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Cumberland County ARES Activation Levels
Activation Level 0 (green): No ARES operations in progress or projected. Normal Amateur Radio operations.
Activation Level 1 (yellow) (Alert): ARES officials have been notified by one or more served agencies that Amateur Radio communicators may be needed in the near future. No timeframe is associated with this alert level. ARES members should check their equipment and supplies for possible deployment. Members should stay tuned to the assigned emergency frequencies in their county for further news.
Activation Level 2 (orange) (Standby): There is a high probabilty of a full ARES activation. ARES members should have their Ready Kit available at all times. Approximate timeframes are associated with this level. Members should prepare to deploy to assignments or staging areas for assignment. Nets are established and will pass information on as it becomes available.
Activation Level 3 (red) (Activate): ARES members will proceed to their assignments or to staging areas for assignments. Nets begin full operation. Available ARES members will check into their assigned nets upon arrival at their assignments. Situation reports will be passed to the SEC by DECs and ECs every 4 hours. Full emergency communications protocols implimented.
Activation Level 4 (blue) (Secure): Emergency has terminated. ARES members are released by served agencies, DECs and ECs. DECs and ECs will prepare and submit after action reports to the SEC. After all actions are secured, the SEC will issue a Activation Level 0 (green).