Why Brooklyn QRP? 

ww2w w2sn n2to     

Tony ww2w , Ed w2sn, Kevin n2to
at the NJQRP Forestall Mall Meet
Priceton, NJ - early 98
at right - Elmar K2EL QRPing it during F.D. using solar power.
(Why? Because we like to & we are fun to hang with!)
Also in no order of importance.....
0)Soda, chips, nice park
1) Increase operating skills
2)Maximize antenna & radio efficiency
3)Construct our own radios or build via kits
4)Greatly lessen chance of interference (TVI) - Peace on prime-time Earth
5)To show the QROers it can be done so as to help them find "the religion"
6)To make a cool website with show&tell pixs!
7)To build a brotherhood / society of like-minded active hams
8)To sizzle as many 2n2222's as possible in one lifetime / per QSO
9)Oh and yes, the silly, warm&fuzzy, relaxed and yet competitive contests
10)To snag QRP-aware DX in a pilup with that added "qrp" designation

- Tony WW2W