Homemade iambic keyer

If your a sucker for punishment you'll enjoy building this iambic keyer! Using a single 'Curtiss Keyer' chip or even a programmed PIC16C84 is just too simple. But seriously - putting this one together, as well as lots of fun, may be a good option if you have easy access to cheap basic TTL ICs. Unlike the now ubiquitous one-chip keyers, there are no bells and whistles here. However, it does provide smooth keying good as the modern all singing and dancing one-chip keyers!


Features include:

    1.    Self completing Dits and Dahs.
    2.    Dit and Dah memories
    3.    Imbiac operation
    5.    Automatic character space option
    6.    5 - 50 wpm speed range
    7.    Components are easily available
    8.    Low cost
    9.    Easily replicated


Natural Rhythm. Any competent cw operator will tell you that not all keyers are the same. Some are notoriously harder to use. There are many timing factors involved in iambic keyer circuit elaboration which may go unnoticed by a circuit designer who is ignorant about cw operation and is unable to get feedback from the end user - the cw community. It's not just a case of developing a circuit to generate dits and dahs! The best iambic keyers provide a smooth, rhythmic, forgiving cw which at the same time is assertive and precise.

Details of the keyer were found in the 'Code Transmission' chapter of a mid-80s ARRL Handbook.

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