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The Next Meeting  *** August 7, 2014  Starting at 7:00 PM 

 Location: *** BRMC, Lower Level. Medical Center. , Bristol TN



There will be no meeting for the month of July. Most of us are on vacation or doing something with the family for the 4th of July. Attendance is always real low so instead of scheduling a meeting we decided a few years ago to not have a meeting in July. Everyone have a great time on the 4th of July and we will see everyone at the BARC meeting in August.

Field Day 2014
We all had a great time at Field Day again this year. It was a very successful Field Day again this year and we had great media coverage by the newspaper and channel 5 news teams. I’m not sure about the exact number of QSOs but I think we made over 1,300 contacts. When we get an exact number I will let everyone know. I would like to say a special thanks to everyone who came out and helped with the set up and tear down, tear down is always the roughest due to everyone being wore out and tired after the long weekend and the all nighter.  Also I would like to say thanks to Ben, K4EDI for taking charge and seeing everything for Field Day is done! So Field Day 2014 is now a memory and Field Day 2015 is in the planning stages, see you all next year!

K4FJW is collecting FD photos and so far has pictures from the Bristol Herald, WCYB TV, and KD4CCO. Please email any FD photos you might like to share to

Sick Call
Nina Higgins, KA4JMA wife of Dan Higgins, K4PAP had to go to the hospital Sunday and may have some heart issues. At last report Monday morning she had some tests and procedures done and was waiting for the results. Nina hurry and get well and Dan beware, she will kick your backside now.

2014 CQ WW VHF Contest (Club Competition)
Begins: 1800 UTC Saturday, July 19, 2014
Ends: 2100 UTC Sunday, July 20, 2014

The dues are 15.00 per year and run from Jan1, through Dec 3st of the same year. You can pay them at the next meeting or you may mail them to:  BARC C/O Toni Ward, KF4BMW, 305 Honeysuckle Lane, Bristol TN, 37620.
Thank you.

Bristol Two Meter Net
There is a net on Tuesday night at 9:00 PM on the frequency of 146.670 minus offset and no tones required. This is also one of the oldest nets on the East Cost. Dale, KT4SQ and Chris, K4XMN take turns being the Net Control so check in and see what is going on.

In a follow-up to a report earlier this year, solar researchers are now dubbing the sun's recent activity as a mini-max. This is because the maximum period of activity so far has been shorter than usual.
Researchers note that sunspots are now showing up and lower-density areas are appearing in the sun's corona. As such this current situation demonstrates how hard it is to accurately forecast a solar cycle.

They note that this cycle’s strange peak appears to have its roots in 2008 and 2009 when sunspot numbers were far lower than scientists expected. Solar flares, which are associated with sunspot numbers and the sun's magnetic activity, were also relatively quiet in that same time frame.
 minimum is in theory 11 years, however it can actually take between 9 and 14 years. The current solar cycle is expected to start fading in 2015 but it will likely go out with some increased activity.

The researchers note that historically speaking, there are usually strong flares leading to numerous auroras on Earth at the end of the solar peak. This is because particles from the sun strike our planet's magnetic lines and excite gases in the upper atmosphere.

Ron Turner of Analytic Services Inc. is a senior science adviser for NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts program. He summed it up by saying that the current Cycle 24 is one of the weakest in the 24 cycles since 1755.

A dozen new ham radio birds are now on-orbit thanks to a successful launch on June 19th. The ham radio satellites were part of the thirty-seven satellite payload carried aloft from a complex near Dombarovsky in the Russian Federation.
Of the many satellites on board, the two QB50 Cubesats were among the first deployed at 19:32 UTC. Shortly thereafter CW signals from both were received by Andre Van Deventer, ZS2BK in South Africa. It is expected that the ham radio transponders on these birds will be activated after the science missions have been completed.

Many of the other satellites on the launch have also been heard and confirmed to be in space. Frequencies and modes of operation for all of the amateur radio birds can be found on the web at:

Using both SSB and digital modes on the 78 GHz or the 4 millimetre band, Alan Devlin, VK3XPD, and David Smith, VK3HZ, have set new microwave distance records down under.
The new records were set on May 15th. VK3XPD on Mt. William in Western Victoria state and VK3HZ on Melbourne's Mt. Dandenong Observatory. Their efforts resulted in a new Australian record path of 139.8 kilometers. In addition to a contact on SSB the digital JT65C mode proved quite effective over the path.

The FCC has issued what may well be the largest proposed fine in history to a mainland China on-line retail firm. This for allegedly selling Cellular Telephone and other radio frequency jamming devices to customers in the United States. Amateur Radio Newsline’s Fred Vobbe, W8HDU, is here with the details:

The FCC is calling it a landmark enforcement action to address the illegal marketing of GPS, cellular, and other signal jamming devices to U.S. consumers over the Internet. This as it proposes a thirty-four million nine hundred and twelve thousand and five hundred dollar fine against C.T.S. Technology Co., Limited and its subsidiaries located in the People’s Republic of China.

The FCC says that the proposed fine is the result of a pro-active investigation that shows C.T.S. Technology Co., Limited sold signal jamming devices to consumers in the United States over the Internet for more than two years. In some cases, the devices sold by the company not only jammed the communications signals as advertised, but were potentially much more harmful by blocking communications far beyond the frequencies listed in their advertisements.
In addition, the FCC says that C.T.S. Technology Company Limited apparently misled consumers by falsely claiming on its websites that certain signal jammers were approved by the FCC for consumer use. And as confirmed by proactive market surveillance along with an extensive undercover operation conducted by its Enforcement Bureau, the Commission says that these apparent violations are not only egregious but continue as of the date of this action being taken.
The proposed -thirty-four million nine hundred and twelve thousand and five hundred dollar- fine is the maximum penalty permitted by law for this type of an ongoing offense. As is usual in these cases CTS Technology Company Limited will have 30 days to pay the fine in full, ask for a reduction in the amount or simply file an appeal.

The Philippine Amateur Radio Association will hold its 2014 PARA Kids Day on July 19th from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time to expose youngsters to the fun world of Amateur Radio. Based on similar initiatives in other nations including the United States, PARA Kids Day is a family oriented event aimed at introducing youngsters age 15 or under to what ham radio is and how it can benefit them in the future. Certificates will be available to qualifying children and sponsoring stations.

In DX, OE3GEA and OE5OHO will be active stroke FP from Miquelon Island between July 16th and the 22nd. Operation will be holiday style on 40 through 10 meters using mostly CW with low power and wire antennas. QSL via their home callsign.

OM3RM will be operational portable 9A from Vis Island during the RSGB Islands on the Air contest on July 26th and 27th. This as a Single-Operator All-Band Mixed entry. QSL via OM3RM.
YB3MM will be on the air as 4W stroke NB3MM from Timor Leste between July 31st and August 5th. Operation will be on 30, 20, 17, 15 and 12 meters using mainly SSB with some CW and PSK31. QSL IZ8CCW direct, by the bureau or OQRS.

IW2NEF will be active from Zanzibar Island likely using the call as 5H1NE between July 22nd and August 6th. Activity will be holiday style on the High Frequency bands using SSB only. QSL via IK2DUW.

DO3MY will be operational as 6V1W from Senegal from July through September. His activities will be on the High Frequency bands only. QSL via his home callsign.

YO2MSB will be active stroke 3A from Monte Carlo, Monaco between September 5th and the 12th. QSL via his home callsign direct, via the bureau or electronically using eQSL.

Lastly, N5NU will be living in Santiago, Chile until August and is sometimes active stroke CE3 or CE5 depending on his exact location. His home station is a QRP radio running 5 watts to a dipole. Sometimes he is also active from the Radio Club de Chile using its 100 watt station. Listen out for him mainly on 15 meters using CW and SSB. QSL via his home callsign.

In DX up front, while still in the planning stages word that Murray Adams, WA4DAN, has received permission from Parks Canada for a one-day DXpedition to Sable Island now slated for September 8th. A second operator will be Randy Rowe, N0TG who is also a veteran DXpeditioner with prior experience on Sable Island.
The two man team will be using the Sable Island Amateur Radio Station that WA4DAN and the CY0P team left behind after their venture to Sable in October 2013. If things go as anticipated, WA4DAN will operate the SSB station while N0TG will be on CW. Antennas are expected to be 17 and 20 meter Yagis with at least one of the two stations will operating high power.

And finally this week, as the fight over who controls broadband rights continues here in the United States, theres some very good news for Internet access down-under. Amateur Radio Newsline’s Stephan Kinford, N8WB, has the details:
Australian Telephone provider Telstra plans to pour over $100 million to get a public Wi-Fi network up and running by 2015. The plan announced by Telstra chief executive David Thodey will see the his company install up to 8000 new wireless hotspots as it seeks to connect customers to two million Wi-Fi hot-spots across Australia. Thodey said the plan was designed to not only help meet current data needs but also deliver the capacity needed in time to deal with higher volumes of traffic.
There’s also an overseas component with Telstra striking an exclusive partnership with global Wi-Fi technology provider Fon. Telstra customers, who choose to join the company’s Wi-Fi network will be provided compatible modems to access their allowance at no extra charge via domestic hotspots and connect to more than 12 million Fon-enabled hotspots globally.

July 2014
+ RAC Canada Day Contest
0000Z-2359Z, Jul 1
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test
1300Z-1400Z, Jul 2 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jul 2 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jul 3
+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest
1700Z-1800Z, Jul 3 (CW) and
  1800Z-1900Z, Jul 3 (SSB) and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jul 3 (FM) and
  2000Z-2100Z, Jul 3 (Dig)
+ Venezuelan Ind. Day Contest
0000Z, Jul 5 to 2359Z, Jul 6
+ DL-DX RTTY Contest
1100Z, Jul 5 to 1059Z, Jul 6
+ Marconi Memorial HF Contest
1400Z, Jul 5 to 1400Z, Jul 6
+ Original QRP Contest
1500Z, Jul 5 to 1500Z, Jul 6
+ PODXS 070 Club 40m Firecracker Sprint
2000 local, Jul 5 to 0200 local, Jul 6
+ DARC 10-Meter Digital Contest
1100Z-1700Z, Jul 6
+ QRP ARCI Summer Homebrew Sprint
2000Z-2359Z, Jul 6
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, CW
1900Z-2030Z, Jul 7
+ ARS Spartan Sprint
0100Z-0300Z, Jul 8
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test
1300Z-1400Z, Jul 9 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jul 9 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jul 10
+ FISTS Summer Sprint
0000Z-0400Z, Jul 12
+ IARU HF World Championship
1200Z, Jul 12 to 1200Z, Jul 13
+ SKCC Weekend Sprintathon
1200Z, Jun 12 to 2400Z, Jun 13
+ CQC Great Colorado Gold Rush
2000Z-2159Z, Jul 13
+ WAB 144 MHz Low Power Phone
1000Z-1400Z, Jul 14
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test
1300Z-1400Z, Jul 16 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jul 16 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jul 17
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, SSB
1900Z-2030Z, Jul 16
+ NAQCC Straight Key/Bug Sprint
0030Z-0230Z, Jul 17
+ DMC RTTY Contest
1200Z, Jul 19 to 1200Z, Jul 20
+ CQ Worldwide VHF Contest
1800Z, Jul 19 to 2100Z, Jul 20
+ North American QSO Party, RTTY
1800Z, Jul 19 to 0559Z, Jul 20
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test
1300Z-1400Z, Jul 23 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jul 23 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jul 24
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, Data
1900Z-2030Z, Jul 24
+ RSGB IOTA Contest
1200Z, Jul 26 to 1200Z, Jul 27
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test
1300Z-1400Z, Jul 30 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jul 30 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jul 31
Everyone have a great and enjoyable Fourth of July Holiday and please be safe! From the crew at BARC.