<!--DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC, by Phil Karras/KE3FL--> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Carroll Amateur Radio Emergency Team (CARET), ARES/RACES</TITLE> <META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <META content=KE3FL name=AUTHOR> <!-- Styles for body, H1, P, fineprint, menu, etc. --> <link rel="stylesheet" href="MyStyles.css" type="text/css"> <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> <!-- var Dt = document.lastModified; var LastUpdate = ""; var Year = ""; var Dt02; var pnt = Dt.lastIndexOf(" "); if(Dt.length > 25) { // Needed to get to correct version for NetScape 7.0 //document.location.href="indexNS.html"; } Dt02 = Dt.substring(0, pnt); if(Dt.lastIndexOf("GMT") != -1) { // Got GMT! pnt = Dt02.lastIndexOf(" "); LastUpdate = Dt02.substring(0, pnt); Year = LastUpdate.substring(LastUpdate.length-4, LastUpdate.length); } else { LastUpdate = Dt02; Year = LastUpdate.substring(LastUpdate.length-4); } // --> </script> </HEAD> <BODY background=files/TEXTURE.GIF> <font face='arial'> <H1 align=center><FONT color=#d90606>Carroll Amateur Radio Emergency Team <BR>CARET affiliated with ARES &amp; RACES </FONT></H1> <CENTER> <P> <FONT color=#d90606 size=+1> Carroll County, Maryland </FONT> <FONT color=#0000ff size=+1> (Last Update: <script> // Added 02/28/2001 document.write(LastUpdate); </script> ) </FONT> </P> </CENTER> <H1> <HR> </H1> <P><B> <CENTER>All Carroll County HAMs interested in Emergency Radio Service are invited to join CARET. </CENTER></B> <P></P> <!-- PK - remove from here to next PK when Bike & Walk are done. --> <DIV align=center> <FONT face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> <!--B> Help is needed for these Carroll County Events: </B--> </FONT> </DIV> <BR> <DIV align=center> <TABLE cellPadding=4 width="90%" bgColor='#ffff88' border=1> <TBODY> <TR> <td> <div align="center"> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> <b> <!-- a href="NET-NEWS.HTM" onMouseOver="window.status='Carroll County ARES Net news by Phil, KE3FL .';return true"> Net News </a --> <a href="links.htm" onMouseOver="this.window.status='Emergency Service Web Links'; return true"> Web Links </a> </b> </font> </div> </td> <td> <div align="center"> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> <b><!--font color="#FFFFFF"--> <a href="EVENTS.HTM#JUN" onMouseOver="window.status='CARET Events Calendar for 2001.';return true"> Calendar </a> or <a href="EventRegP.htm" onMouseOver="window.status='CARET Events Registration form.';return true" onMouseOut="window.status='';" > Register </a> <!--/font--></b></font></div> </td> <td> <div align="center"> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> <b><font color="#FFFFFF"> <a href="last/LASTEVNT.HTM" onMouseOver="window.status='Last CARET Event, possible Photos.';return true"> Last Event </a></font></b></font></div> </td> <!-- <TD> <DIV align=center><FONT face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><B><FONT color=#ffffff><A onmouseover="window.status='American Lung Association MD Wine Festival Bike Tour';return true" href="TMP/BIKE.HTM">Bike Tour:&nbsp;&nbsp; Sep 16, 2000 </A></FONT></B></FONT></DIV> </td> <td> <DIV align=center><FONT face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><B><FONT color=#ffffff><A onmouseover="window.status='American Diabetes Association, America s Walk for Diabetes.';return true" href="TMP/WALK.HTM">Walk-a-Thon:&nbsp;&nbsp; Oct 14, 2000 </A></FONT></B></FONT></DIV> </td> --> </TR> </TBODY> </TABLE> <table cellPadding=4 width="90%" bgColor=#ccffcc border=1> <tr> <td align=center> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> <b>CARET Membership Application: <b> <a href="CaretReg2.htm"> <!-- http://cs.yrex.com/CaretReg/ --> <FONT size=+2> [On-line form] </FONT> </a> </font> </td> </tr> </table> <table cellPadding=4 width="90%" bgColor='#bbccff' border=1> <tr> <td align=center> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> <a href="http://www.arrl-mdc.net/"> <b>ARRL MDC Section Site<b> <FONT size=+2> </FONT> </a> &nbsp; &nbsp;|&nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mdraces/"> <b>MD RACES Site<b> <FONT size=+2> </FONT> </a> &nbsp; &nbsp;|&nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="http://www.noaa.gov/"> <b>NOAA<b> <FONT size=+2> </FONT> </a> &nbsp; &nbsp; <a href='http://www.erh.noaa.gov/er/lwx/'>Maryland</a> </font> </td> </tr> </table> <!-- <table cellPadding=4 width="90%" bgColor=#ffccff border=1> <tr> <td align=center> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> <b>Next Local VE Test Session: <b> <a href="http://cs.yrex.com/ve-regcc.htm"> <FONT size=+2> [On-line Sign-up form] </FONT> </a> </font> </td> </tr> </table > --> </DIV> <br> <span style="color:red;"><span style="font-weight:bold;">This Just in <span style="font-size:smaller;">(11/05/2012)</span></span>: </span> From: Jeff Demers, N1SNB <br> My company, Amateur Radio Supplies LLC, of Haverhill, Massachusetts seeks to help a few lucky young hams<br> get on the HF bands and make some contacts! Do you know any deserving young hams? We will be giving away<br> 3 complete HF stations per year in order to support activity on the ham bands, <br> Details at: <a href="http://www.amateurradiosupplies.com/youth-s/222.htm">amateurradiosupplies.com</a> <br> <BR><BR><BR><BR> <!-- PK - remove from here to previous PK when Bike & Walk are done. --> <A name=ARESa> </A> <A name=EPREP> </A> <FONT color=#d90606 face='arial'><FONT size=+3> Amateur Radio Emergency Service articles: </FONT> </FONT> <UL> <LI> <A href="htm/E-PREP-1.HTM"> Before the emergency (by: KE3FL) </A> <LI><A href="htm/E-PREP-2.HTM"> Big and daunting undertaking? (by: KE3FL) </A> <LI><A href="htm/E-PREP-3.HTM"> Emergency check lists, <b>Go Kits</b> (by: KE3FL) </A> <LI><A href="htm/E-PREP-4.HTM"> Do these as a group (by: KE3FL) </A> <LI><A href="htm/E-PREP-5.HTM"> An example (by: KE3FL) </A> <LI><A href="htm/E-PREP-6.HTM"> What Do You Know? (by: KE3FL) </A> <LI><A href="htm/BEST.HTM"> Basic Emergency Service Training (BEST) (by: KE3FL) </A> <br><br> <Li> Carroll County ARES Frequency List (by: N3JIA) <A HREF="htm/NETFREQ.HTM"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <Li> Carroll County ARES Organization Chart (by: N3JIA) <A HREF="htm/ARESORG.GIF"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <Li> Carroll County ARES Local Net Chart 2 (by: N3JIA) <A HREF="htm/LOCLNET.GIF"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <Li> Carroll County ARES EC/AEC list (by: N3JIA) <A HREF="htm/ARES-03.HTM"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <Li> Carroll County ARES Equipment list (by: N3JIA) <A HREF="htm/EQUIPLST.HTM"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <Li> Carroll County ARES/RACES DataBase Form (by: KE3FL) <A HREF="htm/DB-FRM.HTM"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <Li> Carroll County ARES Net Activation Protocol (by: N3JIA) <A HREF="htm/NETACTIV.GIF"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <br><br> <Li> Use of AGWTERM for packet communications, by Joe Tracey KB3LNM: <font size=+2> <a href="AGW/UseOfAGWTERMforPacketComm.htm"> [html]</a> &nbsp; <a href='AGW/UseOfAGWTERMforPacketComm.doc'>[doc]</a> &nbsp; <a href='AGW/UseOfAGWTERMforPacketComm.pdf'>[pdf]</a> </font> <img src="files/NEWSPIN.GIF" alt="* NEW *"> <Li> ARES, NTS, and NWS Articles (forwarded by: KE4SKY) <A HREF="htm/SUBJECTS.HTM"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <Li> Batteries for Amateur Use, Care and feeding, by: KE3FL <A HREF="htm/BATTERY.HTM"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <Li> Carroll County ARES Field Resources Manual<!-- img src="files/NEWSPIN.GIF" alt="* NEW *" --> <A HREF="htm/FIELDRES.HTM"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <Li> Maryland Slow Net (MSN) - getting started<!--img src="files/NEWSPIN.GIF" alt="* NEW *"--> <A HREF="htm/MSN-STRT.HTM"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <Li> Virginia RACES Training Course Materials: <a href="http://www.va-ares.org/Training/training.html"> <font size=+2>[click here]</font></a> <!--img src="files/NEWSPIN.GIF" alt="* NEW *"--> <BR><BR> <A name=CARET> </A> <FONT size=+3><FONT color=#d90606> Carroll Amateur Radio Emergency Team files: </FONT></FONT> <BR> <B>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (To download, right-mouse-click on: [click here]) </B> <UL> <LI>CARET Membership Application: <A href="txt/ARES-MEM.TXT"> <FONT size=+2> [TEXT form] </FONT> </A> &nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="CaretReg2.htm"> <FONT size=+2> [On-line form] </FONT> </a> <LI>CARET NET script: <A href="txt/CNETSRPT.TXT"> <FONT size=+2> [click here] </FONT> </A> <LI>CARET NET Log: <A href="txt/CNET-LOG.TXT"><FONT size=+2>[click here]</FONT></A> <LI>Special Event Log: <A href="txt/EVENTLOG.TXT"><FONT size=+2>[click here]</FONT></A> <A href="txt/EVENTLOG.DOC"><FONT size=+2>[DOC file RIGHT click here]</FONT></A> <LI>Emergency NET script: <A href="txt/EMRGSRPT.TXT"><FONT size=+2>[click here]</FONT></A> </LI> </UL> <BR><BR> <A NAME="TRFC"> <table> <!-- Places ARRL.GIF & contents side-by-side --> <TR> <TH> <IMG SRC="files/ARRL.GIF" alt="Amateur Radio Relay League" align=middle> </TH> <TH align=left> <A NAME="TRFC"><font size=+3> Traffic Forms Plus: </font></a> (To download, right-mouse-click on: [click here]) <UL> <Li> Local Area NETS: <A HREF="htm/nets.htm"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A><font color="#FF0000"> (07/19/2002)</font> </UL> <UL> <Li> ARRL Radiogram TX form: <A HREF="htm/RADIO-TX.HTM"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A><img src="files/UPDAT2.GIF">(03/25/2002)</font> <Li> ARRL Radiogram RX form: <A HREF="htm/RADIO-RX.HTM"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A><img src="files/UPDAT2.GIF">(03/25/2002)</font> <Li> ARL Numbered Radiograms: <A HREF="txt/ARRLGRAM.TXT"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A> <Li> Notes of voice Traffic: <A HREF="txt/TRAFFIC.TXT"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A>(12/11/2000)</font> <Li> Reference Information form: <A HREF="txt/REF-INFO.TXT"><font size=+2>[click here]</font></A>(12/11/2000)</font> </UL> </TH> </TR> </table> <BR><BR><BR><BR> <CENTER> <P> <a name="MAP"></a> <!--Label--> <br> <br> <IMG height=366 alt="Westminster Area Map" hspace=2 src="files/WESTMAP2.JPG" width=526> </P> </CENTER> <P> <B> <A href="files/AREAMAP.HTM"> Click here for a MAP </A> of the Baltimore/Westminster Area </B> </P> <P> <HR width="95%" SIZE=20> <P></P> <P> <br>Send comments (problems or praises) to: <a href="mailto:ke3fl@qsl.net"> <img src="files/EMAIL.GIF" alt="E-MAIL the Page Master"> </a> <a href="mailto:ke3fl@qsl.net"> The CARET Page Master, KE3FL </a> </P> <P> <A HREF="http://www.qis.net/~k3pzn"> <IMG height=37 alt=[home] hspace=10 src="files/HOME.GIF" width=37> </A> <A HREF="http://www.qis.net/~k3pzn"> Return to top of CCARC Home Page </A> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <A href="http://www.qsl.net/ke3fl/index.html#CARET"> <IMG height=37 alt=[home] hspace=10 src="files/HOME.GIF" width=37> </A> <A href="http://www.qsl.net/ke3fl/index.html#CARET"> Return to the KE3FL Home Page </A> </P> </font> </BODY> </HTML>