Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group

Picture of the new site on the Mountain


beautiful dear

Where is that gun?  I go hunting and I never get to see this.

New building at site

This snow is deep.

The new towel

I'm glad there is very little wind.

Another picture of the Towel work


The new towel


Towel work


Towel work


Wow lots of snow at the base of Antenna

WOW!  That is a long ways up. I hope he does not drop anything.

Now that is up there

I hope he is tied on.

pretty view

It is cold over there to.

nice rope

He wants what up the rope?

another view

I know what they are talking about.  ha ha

Wow they are up there a ways.

God are they up high.

The building with snow

Our little building and that is the guys up there on the antenna working hard.


Everyone was very hungry.


I might be able to eat two.

good view

Lots of antennas

great view


Everyone was very tired. The End Ha Ha!

Pictures of CMRG site work on Aug 7, 2010. 

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