BY2HIT Needs Your Support and Endowment!

BY2HIT, the amateur radio station of Harbin Institute of Technology, is a club station of the amateurs in campus, by the amateurs in campus and for the amateurs in campus. Using its homemade antennas, BY2HIT communicates thousands of stations around the world by SSB, CW, SSTV and even amateur satellites since it was founded in 1996.

Thanks to its members' enthusiasm and effort, BY2HIT has already become one of the most active club stations in China. However, BY2HIT is now facing financial problem that holds its paces on the way of development. Because all the members in BY2HIT are college students with very low allowance, they can not afford the total daily necessary cost. So, new antenna can't be made; many communication experiments can't be carried out and plans of new DX pedition can't be realized.

As a member of the family of amateur radio, BY2HIT needs your support and endowment to keep its vigor. Any donation is welcome.