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 Vy 73 es cu on the air from EA8

(QSL ok via DARC bureau)

I am member of


Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club e. V.
Bundesverband für Amateurfunk in Deutschland
member of  "International Amateur Radio Union"


and I am also member of

Devoted to low power communication

 QSL Policy


It was always a pleasure for me to meet other hams from all over the world on the air waves.


During the last decade I spent some of my vacations on Tenerife Island working as EA8/DF2PD, to confirm these qsos I have sent qsl cards for ALL qsos from EA8 through the German DARC qsl bureau. Many qsl cards, which I have received state 'TNX QSL' but it seems that some of my qsl cards have got lost on their way through the bureau.


If this is the case that you did not receive my qsl card, please send me an email to df2pd-a-qsl.net  which will tell me day, time, band and mode, so I can check my paper log and will be glad to help you with your DXCC and will send you a second qsl card.

Thank you

Vy 73 es gl


 We owe our sincere gratitude to the hotel management who always suppported our ham activities.

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