Last update : Dec 1, 2001

ARRL 10 Meter Contest

1. Object:
For Amateurs worldwide to exchange QSO information with as many stations as possible on the 10-meter band.
全球各地的業餘電台盡可能的在 10 米波段通信

2. Date and Contest Period:
Second full weekend of December. Starts 0000 UTC Saturday; ends 2400 UTC Sunday (December 15-16, 2001).
比賽時間為每年 12 月第二個 full weekend,從星期六 0000 UTC 到星期天 2400 UTC。2001 年為 12/15 12/16 兩天。

2.1. All stations operate no more than 36 hours out of the 48-hour period.
所有參賽電台在比賽的 48 小時裡,最多只能操作 36 小時。

2.2. Listening time counts as operating time.

3. Entry Categories:

3.1. Single Operator: (9 categories)
3.1.1. QRP. Mixed Mode (Phone and CW). Phone only. CW only.
3.1.2. Low Power. Mixed Mode (Phone and CW). Phone only. CW only.
3.1.3. High Power. Mixed Mode (Phone and CW). Phone only. CW only.
Multioperator, Single Transmitter, mixed mode (only).
Includes single operators using packet or spotting assistance.

4. Contest Exchange:

W/VE stations (including Hawaii and Alaska) send signal report and state or province (District of Columbia stations send signal report and DC).

Novice and Technician Plus stations sign /N or /T on CW. If used, you must indicate /N or /T on your summary sheet.
Novice 以及 Technician Plus 等級的電台在 CW 模式可於呼號後面加上 /N 或 /T,如果有這樣使用,必須在總結報告表上註明。

DX stations (including KH2, KP4, etc) transmit signal report and sequential serial number starting with 001.
美加以外的電台(含 KH2, KP4 等)發送信號報告以及流水號(從 001 開始)。

Maritime mobile stations send signal report and ITU Region (1, 2 or 3).
海上移動台發送信號報告以及 ITU 區域(1, 2 或 3)

5. Scoring:

5.1. QSO points: 通信分數

5.1.1. Count two points for each complete two-way phone QSO. 每個話務通信可得 2 分。

5.1.2. Count four points for each two-way CW QSO. 每個 CW 通信可得 4 分。
Count eight points for CW QSOs with US Novice or Technician Plus stations signing /N or /T (28.1 to 28.3 MHz only).
在 28.1~28.3MHz 以 CW 通到美國 Novice or Technician Plus 等級的電台可得 8 分。

5.2. Multipliers: (per mode, phone and CW). 乘數(話務、報務分別計算)

5.2.1. The 50 US states (plus District of Columbia).
美國的 50 個州以及哥倫比亞特區

5.2.2. Canada [NB (VE1, 9), NS (VE1), QC (VE2), ON (VE3), MB (VE4), SK (VE5), AB (VE6), BC (VE7), NT (VE8), NF, (VO1), LB (VO2)], YT (VY1), PE (VY2) NU (VYØ).
加拿大 14 個省 NB (VE1, 9), NS (VE1), QC (VE2), ON (VE3), MB (VE4), SK (VE5), AB (VE6), BC (VE7), NT (VE8), NF, (VO1), LB (VO2)], YT (VY1), PE (VY2) NU (VYØ)

5.2.3. DXCC entities (except the mainland US, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii).
DXCC 不含美國本土、加拿大、夏威夷、以及阿拉斯加

5.2.4. ITU regions (maritime mobiles only).
ITU 區域(只能由海上移動台發送)

Final Score: Multiply QSO points by total multipliers (the sum of states/VE provinces/DXCC entities/ITU regions per mode). Example: KA1RWY works 2245 stations including 1305 phone QSOs, 930 non-Novice CW QSOs, 10 Novice CW QSOs, for a total of 6410 QSO points. She works 49 states, 10 Canadian call areas, 23 DXCC entities and a maritime mobile station in Region 2 on phone and 30 states, 8 Canadian call areas, and 19 DXCC entities on CW for a total multiplier of 140. Final score = 6410 (QSO points) × 140 (multiplier) = 897,400 points.
比賽總分為通信分數總和乘以乘數總和。例如 KA1RWY 有 1305 個話務 QSO、930 個一般的 CW QSO、10 個 與 Novice 等級電台的 CW QSO,她的通信分數為 1305×2 + 930×4 + 10×8 = 6410。 她在話務通到 美國 49 州、加拿大 10 省、23 個 DXCC、1 個 ITU 第 2 區的海上電台,在報務上通到美國 30 州、加拿大 8 省、19 個 DXCC,乘數總和為 49+10+23+1+30+8+19=140。因此比賽總分為 6410 × 140= 897400。

6. Miscellaneous:

6.1. Single operator mixed-mode and multioperator stations may work stations once on CW and once on SSB.
在 SSB 與 CW 通到同一個電台算是不同的兩個 QSO。

6.2. Your call sign must indicate your DXCC entity if competing as DX. (N6TR in Oregon does not send N6TR/7, but K6GSS in Puerto Rico must send K6GSS/KP4).
美加以外的 DX 電台必須能夠由呼號辨明所處的 DXCC,例如在奧瑞岡的 N6TR 不需要發送 N6TR/7,但在波多黎各的 K6GSS 必須發送 K6GSS/KP4。

6.3. All entrants may transmit only one signal on the air at any given time.

All CW contacts must take place below 28.3 MHz.
所有的 CW QSO 頻率不得高於 28.3MHz。

7. Awards:
Certificates will be awarded to:頒發證書給予

7.1. The highest-scoring single-operator station (in each category) from each ARRL/RAC Section and DXCC entity.
ARRL/RAC Section 以及各 DXCC 的單人各參賽組的第一名。

7.2. The top scoring Novice/Technician Plus station (in each category) in each ARRL Section.
ARRL Section Vovice/Technician Plus 各參賽組的第一名。

7.3. Top multioperator entries in each ARRL Division, Canada and each continent.
ARRL Division, Canada 以及各大陸的多人組的第一名。

7.4. Additional certificates will be awarded as participation warrants.

8. Miscellaneous:

8.1. All electronic logs (computer generated) must submit an ASCII text file of the log information in Cabrillo file format. Paper print outs of the electronic file are not acceptable substitutes.
電子型式的通訊記錄必須為 Cabrillo 格式的文字檔。將檔案列印在紙上再寄給主辦 單位是不被接受的。

8.2. Handwritten paper logs are acceptable submissions.

8.3. All entries must be e-mailed or postmarked by January 16, 2002.
通訊記錄須於 2002年 1 月 16 日前寄出(e-mail 或郵寄)。

8.4. E-mail entries only to: Submissions require Cabrillo log file with all required information (including exchange sent, category entered, power, and ARRL/RAC section--see General Rules for specific file format).
e-mail 請寄到。通信記錄格式須符合 Cabrillo 格式以及該格式所需的各項資料(包含信號報告、參賽組別、功率、ARRL/RAC Section 等)。

8.5. Electronic files not in Cabrillo file format may be designated as checklogs.
電子型式的通信記錄若不是以 Cabrillo 的格式記錄,將會被視為 checklog。

8.6. Paper entries should be mailed to 10 Meter Contest, ARRL, 225 Main St, Newington, CT 06111.
手寫的通信記錄請寄到:10 Meter Contest, ARRL, 225 Main St, Newington, CT 06111

8.7. Paper entries must be submitted on current ARRL entry forms or an acceptable facsimile.
手寫的通信記錄必須以目前 ARRL 所制定的通信記錄格式來書寫。

8.7.1. Forms are available for downloading at the Contest Branch Home Page at
手寫的通信記錄格式可於 下載。

8.7.2. Forms are available for an SASE sent to the Contest Branch.
手寫的通信記錄格式也可以寄回郵信封向 ARRL Contest Branch 索取。

8.8. See "General Rules for All ARRL Contests" and "General Rules for ARRL Contests on bands below 30 MHz (HF)" in this issue.
請參考 "General Rules for All ARRL Contests" 以及 "General Rules for ARRL Contests on bands below 30 MHz (HF)"

8.9. General queries should be directed to the Contest Branch at or by calling 860-594-0232.
其他的問題請寫 e-mail 或打電話 860-594-0232 向 ARRL Contest Branch 詢問。

4 AL Alabama 阿拉巴馬 7 MT Montana 蒙大拿
KL7 AK Alaska 阿拉斯加 0 NE Nebraska 內布拉斯加
7 AZ Arizona 亞利桑那 7 NV Nevada 內華達
5 AR Arkansas 阿肯色 1 NH New Hampshire 新罕布夏
6 CA California 加利福尼亞 2 NJ New Jersey 紐澤西
0 CO Colorado 科羅拉多 5 NM New Mexico 新墨西哥
1 CT Connecticut 康乃迪克 2 NY New York 紐約州
3 DE Delaware 德拉威 4 NC North Carolina 北卡羅來納
4 FL Florida 佛羅里達 0 ND North Dakota 北達科他
3 GA Georgia 喬治亞 8 OH Ohio 俄亥俄
KH6 HI Hawaii 夏威夷 5 OK Oklahoma 奧克拉荷馬
7 ID Idaho 愛達荷 7 OR Oregon 奧瑞岡
9 IL Illinois 伊利諾 3 PA Pennsylvania 賓夕法尼亞
9 IN Indiana 印第安那 1 RT Rhode Island 羅德島
0 IA Iowa 愛荷華 4 SC South Caroline 南卡羅來納
0 KS Kansas 堪薩斯 0 SD South Dakota 南達科他
4 KY Kentucky 肯塔基 4 TN Tennessee 田納西
5 LA Louiaiana 路易斯安那 5 TX Texas 德克薩斯
1 ME Maine 緬因 7 UT Utah 猶他
3 MD Maryland 馬里蘭 1 VT Vermont 佛蒙特
1 MA Massachusetts 麻塞諸塞州 3 VA Virginia 維吉尼亞
8 MI Michigan 密西根 7 WA Washington 華盛頓
0 MN Minnesota 明尼蘇達 8 WV West Virginia 西維吉尼亞
5 MS Mississippi 密西西比 9 WI Wisconsin 威斯康辛
0 MO Missouri 密蘇里 7 WY Wyoming 懷俄明

BV3FG / Robert Suen