Homemade CMOS Super Keyer 3After reading many good things on the cw reflector about this keyer I ordered the kit version from Idiom Press. If you have little experience in home-construction, a fully built version is now also available. Having said that, the kit version is fairly straightforward to put together, even for the layman homebrewer.

The ad seen here shows the Logikey K-3, the fully built version of the CMOS Super, and lists all its main features. Here the buttons are along the top of the case and the front supports the speed control. Ad appearing in QSTMy version has everything on the front panel including indications for accessing paramount functions, since many require multi-button pressing. A command list is on the back panel - this saves having to look everything up in the manual. Back panel of the homemade keyer

Keyer construction details are included in the supplied concise guidebook, as well as a step by step tutorial on how to use it. The kit comes in a padded envelope and contains a small pcb, half a dozen components together with the already programmed microcontroller. Just add a box, switches and connectors. Power is taken from some common alkaline batteries which will last you, almost, forever.

Natural Rhythm. Any competent cw operator will tell you that not all keyers are the same. Some are notoriously harder to use. There are many timing factors involved in iambic keyer circuit elaboration which may go unnoticed by a circuit designer who is ignorant about cw operation and is unable to get feedback from the end user - the cw community. It's not just a case of developing a circuit to generate dits and dahs! The best iambic keyers provide a smooth, rhythmic, forgiving cw which at the same time is assertive and precise. The CMOS Super Keyer 3 has all of these qualities and more.

In conclusion - YES the guys on the reflector were right. This keyer is highly forgiving, even for the most unstable of fists. It delivers silky smooth code and, if the default configuration is not to your liking, is easy to customise.

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