that the transceiver must be in vfo-mode, if you want to use repeater offsets or the ARS-function with the use of FT847-SuperControl®.