The Associations Culture Festival is going to come on April 20 is organisated by associations manage center on the occasion, there will be a lot of colourful and wonderful programs in the show are going to find a amazing world in our shows.



April 2006

We'll organize some club members to repair some electronic equipments completely for free.It will convenience teachers especially students in our university.


Our club-members will play a movie about amateur radio and we will make a lecture on it.


Please focus on our chinese web about recent activities.


Letter Box 1241,
13 Court Street in Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin,P.R.CHINA 150001

WAC, WAJA, JCC200, CRSA Awards etc. we've got.

Our tranceiver in use:FT-102s.

Part of our antenna in snow.

(chinese postil)

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