Third Place World in the IOTA Contest 2005

(Low-power, Island DX'pedition, Multi-operator)


Contest QSO's: 1859

Multipliers: 328

Score: 4.344360 points

SOUVENIRS OF "ILHA DA INSUA" (Choose the photo to see it large)

ANACOM License to operate from "Ilha da Insua". Caminha Mayor's Office permit to stay overnight in "Ilha da Insua". Portuguese Navy permit to stay in the Island.
Departing to Insua. Carrying all gear to the station area. Assembling the camp.
A view from the campsite and station. Putting up the single element quad. The quad antenna bends in the wind.
The 50 Mhz station. To where are we going to aim the cannon ? CQ Contest.
A look from the window... Dinner time. Mission well done.

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