Weather Data Near Cheyenne Mountain


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Analog Repeaters

53.13 (-1.7MHz) PL 107.2/107.2 Hz

147.345 (+) PL 107.2/107.2 Hz 

448.100 (-)  PL 107.2/107.2 Hz

927.850 (-25MHz) DPL 114

146.760 (-) PL 107.2/107.2 Hz

448.000 (-) PL 107.2/107.2 Hz

D-STAR Repeaters

145.375 (-)

446.9125 (+)

 Plus all of the radios have new antennas, on a new 125 foot tower.

Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group


CMRG Logo  

Welcome to the official webs site of the Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group Inc.!    The CMRG is a small nonprofit repeater  group in Colorado Springs, operating a linked repeater systems which covers many counties in Colorado.  

The counties including El Paso, Teller, Park, Pueblo, Fremont, Lincoln and Elbert counties and if I missed someone 'sorry, I'm still learning. 

We have hopes to add more repeaters.

 CMRG Repeater's Status      Board of Directors    The Bylaws for the CMRG

 Articles of Incorporation          Links to Interesting Sites       Colorado Repeaters By City  

 The Application to the CMRG          A List of Manufacturers        A List of Members

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One New repeater that is up on Cheyenne Mountain is the 146.760(-). It is an open repeater but it is own by El PASO county RACES.  The CMRG will be taking care of it. 


We have a new repeater on top of Fremont Peak which is 145.295(-). 
It is an open repeater and has a tone of 107.2Hz this will be linked with the 147.345(+) on Cheyenne Mountain so it will have access to the IRLP on the 147.345

Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group Inc.
P.O. Box 50331
Colorado Springs, CO 80949

Sending E-Mail to the Web Master

To join the CMRG newsgroup just click below.
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After you have sent that e-mail you should be able to start sending messages to members of this group, simply by send email to  

We are very proud that we now have an IRLP node on Cheyenne Mountain.  We have also installed a 2 meter and 70 centimeter D-STAR repeater system.  We are waiting for authorization to install a link to provide connectivity for the internet to the D-STAR system.  This will allow full functionality of the D-STAR system to link with the rest of the world. 

Freq = 147.345MHz  
Click on the link below and you can 
read all about the IRLP nodes. 
Our Node ID is 3854     


 This is Our Kind Host

Note: If you have any suggestions or comments about this web page or any of our web pages please let us know.  If you are a member and wish to have your web page listed please send it to me. 


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JC Gainer --> Web Master

Last updated on February 11, 2011