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Manufacturers phone/fax numbers, Troubleshooting tips by N1DNU
List: Engineer's Bookshelf - the latest information from manufacturers of electronic components and engineering tools.
A/D Technologies, Inc - repeater controllers.
AAE Bandmaster Quads
AEA Packet TNC Products
AKD - Mfr. of VHF transceivers and filters (U.K.)
AmSoft - The World Of Ham Radio CD-ROM info.
Angle Linear RF Products for VHF - Microwave - N6CA.
Arrow Antennas
Artsci Publishing Inc. - Amateur Radio books.
BMG Engineering - Radio Direction Finding
Cubex Quad - Antenna Manufacturer
CushCraft Antennas
DCI Bandpass filters for VHF and UHF
Engineering Consulting - Electronics Products Catalog
FF Systems - High-end Repeater controllers
High Sierra Antennas - mobile HF antennas
Hewlett Packard
ICOM America Inc.
Jade Products, Inc. - kits for the amateur market.
JPS Communications - DSP audio filters.
Kanga USA - kits for the amateur market.
Kantronics/RF Concepts - product info, articles, hints
Kenwood Communications Corp.
Kentrol HomePage - PC control of Kenwood radios.
Logic Limited - low-cost SSTV, WEFAX converters
Link Communications INC. - Link Communications is the leading manufacturer of repeater
control systems for amateur radio
LZ Engineering - DVP (Digital Voice Processor) for K1EA's CT
Motron Electronics - DTMF and TxID products.
Mouser Electronics - electronic components
PacComm Packet Radio Systems
Peter W. Dahl Co. - power transformers.
PolyPhaser Corp. - lightning protection devices
QSLs by W4MPY - Printing services
SGC Communications
Shack Attack - custom license plaques, radio holders
Solder-it Co. Homepage
Standard Amateur Radio Products Inc.
Svetlana Electron Devices - tube manufacturer.
Ten-Tec Homepage
Tigertronics Inc - mini-TNC's for Packet and multimode
Timewave Technology Inc., maker of DSP audio filters
U.S. Digital Corp. - Optical Shaft Encoders
Watkins SmartLevel inclinometer - Az/El. indicators?
Yaesu USA home page

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