All PIC Programmer

Using assembler to program the popular 16x84 chip is great fun but after a while you do start to feel a little limited by its 1K of program memory, low speed, lack of A/D and few in/out pins. I finally took the plunge by 'investing' in a good compiler and building this PIC programmer which programs most of the PIC line of microcontrollers.

There is lots of information on the Internet detailing construction of various types of PIC programmers and their associated software. An evening of searching web pages, forums and newsgroups yielded me with a suitable design and compatible software.
This unit connects to the PC's parallel port where most of the programming intelligence is carried out by the associated software. I used a wide 40 pin ZIF socket to hold the chip 'victims'... a bit more expensive but worth it since you may have to reprogram your PIC chip dozens (if not hundreds) of times while developing programs.


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