The Station at Home.

      The station is localized at 20˚ 01' N and 75 ˚ 49' W at 25 meter above sea level on FL20CA locator.

      Transceivers are: KENWOOD TS-520S ,  for  160,  80,  40,  20, 15 and 10 meter bands,
       on  CW  and  SSB modes, 100 watt output,  using a  dynamic desk microphone from Kenwood model
       MC-50, and a K-4 hand CW key made in  China.

       Home brew antenna tuner for HF bands. KAISE SK-2200 SWR/POWER meter 3.5 - 150 Mhz.

       DR-150E  VHF FM ALINCO Transceiver for 2 meter band, power output is 50 watt, 
       it can receive on 70 cm band.

      IC-F610 UHF FM ICOM Transceiver, for 430-440 mhz (32 channels). 25 watt output.

      USB CINERGY TStick+  (PC receiver for DVB-T / DAB / DAB+) used as VHF/UHF SDR receiver.

      SZURO ZS79-722/A duplexer modified as VHF/UHF diplexor for satellite operation.

      Antennas: For HF bands are, a 1/4 wavelength ground-plane with 5 radials for 28 mhz, and 1/2 wave
      direct fed dipoles in inverted V form for 21 mhz and 14 mhz.

      For 144 mhz and 430 mhz bands am using a 1/2 wavelength dual band (VHF/UHF) dipole named
      " Open Slave Vertical dipole " and a 5/8-Over-1/4 Collinear  for UHF with a Physical Inductor (7.55 dbi).

      144 Mhz dipole and 435 Mhz ground plane.

      Connected to the 70 cm collinear am using a low noise PR40 preamp from Ramsey .

      HF antennas are using different 50 ohms coaxial cable. For VHF and UHF bands are low loss coax .

      PC is a P5VD2 VM from ASUS with a 2.66 ghz Celeron. Softwares are CT 10.4, MixW 2.19,
      W6ELPROP 2.70, Traksat 4.09, Logger32, Gpredict 1.4, WXtoimg  2.10.11, SDRsharp, and others.

      The Ground system  at home is a pipe (7 foot lengthy and 3/4 inch of diameter) into the earth, applying
      common salt and water to the soil  around the pipe to reducing the soil electrical resistance.