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The Next Meeting  *** February 4, 2016  at 7 PM 

 Location: *** Bristol Regional Med. ctr. lower level - see Hall Monitor

Program presdented by: *** Mr. Dallas Cassell, KD4CCO


February Meeting
The meeting for February will be presented by Dallas Cassell, KD4CCO and will be on Yaseu System Fusion line of radios and he will tell us about the other digital systems also. I also understand they have purchased one of the Dr-1X repeaters that will be on White Top Mountain He will also explain how the Wires X wide coverage repeater enhancement system works to allow hams all over the world to communicate with each other regardless of propagation on the ham bands. Dallas hopes to have some radios and repeaters to show as well.

Two Meter Net
Bristol Two Meter Net on Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM. The frequency is 146.670 minus offset, no tones. Dale Barker, KT4SQ is the Net Control station. Please check in and get a good start to 2016. Dale runs a very good net and sometimes all the help he has his himself. Try to check in and see what old Dale is up to!                                                                    

VE Test
 Ben Morris, K4EDI, and the gang will be once again giving VE tests after each meeting. All exams Tech thru Extra will be given. If you need to get in touch with Ben you may call him at 276/791/0102 or you can email him at: Ben and the rest of the VE’s do a wonderful job so if you know someone who is looking to take their Tech test or wanting to upgrade tell them about our VE sessions. Remember a photo Id is required and if you are want to upgrade a photo copy of you license is required also. The fee is fifteen dollars and Ben says that the correct change is appreciated. Thank you!

BARC Dues for 2016
Toni Ward, KF4BMW is now accepting the dues for 2016. These dues run fifteen dollars per year and they cover from January1, thru December 31 of the same year. You can pay them at the next meeting or you can mail a check to: BARC C/O Toni Ward, KF4BMW, 305 Honeysuckle Lane
Bristol Tennessee, 37620.
Thank you.

February Club Competition Contests

CQ   160 meter Contest
SSB: February 26 - February 28, 2016

ARRL International DX Contest
CW: Third full weekend in February (February 20-21, 2016)

February 13-14, 2016

 Official TEN-TEC Announcement, January 4, 2016:
The following is from the new owner of TEN-TEC:As some of you may be aware, Dishtronix has purchased the assets (but not the liabilities) of Ten Tec from RKR Designs. . I had desired to keep this under wraps until Ten Tec is reorganized, but there is too much speculation concerning the service department to continue without an announcement of some sort.There is a myriad of things that must be accomplished before everything is formalized. Unfortunately these things must be done before we can continue with jobs that were sent in for repair to RKR. At this time I would ask people to be patient and please do not call or email me about your repair. When we get the phone numbers transferred successfully or new phone numbers we will post them. As we progress with the change, someone will contact you about your repair. When service resumes we will be contacting the repair customers.

As some of you may be aware I have been looking at all aspects of operation of the company and restructuring operations has been necessary. In reviewing the service department accounts, it is apparent that some customers use the service department to diagnose the radio and elect to not proceed with the repair. Unfortunately this open door policy costs the company one hour of billable time to receive, unpack, open, diagnose, provide an estimate and repack a radio for return to the customer.Effective immediately, all radios including those sent in to RKR, will incur a 140.00 minimum charge to look at a radio, even if it is not repaired. Service time is 125 per hour with the average repair requiring from one to two hours. This means you can expect to pay at least 265.00 plus parts and return shipping for any repair.For customers who sent radios in to RKR which were not repaired, who object to these terms, we will return your unit to you at your expense.

A second problem in the service department is with the time technicians spend on the telephone that quite often ends up having nothing to do with the Ten Tec product but is some other station deficiency. The problem here is Ten Tec is not compensated for that time, yet Ten Tec pays wages to the technician. When the service department resumes operation, Ten Tec will charge the customer for any telephone call or email that consumes more than five minutes of technician time. That time will be billed in quarter hour increments at the prevailing service rate.I am fully committed to bring Ten Tec back to a sustainable state. This will take some time. Please give us time to finalize these plans since there are so many business related issues to get through. We will definitely need to rely on you as customers to help continue the Ten Tec tradition of innovative product and cutting edge technology.

Winter Field Day is BACK!!
After a year of uncertainty over the future of the old SPARs Winter Field Day event and ill health of SPAR's Board of Directors, it would appear that IT's BACK!!! A NEW group has now taken over the reins and is actively promoting this fun event. Do you like the ARRL's Field Day?? If you do, you'll likely LOVE Winter Field Day as a welcome break and fun event in the middle of the cold winter months. It's an event that you can participate in alone, with a buddy, or with a group. You can operate from home or remotely, QRP or QRO, ANY mode.. your choice. Winter Field Day 2016 will fall on Jan 30-31. There is a webpage up now, as well as a Facebook Group page you can follow for updates... Hope to catch you on the bands on Winter Field Day 2016!!!
MOONBOUNCE PIONEER BECOMES SILENT KEY A veteran radio operator who was part of the first crew of Scottish amateurs to complete a moonbounce in 1965 became a Silent Key in late December. In 1965, working out of a remote site in the East Neuk of Fife, at a former RAF beacon station, Ken Street, GM3ENJ, had been part of a group from the Dunfermline Amateur Radio Society that contacted Arecibo in Puerto Rico via the moon, transmitting on CW on 70 cm. The group used the callsign GM3FYB, and the transmission was recorded on site where it had been received in Puerto Rico. Street, who lived in Dunfermline, was still an active amateur at the time of his death, and worked sideband mainly on 2 meters. He was 91.

Ramsey Kits Department Bites the Dust!
 Another one bites the dust. Ten smaller companies will take their place. I've been keeping a list of kit companies on my electronics page: I have links to about 30 kit vendors there, a large percentage of them sell ham radio products. The kit business always seems to be in a state of flux. (insert pun here) Through-hole parts are slowly becoming obsolete, SMD soldering is beyond the skill level of most beginners and is difficult for old-timers with shaky hands and blurry vision. The Maker/DIY field seems to be thriving despite those problems. DIY builders are now assembling higher-level modular systems based on pre-built SMD boards. Many ham devices can be put together with an Arduino or RPi controller combined with graphical LCD boards, DDS boards, RF interface boards, etc.Unfortunately, the software skills needed to tie all of the modules together is beyond the level of many kit builders. I see that as a business opportunity for someone clever. Sooner or later, someone is going to figure out how to combine a bunch of common high-level modules into a family of kits. I can imagine a not-too-small box with modular front panel user interface plates and back panel connector i/o plates. Mount a few modules inside, provide pre-programmed controllers (the hard part), internal cabling and an external power supply for UL compliance. Such a setup could make a nice platform for a whole lot of different devices.Has anybody already done this?
Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc. (QCWA) Licensed 25 Years Or More? You may be one of those who earned their very first license when the FCC announced the introduction of a new No-Code Amateur Radio License in February 1991. At that time many other administrations worldwide, including Canada, decided to offer aspiring Amateur Radio operators an entry level into Ham radio without having to learn the Morse code. At QCWA we now welcome each and everyone one of you to join with us in celebrating this milestone in your Amateur Radio avocation!

The Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc. (QCWA) is a 501(c)(3) international association of radio amateurs organized for the promotion of interest in Amateur Radio communication and experimentation, for the establishment and advancement of the radio art and public welfare, as well as provide a scholarship fund for worthy students who are licensed radio amateurs. QCWA was founded December 5, 1947. In order to qualify for membership one must demonstrate proof of having been first licensed as an Amateur Radio operator at least 25 years prior to application for membership and must be currently licensed. For more information visit: www.qcwa.orgv
ISS and ARISS new contacts 2016 !

Confirmed in 8 january 2016 at 08:47 GMT the ISS contact of Tim Peake call GB1ISS with the students of the Sandringham School, St. Albans in Hertfordshire (UK). In this contact the school used the call: GB1SAN. Tim operated on the Columbus Module (the European module)….. the signals is not strong that the Russian module ! The contact in “live” mode by the ARISS Principia Webstream , here: Sorry, but for problems to re-organization for an EVA activity, the scheduled trasmition both voice (145.800 MHz) and the HamVideo television is not possibile, ONLY the voice FM contact ! No info about the delayed SSTV activity schedule on the past 26-27 december….for the 15^ anniversary to the first radio communication on ISS space station . Best 73 de Rudy – IW2BSF [ ISS Stay Tuned ! MFC Mir Fan Club President ] FIRST ham-radio English on board the Space Station ISS Tim Peake KG5BVI from 15 December last year, confirmed its first contact with schools in the early days of 2016 already with the English call GB1ISS! Between 4 and 10 January 2016 the first contact with the Sandringham School, St Albans, events with other schools to follow between January and April 2016! Sandringham School, St Albans between 8 January 2016RMS, Rickmansworth between 8-14 February 2016Oasis Academy, Brightstowe between 15-21 February 2016CNS, Norwich between 22-28 February 2016During the events will use TIM 'HamTV the transmitter, which was recently commissioned on board the ISS (revived by Samantha for its beautiful pictures ... but she never used), Ti KG5BVI will be the first astronaut to operate the equipment during the contacts radio with schools. Streaming video from BATCH Club here:

 What does the weather sound like? Starting Jan. 11, whether the outlook is sunny or stormy, the forecast is going to sound a whole lot different. NOAA Weather Radio is about to deploy its first upgrade in 15 years of the system that produces its broadcast programs. And that upgrade will change the voice listeners hear delivering observations, warnings, watches and forecasts. A number of weather service offices, including the ones in Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, will be involved in an operational test and evaluation period following the launch this month. NOAA hopes the new voice, generated by a new computer system, weathers the flood of feedback it expects during this period, which is likely to last several months. If all goes well, the new system will have a nationwide rollout later in the year on all transmitters. Comments can be sent to

LIONS ROAR ON THE AIR When does the roar of a Lion sound a lot like a friendly QSO? Only during a special event called Hunting Lions In The Air. The amateur event is designed to connect Lions Club International members with other members around the world who also have a radio license. This year, it kicks off Saturday, January 9 and continues through Wednesday, January 13. The 13th is a significant date since it marks the birthdate, in 1879, of Arizona native Melvin Jones. Jones, who later became a Chicago businessman, founded the service organization known as Lions Club International in 1917. Lions clubs support medical research, disaster assistance, services for the disabled, and other community causes. Hams and Lions Club members are being encouraged to contact their local Lions Club to encourage participation in the on-air event.

 Marcelo, EA1HFI, is active through March 4 from Ziguinchor in Senegal, with an emphasis on SSB and the Digital modes. His activity is being done QRP, during his free time and weekends. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau. Follow him on Facebook as Marcelo HFI and Twitter as @EA1HFI.
Look for Polish special event station 3Z6DOBRZEN The station will be operated by the members of the Piastowski Short Wave Radio Club, SP6PAZ, and others. They are celebrating the fifth anniversary of short wave radio activities as part of the Dobrzen Wielki District Cultural Centre. Find the station on HF and VHF bands using CW, SSB and Digital modes. Send QSLs via SP6PAZ ONLY, by the PZK Bureau or direct.

Radio amateurs like Norway's Ole Forr, LA6EIA, are no doubt accustomed to scoring a big DX every now and again on the HF bands. But when the 58-year-old dairy farmer tuned in late last year on the AM band for a program called "The Morning Edition with Sheila Coles" he ended up turning program host Sheila Coles into an unwitting DXer herself: He was listening to a popular CBC Saskatchewan program being broadcast for a Canadian audience. It's not that good radio listening is hard to come by in Norway, of course. But the radio-obsessed Forr and his friends decided they'd try and take advantage of some prime conditions - a dark,remote location in the north of Norway -- and some long-range receiving antennas, just for fun. They not only heard the Canadian program, Forr even captured it on an MP3 file - and sent the recording to the CBC to prove what his not-so-local ears had heard. The Canadian broadcasters, of course, gave Forr's recording a great reception. And now CBC radio's Sheila Coles, who landed an enviable DX without even trying - thanks to Ole Forr - has got herself a new fan. He's somewhere out there on his farm in Norway, tuning up his receiver - and milking his cows.

A YEAR OF BRITISH SCIENTISTS Another British radio group, The Phoenix Amateur Radio Club, seems to have anniversaries down to a science. In fact, the anniversaries themselves are all about science. The club is devoting 2016 to an array of special events celebrating notable British scientists throughout history. More than 40 British scientists will be honored throughout the year, beginning with on Friday, January 8 marking the birthday of Stephen Hawking, and ending on Dec. 25 with Sir Isaac Newton. According to the 17th century Julian calendar in effect when he was born, Newton would have been born on Christmas - although the physicist's birth is observed in modern times on Jan. 4. All clubs in the UK are invited to participate, and the Phoenix club members are hoping there will be many with a local connection to some of the scientists. The special events, by the way, will also celebrate many of the notable ham radio contacts that are expected - and offer Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for qualifying amateurs.

ARRL AND RGSB: CHANGING OF THE GUARD Big changes in leadership are coming for the ARRL and the Radio Society of Great Britain. The ARRL Board of Directors expects to elect a new president and a number of other new officers at its annual meeting on Friday, January 15 and Saturday, January 16, in Windsor, Connecticut. They will choose a successor to ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN, who is stepping down after three 2-year terms. ARRL Chief Executive Officer David Sumner, K1ZZ, and ARRL Chief Operating Officer Harold Kramer, WJ1B, who are both retiring, will also be attending this meeting as their last with the ARRL. Graham Coomber, G-ZERO-N-B-I (G0NBI), the General Manager of the Radio Society of Great Britain announced his retirement on January 4, prompting a search for his successor. He has been general manager since 2012.


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