Welcome to HITARC!

HITARC -- Harbin Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club is one of the most active ham clubs in Chinese universities. It was founded in Dec 8th, 1995 by 4 students of HIT who enjoy this same special hobby, after they setting up a two days special station "BT75HIT" in June 1995 which was celebrated for the 75th anniversary of HIT. At last they came to the idea of setting up a own station of HIT. And it really came true with the warm donation of 4 Japanese ham friends: Kawashima Kentaro (JJ1HKS), Kawai Shinzaburo (JA1FUY), Sekiguchi Akishige (JA1QCS), Hioki Takashi (JF1GUQ).

"BY2HIT", this 6 letter expected for such a long time, finally "ON AIR" in Jan 14th, 1996!

Now, HITARC has been an active student organization in HIT campus. We have a wide range of interests and activities ranging from traditional (voice & Morse code communications) to more advanced (Slow Scan Television, RTTY, data communication, amateur satellite, meteor-scatter communication, electronics, and computer software, even Internet). All of us have the same goal of promoting the growth and development of Hamradio not only in our university but also in China, even in the world. We are trying our best to do that!

HITARC is open to all HIT students interested and enthusiastic in Hamradio. You don't need experience to be a member of HITARC, just a willingness to learn. Our emphasis is on technology as a fun hobby in addition to a valuable profession. You may also find your niche in one of several important administrative positions in HITARC.

Consider also that with the growth of the Internet, and the increasing demand for technically trained "knowledge workers," the hands-on experience you gain within HITARC in electronics, computers, and communications while working within our friendly, team environment may prove to be invaluable long after you graduate.

Join the HIT Amateur Radio Club and more than 3 million other hams around the world in the exciting hobby of amateur radio!