ARES is a volunteer radio communications
service organized to provide reliable primary or
secondary communications links for government
agencies and non-profit organizations during
emergencies or public service events.

The mission of the Amateur Radio Emergency
Services of Coffee County is to provide
emergency communications services for such
agencies in Coffee County.
To join the Coffee County ARES/SKYWARN group,
please fill out the form below. You dont have to be a
ham radio operator to be in SKYWAN. If no band that
you can operate is checked you will be added to the

Coffee County Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Registration Form

First Name:              Last Name:        Call Sign: 


City:       State:          Zip:  

Home Phone + area code:       Work Phone + area code:  

License Class:  

Primary Radio Interest:

Mark each box for the bands and modes that you can operate:

  160 80 40 20 15 10 6 2 70cm

PSK 31

Can your home station operate without commercial power?   Yes No

If yes, what bands can you operate: 

Do you have E-mail?  Yes No

E-mail address: 

This is a serve at will position. Either you or the local ARES can terminate at any time, with or without reason.

You will be contacted to have your photo taken for your ARES I.D. Card. The Coffee County ARES Standard Operating Procedures will be sent to the above address along with other information.


If you have completed all of the above questions please enter your name below. 

It will be considered as your handwritten signature.


If you feel that you have answered any of the above questions incorrectly,

you can use the Clear Entries button below to start over.

"ATTENTION AOL USERS, and those not wanting to electronically send personal information over the Internet."

If you do not wish to send personal information over the Internet, or you are using AOL as your Internet Provider, please use your browser's print button and print 2 copies of the completed form. You are to keep one copy for your records and mail the second copy to the address below. Once received, you will be contacted for arrangements for a picture and I.D. Card.

670 Mossy Oak Rd

Douglas, Ga 31535

Attention: E.C.

Please use your web browsers print button to print out a copy of this form prior to submitting it.

Please check ALL of your answers prior to submitting this form.