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Lots have been said in the past about this group of Islets west of Berlenga and spite some attempts have been made to conduct HAM Radio operations from there all have failed !

The ESTELAS Islets are part of the Berlenga Archipelago along with the Farilhões and Forcadas located West of Cabo Carvoeiro - Peniche.

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Landing there is not easy, theres no anchorage and the sharp edge of the Islet rocks turn it almost impossible to keep the boat anchored without the risk of severe damage both to the boat and to the operators.

Nevertheless a few hours before the IOTA Contest start the Team decided to make a survey trip to this   "Dante's" islands trying to access the possibility of a future operation considering the risks and the fact that this rocks will only be a new-one for DIP (ES-005) as for IOTA still counts as 0049.jpg (22992 bytes)EU-040.



0053.jpg (37835 bytes)This is actually one of the best places for a short 1 day operation using 100 watts and a vertical antenna, two operators max. in the rock at a time.

Photo in the right shows a way to cross the main island to the other side, Im' glad we got all the way around and didn't cross it from inside, Hi !

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