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               Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
                           November 14, 2004
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For sale--Ten Tec Scout, works fine and looks good, push-to-talk SSB,
          full break-in CW with fast and smooth QSK, includes
          built-in keyer, Ten Tec's continuously variable Jones 
          crystal IF filter, optional noise blanker, Ten Tec mike, 
          factory power cord, manual, mobile mount, and 80/75, 40, 
          20, 15, 10, and 17 meter modules, $350 or best offer;
          Radio Shack HTX-100 10 meter transceiver, 25 watt, SSB and 
          CW, with mic and manual. $65;
          MFJ-986 Differential-T 3kW roller inductor antenna tuner, 
          $150 or best offer;
Mike WH6MS (719) 265-9748          11-14-04
Wanted--Kenwood TM-261A or similar 2 meter rig, in good condition and
        reasonably priced;
For sale--Force 12 Model ZR-3, 10-15-20 meter high-performance 
          "Vertical Dipole" antenna, only 8 feet high so ideal for 
          antenna restricted locations, recommended ground mount 
          included, for pick up only, easily transported fully 
          assembled in a pickup truck or partially disassembled in 
          an SUV, see a photo of the ZR-3 at this link:
, $179;
Bill KOWO (303) 674-0510                 11-14-04
For sale--Ringo 6 meter vertical antenna, $50;
          Cushcraft 3 element 6 meter beam, $50;
          Ranger 5054 6 meter transceiver, 25 watts, with tone board,
          Yaesu  VX-R5 with mobile antenna adapter and fast charger,
Will sell 6 meter equipment as a package for best offer, all items
sold locally and as-is.
Rick KH2NC (303) 256-7616                    11-7-04
For Sale--Tektronix Type 502A dual beam oscilloscope, tube type, five
          inch screen, no cables or documents, $30;
          Waterman Model S-10-A oscilloscope, two inch screen, like 
          the old OS8U, no documents, $20;
          SCR 522 VHF simplex radio set, converted to 110 VAC, 
          includes parts and documents, $25;
          Power supply, military bench type, 0 to 110 VAC, 0 to 50 
          volts bias, 105 to 195 VDC regulated, 0 to 350 VDC, $25;
          Jackson Model 655 audio oscillator, 20 to 200 kilocycles, 
          have documents, $20;
          Kenwood TR-3500, 440 mHz (70 cm), bad LED's, with SMC 25 
          mic, three battery packs, one auxiliary battery pack, wall 
          charger, auto (12 V) charger, documents, $25;
          Small bits and pieces, transformers, chokes, coils, etc.,
          list available by e-mail or come by and take a look;
Located in Denver.
Mitch WPVM (303) 733-0741                  10-31-04
For sale--Three (3) 19", 42 RU racks on wheels, great for storing
          radio gear, see at, $75 each 
          or best offer;
JD Burke KCMWB (303) 604-6863           10-24-04
For sale--Butternut HF5B butterfly antenna, 5 band compact beam 
          antenna for 10, 12, 15, 17, and 20 meters, complete with 
          instruction manual, $125 or best offer;
Carl KGHS(303) 936-8960                       10-10-04
For sale--MFJ Versa Tuner II 941S, $50, you pay postage;
          Older style Heil headset with DX element, with new earpads 
          and spare set, wired for Kenwood, $50;
          MFJ Versatuner 2, model 941D, 300W, $50;
          Astatic D104 power mic, crystal mic with stand, Kenwood
          connector, with original box and instructions, $50;
          Daiwa CN720 power/SWR bridge, 20-200-1000W ranges, $50;
Tom WGLG (303) 838-4391              10-3-04
For sale--10 foot diameter fiberglass TVRO satellite dish, comes in
          four sections, make offer;
Loren WAELA (303) 254-9608                                  10-3-04
For sale--Tektronix oscilloscope 453A-2, 50 MHz, two channel, with
          1X and 10X probes and stand, $250 or best offer;
          Heathkit RF signal generator IG-102, serial 045-5355, $45;
          Heathkit audio generator IG-5282, $45;
Peter WRBS (303) 770-9592                  9-26-04
Wanted--HTX-202 battery packs in good working condition;
Melissa KWWW                        9-19-04
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