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The Next Meeting  *** June 2, 2016  at 7 PM 

 Location: *** Bristol Regional Med. ctr. lower level - see Hall Monitor

Program presdented by: *** Mr. Dave Marshall, AB3I


June Meeting
The meeting for the month of June will be on Mentoring. It will be presented by Dave Marshall, AB3I. Dave tells us this will be  good presentation so everyone try to come out and see what Dave has for us. There will also be a brief discussion on Field Day by Ben Morris, K4EDI and speaking of Field Day its that time again! Field Day is always the last rainy, hot weekend in June so come on out to the Field Day site.

Bristol Two Meter Tuesday night at 9:00 PM, The frequency of 146.670, minus offset, no tones is held The Bristol Two Meter Net. Dale Barker, KT4SQ is the Net Control usually and he does a very good job of it. Dale does a great job and all of the others who take turns with him when they can. Try to check in and see what Dale and the bunch of net controllers have in store for us. 
VE Testing
Ben Morris, K4EDI, and the gang will be once again giving VE tests after each meeting. All exams Tech thru Extra will be given. If you need to get in touch with Ben you may call him at 276/791/0102 or you can email him at: Ben and the rest of the VE’s do a wonderful job so if you know someone who is looking to take their Tech test or wanting to upgrade tell them about our VE sessions. Remember a photo ID is required and if you are want to upgrade a photo copy of your license is required also. The fee is fifteen dollars and Ben says that the correct change is greatly appreciated. Him and the other VEs, run a very good test session so just give them a try! Ben and his gang of VE’s do a bang up job!
BARC Dues for 2016
Toni Ward, KF4BMW is now accepting the dues for 2016. These dues run fifteen dollars per year and they cover from January1, thru December 31 of the same year. You can pay them at the next meeting or you can mail a check to: BARC, C/O Toni Ward, KF4BMW, 305 Honeysuckle Lane, Bristol Tennessee, 37620. The radio club uses the dues for Field Day expenses, upkeep of the repeater and such. You can also pay them at Field Day
I would like to thank everyone who has called or sent emails asking about my recent demise. As most of you know I am a diabetic and recently one of my diabetic ulcers turned cancerous so the Dr. had to remove it from my leg. When he didn’t get it as it required a 2nd operation which was successful and now I am cancer free. I have a ways to go but it did not get that way over night so it will take a bit to get back to 100% again. Thank you all for your concern.

Club events for June:
ARRL June VHF Contest - June 11-13
Field Day - June 25-26

New Jersey Club Marks Centennial with 10-Day QSO PartyAs part of its Centennial activities, the South Jersey Radio Association (SJRA) will host a 10-day QSO party, June 10-19. Founded on June 12, 1916, in the home of William G. Phillips in Collingswood, New Jersey, the SJRA dates back to the very early years of wireless. The association became an ARRL-affiliated club in 1920. A timeline on the SJRA website offers more information about the club’s rich history. The QSO party will offer other radio amateurs a chance to join the celebration and become centennial members of SJRA. The club will offer various awards. Participants can use just about any mode and operate from QRP to high power. Bonus points are awarded for logging an SJRA member station, identified by “/100” appended to the call sign, or by working the club’s K2AA station. Complete rules and logging details are on the SJRA website.

Former Alpha/Power President, Researcher John Brosnahan, W0UN, SK

Former Alpha/Power President and Technical Director John Brosnahan, W0UN, of Vanderpool, Texas, died on May 4 after suffering an apparent stroke. He was 71 and an ARRL Life Member.
“John was a great family man, a first-rate contester, a DXer, builder, problem solver, businessman, and a help to all who knew him,” said Alan Applegate, K0BG, his friend of many years. “He was also one of the most personable people I have ever known.”
An active contester, Brosnahan was a contributor to National Contest Journal (NCJ) and to the ARRL Contest Update, as well as to various technical forums. He stepped down from Alpha/Power in 2000 citing a combination of health issues and family obligations.
Brosnahan, who relocated from Colorado to Texas about 10 years ago, was a research physicist and developer of atmospheric remote-sensing tools for clients such as the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Applegate said Brosnahan did a lot of the equipment design and installation for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) ionospheric research facility in Alaska.
Brosnahan founded Signal Hill Research, Tycho Technologies, and LaSalle Research. He contributed technical papers to such journals as Radio Science.
New Date for “ARRL Understanding Local MOUsWebinar The date has changed for an ARRL Headquarters webinar training session on local, section, and state level Memorandums of Understanding for ARES. The training webinar, aimed at for ARES Emergency Coordinators, District Emergency Coordinators and Section Emergency Coordinators, now will take place on Wednesday, May 25, at 2400 UTC. Register for the webinar here. The webinar will be recorded and made available online afterward. All ECs, DECs, and SECs are encouraged to participate.

OTH Radars, Fishery and Taxi Traffic, Buoys, and Broadcasters Continue to Mar Ham Bands
The International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 Monitoring System (IARUMS) April newsletter chronicles a plethora of intruding signals heard on exclusive Amateur Radio allocations in Europe and Africa, many of these also affecting the bands in IARU Regions 1 and 3. The most significant interfering signals originate from over-the-horizon (OTH) radars in China and Russia and affect 40, 30, 20, and 15 meters.

The newsletter also recounts monitoring stations’ reports of voice traffic on several bands from fishing operations in various parts of the world, telemetry from marine buoys, and persistent taxi dispatching traffic from Russia on 10 meters. Other interference has stemmed from broadcasters — harmonic-challenged and otherwise — as well as from jamming signals attempting to prevent broadcasts from reaching their intended audiences. Pirate (ie, unlicensed) stations have been reported on 80 meters and elsewhere, and Russian digital military traffic has been monitored on 40 and 20 meters.
OTH radar interference prevails, however. IARUMS Region 1 Coordinator Wolf Hadel, DK2OM, documented a Chinese OTH radar occupying considerable swaths of spectrum on several bands.
IARU Region 1 maintains the world’s most active network of volunteer intruder monitors.

SATERN Founder Pat McPherson, WW9E, SK
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) Founder and past National Director Maj Patrick E. “Pat” McPherson, WW9E, of Coloma, Michigan, died May 14. He was 70. After serving as SATERN Director for more than 23 years, McPherson stepped down 5 years ago, although he reassumed the role in 2014-2015 on an interim basis. An ARRL member and a second-generation Salvationist, McPherson founded the disaster response and relief arm in June 1988 with one other US and two Canadian radio amateurs. Just 2 months after its founding, SATERN responded to provide communication between the US and Jamaica following Hurricane Gilbert.

SATERN became an official Salvation Army program 10 years later, in 1998, and Maj McPherson was formally appointed as its national director. Now an international organization with 4000 members in North America alone, SATERN is dedicated to providing emergency communication and other assistance following disasters and emergencies, and has responded to natural disasters, fires, and air crashes, including the September 11, 2001 attacks. At the time of his death, McPherson was to be presented with The Salvation Army Certificate in Recognition of Exceptional Service — a national-level award acknowledging outstanding, distinguished, and significant achievement in or for The Salvation Army. It will be awarded posthumously.
Memorials in Maj McPherson’s honor may be made to The Salvation Army.

Hollywood Producer, ARRL Patron Dave Bell, W6AQ, SK
Award-winning Hollywood producer and ARRL benefactor Dave Bell, W6AQ, of Encinitas, California, died on May 13. He was 84 and had been a radio amateur for 65 years. An ARRL Life Member and a former chair of the ARRL Public Relations Committee, Bell directed Amateur Radio Today and produced several other ham radio-related promotional videos and films, starting with The Ham’s Wide World, a TV documentary filmed in black and white.
“If I have a claim to fame in Amateur Radio, it’s probably that I produced the first television documentary about ham radio that got worldwide distribution, and then I made several others before I ‘retired’ from the ham radio film/video hobby-within-a-hobby and got busy making a living producing TV movies, specials, and documentaries for all of the networks including HBO and Showtime, and made a couple of theatrical feature films — Nadia and The Long Walk Home,” Bell recounted on his profile. He started TV’s Unsolved Mysteries, and he received an Emmy Award in 1985 for Outstanding Drama/Comedy Special, Do You Remember Love. Bell chronicled his filmmaking and his Amateur Radio and professional lives in a memoir, World’s Best Hobby.

Last year, Bell and his wife Sam, W6QLT (she’s a quilter), donated a signed Andy Warhol print to the ARRL. The artwork — “Myths: Superman 1981” —sold at auction last fall for $150,000. The proceeds are being used to create “The Dave Bell, W6AQ, Endowment Fund” to benefit the League.
Bell was the 1984 Ham of the Year at Dayton Hamvention®. In 2003, the ARRL presented Bell with its first Lifetime Achievement Award for his work on films and videos about Amateur Radio. In 2011, he was named to the CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame.
Heil Sound Ltd’s Bob Heil, K9EID, called Bell “one of the great ones.” Heil said Bell’s “great smile and laughter” and his “generosity to the hobby” would be missed, “but most of all, we will miss his spirit.”


AMSAT’s Fox-1B CubeSat Gets January 2017 Launch Date
AMSAT has announced that its Fox-1B (RadFxSat — Radiation Effects Satellite) CubeSat is set for a January 20, 2017, launch. Fox-1B will carry a Vanderbilt University Institute for Space and Defense Electronics radiation experiment, AMSAT Vice-President Engineering, Jerry Buxton, N0JY, said. It also includes an Amateur Radio FM transponder (435.250 MHz, 67.0 Hz CTCSS tone, up; 145.960 MHz down). The latest version of the Fox-1 Operating Guide is available from AMSAT’s Station and Operating Hints page.
Fox-1B will ride on a Delta II launcher along with a NOAA spacecraft. The satellite will go aloft as part of the NASA Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (ELaNa) program, which offers free launches to educational entities and encourages science missions. AMSAT has been developing a family of CubeSats with Amateur Radio payloads that can support advanced science experiments, and it has been working with universities on scientific and educational missions that fit the ELaNa mold.The Fox series 1-Unit CubeSats allow simple ground stations using hand-held transceiver and simple dual-band antennas to make contacts.
Student-Built STMSat-1 May Start Transmitting SSTV Images Soon
] space agency also provided the school with a ground station antenna to receive the SSTV images and temperature readings.


National Parks on the Air Update
The ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) program is only possible because of dedicated Activators. Activators are the ones who take their gear and transmit from NPS units around the country. More than 800 Activators have made nearly 5500 Activations around the country.
Many NPOTA units are in the wilds of Alaska. National Parks, preserves, and Wild and Scenic Rivers await the more adventurous Activator who wants to put these units on the air for the first time. Are you up to the challenge?
There are 42 Activations on the calendar for May 19-26, including the Gulf Islands National Seashore (NS08) in Florida, and the Scotts Bluff National Monument (MN66) in Nebraska. Remember to keep your ears peeled for the many activations from Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Site over Dayton Hamvention® weekend. Many operators will be trying to make their first Activations with equipment provided by ARRL, Vibroplex, and DX Engineering, so help all those new Activators earn their 10 QSOs.
Details about these and other upcoming activations can be found on the NPOTA Activations calendar.
Keep up with the latest NPOTA news on Facebook

Experience Hamvention® Remotely — It’s the Next Best Thing to Being There
Those not going to Hamvention May 20-22 still can get the flavor of things — if not the smells of whatever’s cooking out in the flea market — by checking out some of the webcasts that will emanate from Hara Arena during the big show.
The sponsoring Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA) will be offering fairly extensive streaming of Hamvention forums and activities. Visit the Hamvention Live Coverage page for the schedule.
In addition, Amateur Radio Roundtable, with host Tom Medlin, W5KUB, will offer comprehensive Dayton video coverage.
Certain sessions of 2016 Contest University will be available via streaming, courtesy of Icom.
Ham Talk Live with host Neil Rapp, WB9VPG, also has scheduled some Dayton Hamvention webcasts.

Hamvention® Offers ARISS Challenge Coins as Door Prizes to Spotlight ARISS Fundraising
Hamvention® is teaming up with the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) program and will offer a set of ARISS Challenge Coins as a door prize this year, Prize Committee Chair Tom Holmes, N8ZM, said. The two keepsake coins are positioned side by side in a display box, with each side of the coin visible. Commemorative ARISS Challenge Coin sets are a premium for anyone contributing $100 or more to ARISS, which will kick off its 2016 fundraising campaign at Hamvention, May 20-22. ARISS International Chair Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, said the funds raised will go toward critical upgrades of its aging ISS ham radio gear.
The radio system in the Columbus module is over 17 years old and underpowered,” Bauer said. “We need a 21st-century, next-generation solution. This fundraising campaign will enable these upgrades and, as a result, significantly improve ARISS operations and provide the funding necessary to better support our stakeholders and the Amateur Radio community.” Contributions to the ARISS campaign also will help to defray ongoing operational costs for educational outreach.
Dayton Hamvention General Chairman Jim Tiderman, N8IDS, agreed to feature the ARISS keepsake with a special prize drawing right after the introduction of 2016 Dayton Hamvention award winners, which gets under way at 1 PM on Sunday.
The ARISS team also will have Challenge Coins available for $100 donors at AMSAT’s Hamvention booth. Contributions to ARISS also are welcome via the ARISS website (click the “Donate to the ARISS Annual Fund” button) or via the AMSAT website (click the “ARISS Donate” button).
Holmes said the value of prizes to be awarded at the 2016 Dayton Hamvention already has exceeded $51,000, and additional donations were still arriving this week. Major prizes alone total more than $30,600.
Prize drawings are held hourly during Hamventions.


The Doctor Will See You Now!
“Hunting Down Interference” is the topic of the new (May 19) episode of the “ARRL The Doctor is In“ podcast. Listen...and learn!
Sponsored by DX Engineering, “ARRL The Doctor is In” is an informative discussion of all things technical. Listen on your computer, tablet, or smartphone — whenever and wherever you like!
Every 2 weeks, your host, QST Editor in Chief Steve Ford, WB8IMY, and the Doctor himself, Joel Hallas, W1ZR, will discuss a broad range of technical topics. You can also e-mail your questions to, and the Doctor may answer them in a future podcast.
Enjoy “ARRL The Doctor is In” on Apple iTunes, or by using your iPhone or iPad podcast app (just search for “ARRL The Doctor is In”). You can also listen online at Blubrry, or at Stitcher (free registration required, or browse the site as a guest) and through the free Stitcher app for iOS, Kindle, or Android devices.
If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, download our beginner’s guide
Armed Forces Day 2016 Communication Test to Include Direct Military-Ham Contact on 60 Meters
03/01/2016This year’s Armed Forces Day Crossband Communication Test on Saturday, May 14, will include a significant new wrinkle: Select military stations will be using 60 meter interoperability channels to communicate directly with Amateur Radio stations on the band. Back this year, select military stations will use crossband Automatic Link Establishment (2G ALE) communication as well as MIL-STD Serial PSK to send the Secretary of Defense Armed Forces Day message. Armed Forces Day 2016 is Saturday, May 21, but the radio event is held earlier to avoid conflicting with Dayton Hamvention, May 20-22.
The annual Armed Forces Day Communication Test is an opportunity to exercise two-way communication capability between Amateur Radio and military stations using a variety of modes, including SSB and CW as well as digital modes. The annual event gives participants — including shortwave listeners (SWLs) — an opportunity to demonstrate their technical skills, and to receive recognition from the appropriate military radio station.
QSL cards will be provided to all stations that make contact with the military stations. The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard cosponsor the joint military/Amateur Radio, with military stations transmitting on military frequencies and listening on Amateur Radio bands.
Amateur Radio stations and Short Wave Listeners interested in trying the MIL-STD Serial PSK mode can download the software program, MS-DMT.
Full details about this year’s Armed Forces Day radio activities — including stations, frequencies, times, and modes of operation — will be posted by April 12 as well as on the US Army MARS Facebook page.
Tentec has announced at Dayton that they will not be moving from Severville Tennessee. They will be more additions made onto the plant to make room for a couple of additional radios. Also they said their tech support would be staying plus their repair center.


June 2016

+ Phone Fray

0230Z-0300Z, Jun 1

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test

1300Z-1400Z, Jun 1 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jun 1 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jun 2

+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest

1700Z-1800Z, Jun 2 (CW) and
  1800Z-1900Z, Jun 2 (SSB) and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jun 2 (FM) and
  2000Z-2100Z, Jun 2 (Dig)

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint

0145Z-0215Z, Jun 3

+ NCCC Sprint

0230Z-0300Z, Jun 3

+ HA3NS Sprint Memorial Contest

1900Z-1929Z, Jun 3 (40m) and
  1930Z-1959Z, Jun 3 (80m)

+ PVRC Reunion

0000Z-0400Z, Jun 4 (CW) and
  0000Z-0400Z, Jun 5 (SSB)

+ 10-10 Int. Open Season PSK Contest

0000Z, Jun 4 to 2400Z, Jun 5

+ DigiFest

0400Z-1200Z, Jun 4 and
  2000Z, Jun 4 to 0400Z, Jun 5 and
  1200Z-2000Z, Jun 5

+ Wake-Up! QRP Sprint

0600Z-0629Z, Jun 4 and
  0630Z-0659Z, Jun 4 and
  0700Z-0729Z, Jun 4 and
  0730Z-0800Z, Jun 4

+ SEANET Contest

1200Z, Jun 6 to 1200Z, Jun 7

+ UKSMG Summer Contest

1300Z, Jun 4 to 1300Z, Jun 5

+ IARU Region 1 Field Day, CW

1500Z, Jun 4 to 1459Z, Jun 5

+ RSGB National Field Day

1500Z, Jun 4 to 1500Z, Jun 5

+ Dutch Kingdom Contest

1500Z, Jun 4 to 1500Z, Jun 5

+ Alabama QSO Party

1600Z, Jun 4 to 0400Z, Jun 5

+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, Data

1900Z-2030Z, Jun 6

+ ARS Spartan Sprint

0100Z-0300Z, Jun 7

+ Phone Fray

0230Z-0300Z, Jun 8

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test

1300Z-1400Z, Jun 8 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jun 8 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jun 9

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint

0145Z-0215Z, Jun 10

+ NCCC Sprint

0230Z-0300Z, Jun 10

+ DRCG WW RTTY Contest

0000Z-0759Z, Jun 11 and
  1600Z-2359Z, Jun 11 and
  0800Z-1559Z, Jun 12

+ VK Shires Contest

0600Z, Jun 11 to 0600Z, Jun 12

+ Asia-Pacific Sprint, SSB

1100Z-1300Z, Jun 11

+ SKCC Weekend Sprintathon

1200Z, Jun 11 to 2400Z, Jun 12

+ Portugal Day Contest

1200Z, Jun 11 to 1200Z, Jun 12


1500Z, Jun 11 to 1500Z, Jun 12

+ REF DDFM 6m Contest

1600Z, Jun 11 to 1600Z, Jun 12

+ ARRL June VHF Contest

1800Z, Jun 11 to 0259Z, Jun 13

+ NAQCC CW Sprint

0030Z-0230Z, Jun 15

+ Phone Fray

0230Z-0300Z, Jun 15

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test

1300Z-1400Z, Jun 15 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jun 15 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jun 16

+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, CW

1900Z-2030Z, Jun 15

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint

0145Z-0215Z, Jun 17

+ NCCC Sprint

0230Z-0300Z, Jun 17

+ All Asian DX Contest, CW

0000Z, Jun 18 to 2400Z, Jun 19

+ SMIRK Contest

0000Z, Jun 18 to 2400Z, Jun 19

+ Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest

1200Z, Jun 18 to 1159Z, Jun 19

+ IARU Region 1 50 MHz Contest

1400Z, Jun 18 to 1400Z, Jun 19

+ AGCW VHF/UHF Contest

1400Z-1700Z, Jun 18 (144) and
  1700Z-1800Z, Jun 18 (432)

+ Stew Perry Topband Challenge

1500Z, Jun 18 to 1500Z, Jun 19

+ West Virginia QSO Party

1600Z, Jun 18 to 0200Z, Jun 19

+ Kid's Day Contest

1800Z-2359Z, Jun 18

+ Feld Hell Sprint

2000Z-2159Z, Jun 18

+ WAB 50 MHz Phone

0900Z-1500Z, Jun 19

+ Run for the Bacon QRP Contest

0100Z-0300Z, Jun 20

+ SKCC Sprint

0000Z-0200Z, Jun 22

+ Phone Fray

0230Z-0300Z, Jun 22

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test

1300Z-1400Z, Jun 22 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jun 22 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jun 23

+ NAQCC CW Sprint

0030Z-0230Z, Jun 23

+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, SSB

1900Z-2030Z, Jun 23

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint

0145Z-0215Z, Jun 24

+ NCCC Sprint

0230Z-0300Z, Jun 24

+ Ukrainian DX DIGI Contest

1200Z, Jun 25 to 1200Z, Jun 26

+ His Maj. King of Spain Contest, SSB

1200Z, Jun 25 to 1200Z, Jun 26

+ ARRL Field Day

1800Z, Jun 25 to 2100Z, Jun 26

+ Phone Fray

0230Z-0300Z, Jun 29

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test

1300Z-1400Z, Jun 29 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jun 29 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jun 30


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