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In The Beginning

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In 1991 the Driven Elements Amateur Radio Group held there first fieldday event at Dacus lake. It was a fun event for all involved, even though Gregg Boss (WA8VFU now KI5XV) had a Kenwood 440 fried. We managed to work a lot of contacts, but sense this was our first year to work fieldday we decided not to turn in our contacts to the ARRL. If we had done so we would have finished in the top 10 running 1-A Arkansas.

Once upon a Bus

The Driven Elements was donated a school bus by the then disbanded Arkansas Tennessee Radio Amateurs Club (ATRA) in 1992. The Marion School Distract had donated this bus to them to use as a mobile command center. ATRA never managed to do any work to the bus before disbanding. The bus was turned over to Carl Richardson (KB5FJX) by Don Currie (N5MNP) the last acting emergency coordinator of ATRA. In 1992 Carl along with John Ed Farris (N5VJZ), Phillip Farris (KA5YDY now AB5BC), Jeff Crum (KB5SFV), Terry Roberts(KA5QMC) and a number of other local Hams. The bus was gutted and we installed Radio work stations, storage areas and a combination sleep/meeting area. The bus was painted and made ready to use for Emergencies services where ARES/RACES would be needed. We never have used this bus, and have never been able to gain support from the local or County government to cover us with insurance should it be needed. It has been parked ever sense and now needs a lot of mechanical work done on it to make it useable again. (Oh well we tryed as hard as we could and did a lot of work for not).

Presidents and Vice Presidents for the first three years of the DEARG:

Year One:1991

Carl Richardson: President

John Ed Farris: Vice President

Year Two:1992

Carl Richardson: President

John Ed Farris: Vice President

Year Three:1993

John Ed Farris: President

Carl Richardson: Vice President



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