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      Based on s53mv’s and Scotty’s projects, I have built some modules. As ROS-2150 VCO is expensive and Scotty’s cavity filter is hard to build , so I have built a PLL version of s53mv’s VCO (http://lea.hamradio.si/~s53mv/spectana/vco.html), and built s53mv’s cavity filter by providing drawings to a CNC factory which cost about 10$. Following is some test about my modules.

Scotty’s website: http://www.scottyspectrumanalyzer.com/msaslim.html


My version of scotty’s spectrum analyzer: Spectrum Analyzer

                                   Version V2.0


Some other modules here: other modules.

[2011/05/06 update] VCO Control Board : VCO_Control_Board.

Antenna Analyzer 70MHz: Antenna Analyzer.

[2011/05/22]: MS2601A 2.2G Spectrum Analyzer


[2011/10/09]: Tracking generator for HP8596E (or AV4032B) spectrum analyzer. TG for HP8596E


[2011/11/12]: A generic tracking generator project. TG_Generic


[2011/12/10]: A 4.4G VNA project. VNA_4G (This project has been suspended)


[2014/01/06]: I have spent quit a lot of time on SDR, and managed to make my version of HPSDR work, and also I have designed a SDR transmitter , which can work as a companion with RTL_SDR.


1.    s53mv’s filter test setup:

By using VCO module ( 2G-3G), I have tried to do some test on this filter. +7dBm pass through s53mv’s filter, there about 4-5dB insertion loss, and the 3dB bandwidth is about 15MHz.

ADL5513 is used as a logDet module which is about 80dB dynamic range. However, -30dBm is the noise level because all parts are open in the air.



2. VCO + PLL modules

   1) 2G-3G module. ADF4113 and LT1677 are used in this module. The output power is about +12dBm.


2) 1950-2050MHz module. Two BFP420s are used in this module. The output power is about +4dBm.


Test on VCO2G (MS2601A has some problems on mag, only for reference):


3. Other modules.

ADL5513 module.

PIC control module

DDS 10.7MHz module ( clone from Scotty’s).

MO30 module.


My home lab. I have some old test equipments.