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This page is to be dedicated to Ham Radio when it is finished....!

Keep an eye on this page, there is to be a home page arriving with better looks and layout, coming soon...!

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If you want to know more about Broome Radio Club click here. Updated !!

If you want to, feel free to e-mail me.

You might want to know what schedules we have. Updated!!

See the shack(Construction in progress.....)

Take a look at some other ham shacks and antenna set-ups. (Complete)

If you are someone who is at the stage of buying a new rig, here is a link to The "Big Three", ie Kenwood, Yaesu and Icom, products homepages where you will find product reveiws on all the latest and some of the older rigs.... Updated !! (Construction in progress.....)

The antenna set-up (Construction in progress.....)

Some SSTV pics, maybe yours 'll be there. Updated !! (Construction in progress.....)

Browse through the callbook of amateur callsigns

Go to James Cook Uni and view their latest image, this image is probably todays'!

Take a look at the latest visual and IR (Infra-red) Australian fax images

Take a look at the latest visual and IR images of the world.

The Japanes meteorological agency earth photo's, this image is an up-to-date (taken at 0000 or 2400 UTC)zoomed image of Australia from a thumbnail, to go to the page that has the links to other parts of the world the address is http://www.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk/pub/sat-images.

Take a look at the AXM and AXI Radio Fax Broadcast Times (in UTC). Indirectly provided by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

If you're into the CB side of things, these links may be of interest

A page about CB Radio

The pirate radio homepage

Below are links to some search engines

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The Metacrawler engine is different though, it's a seach engine that utilises the databases of all the other search engines so "it's like having 5 search engines in one" (don't you hate those stupid shampoo ads'!?)