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The Next Meeting  *** July xx, 2015  No Meeting In July 

 Location: *** Bristol Regional Medical Center - Lower level. , Bristol TN

Program presdented by: *** No meeting and no Presentations


Meeting In July
There will be no meeting for the month of July. Many of you take this week for vacation and travel so we have decided to once again not have a meeting in July. I hope you enjoy the 4th of July.

Test Session
There will also not be a test session for July, Ben Morris, K4EDI and the gang will also be taking the month of July off.

 The dues for 2015 are now way past due. They are 15.00 dollars and run from January 1st thru December 31st of that same year. You may mail a check for 15.00 dollars to: BARC C/O Toni Ward, KF4BMW 305 Honeysuckle Lane, Bristol Tennessee, 37620. Thank You.
Bristol Two Meter Net

Every Tuesday night at nine PM there is a net held on 146.670 no tones, minus offset. Dale Barker is the net control. Remember this and try to check in and help keep old Dale straight, you never know what he is up to.All joking aside every one try to remember to check in this is one of the oldest regular called nets on the East Coast. If you would like to help call the net just holler at Dale and give him all your info or you may call Tom Shutters, K4FJW or Adam Dye, AD4FF the club president. Thanks!

Amateur Radio Newsline Co-Founder, Editor Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, SK
A well-known voice in the Amateur Radio news media has gone silent. Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, of Santa Clarita, California, died June 11 following a period of ill health. He was 73. Pasternak was co-founder (with Jim Hendershot, WA6VQP) of Amateur Radio Newslineâ„¢ (formerly The Westlink Report) ham radio news webcast and a frequent presence at Amateur Radio conventions. Pasternak served as Newsline's managing editor and as an occasional newscaster. ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Director Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT, became acquainted with Pasternak at the Albuquerque hamfest, and in 1997 was named Newsline's "Young Ham of the Year" (YHOTY).
"An incredible man, ham, and one of Amateur Radio's too-few giants, who woke up every day to make the hobby better for everyone, especially its legacy -- youth," Mileshosky said of Pasternak. "I've enjoyed the energy he put into keeping hams informed via Newsline and have been honored to give back to his Newsline Young Ham of the Year Award program, since being asked by him to sit on its judging panel well over a decade ago."
A Brooklyn, New York, native, Pasternak became a radio amateur in 1959 as WA2HVK. "I love the hands-on approach to ham radio and built my very first transmitter using parts salvaged from an old Dumont television set," Pasternak recounted in an online biography. He eventually made his career in television engineering and production, retiring from KTTV in Los Angeles in 2012.
Pasternak was the spark plug behind the all-volunteer Amateur Radio Newsline bulletin -- which was relayed on repeaters around the US and elsewhere -- as well as the creator and administrator of the annual Young Ham of the Year Award. He was the author of three books and served as a writer/producer on several educational films and videos, including the award-winning "Amateur Radio Today." In earlier years, he wrote the "Looking West" column for 73 Amateur Radio Today Magazine and the "VHF, FM, and Repeater" column for WorldRadio.

W1AW Portable Operations Booklet Now Available
The W1AW Portable Operations commemorative booklet, which chronicles the central activity of the year-long ARRL Centennial QSO Party, is now available. The Centennial celebration may be over, but the memories can live on with this keepsake publication, which features 40 pages of stats, stories, and photos from the hams who put W1AW/p on the air, bringing enjoyment to many thousands of hams.

The W1AW Portable Operations is available from the ARRL Store (ARRL Item No 0383; $9.95 retail), or call 860-594-0355 (toll-free in the US, 888-277-5289). E-mail ARRL Publication Sales for more information.

.Log4OM provides more new features in it's latest release.

As part of the continuous development of Log4om the latest release, version 1.22, contains a number of new features among which are:

The ability to attach scanned images of paper QSL's, audio/video files (Recordings), text and other files to a QSO from QSO Edit window .e.g. The user can now record a QSO using a Windows audio/video recorder and save the resulting .wav, MP3 or video file to the QSO for future playback.

It is also possible to save a text file of a data exchanged, photos of the users station, received SSTV images and received files to a QSOTo compliment this feature it is now possible to automatically download received eQSL card images when updating the eQSL received status which then automatically adds the received QSL image to the QSO record for future display.Future enhancement of this feature will include automatic download of images from internet call lookup web sites like In the case of this will complement our existing real time automatic QSO upload to a users QRZ on line logbook.
In addition to our automatic real time QSO upload to QRZ users logbooks Log4OM also provides real time upload of QSO's to Clublog, HRDLog, LOTW, eQSL & HamQTH, it is to be hoped that eventually these on line sites will also provide graphic file download facilities for us and other developersVersion 1.22 includes many other new features including support for roll label printers like the Brother QL570 and QL700.The program can be downloaded free from our web site:
Log4OM is free to all radio amateurs and the Log4OM team provide free backup and support via our forum, email, Skype and where required telephone and Teamviewer.
The Log4OM forum is at
Terry G4POP
Log4OM Development Team

US Naval Academy CubeSats Get OSCAR Numbers
AMSAT has announced that two US Naval Academy-sponsored CubeSats have been assigned OSCAR numbers. BRICsat now will be known as NO-83, and PSAT has been designated as NO-84. OSCAR Number Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO, made the assignments in response to a request from Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, at the Naval Academy.
From everything I can determine, these satellites meet all of the requirements for OSCAR designations," Tynan told Bruninga. "Therefore, by the authority vested in me by the AMSAT-NA President, I hereby confer the designation Naval Academy OSCAR 83 on BRICsat and Naval Academy OSCAR 84 on PSAT. I, and the entire amateur satellite community, hope for successful missions for both NO-83 and NO-84 and congratulate you and the rest of the Naval Academy team who designed, built and tested these two OSCAR spacecraft."
The two satellites were among several that were launched on May 20 from Cape Canaveral.
PSAT (NO-84) is a student satellite project, named in honor of USNA alumnus Bradford Parkinson of GPS fame. Its payloads include an APRS transponder for relaying remote telemetry, sensor, and user data from remote users and Amateur Radio environmental experiments or other data sources back to Amateur Radio experimenters via a global network of Internet-linked ground stations.
PSAT's digipeating capabilities are essentially the same as PCSat (NO-44) and the Amateur Radio packet system on the International Space Station. PSAT is on 145.825 MHz (1200 baud APRS), and BRICsat is on 437.975 (1200/9600 baud AX.25).
BRICsat-P (NO-83) -- the Ballistic Reinforced Communication Satellite -- is a low-cost 1.5 U CubeSat built in the US Naval Academy Satellite Lab in collaboration with George Washington University. It was designed to demonstrate on-orbit operation of a micro-cathode arc thruster (µCAT) electric propulsion system and carries an Amateur communication payload.
PSAT and BRICsat also carry 300 mW Brno University PSK31 transponders -- 28.120 MHz up/435.350 MHz (FM) down. The PSK31 transponder, PSAT's primary mission, permits dozens of simultaneous users to operate full duplex and maintain a continuous group dialogue throughout a pass.

Field Day
Well if you missed Field day this year you missed one more good time! The crowd was kind of sparse, weather I guess but you could not expect any more for a perfect weekend. Now it did rain a little bit but nothing major, just a gentle easy rain a couple of times. It cooled off Saturday evening to about fifty degrees so it was ideal operating weather.

Tom Shutters, K4FJW was in Hawaii and we worked him on fifteen meters, I guess it sounded strange to hear Bristol when he was so far away. We ran 3 HF stations on CW, SSB, and the digital modes plus Bob Lilly, W4BCU brought one radio for six meters only. All and all we had a great time, great food, and some mighty fine visitors and hams.

Christmas Dinner
 Our Christmas Dinner has been changed due to circumstances. Bob who owns Fish Tails is closing tomorrow forever (Tuesday). I was trying to salvage a little some thing so I went to Shoney’s in Bristol and they still had room for us. They will be a buffet, cost is 9.95 or you can order from the menu so the price is at least compatible. We will announce this later in the year.
DE Lonnie W4FXO.

July 2015
+ RAC Canada Day Contest0000Z-2359Z, Jul 1
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test1300Z-1400Z, Jul 1 and
1900Z-2000Z, Jul 1 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jul 2
+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest1700Z-1800Z, Jul 2 (CW) and
  1800Z-1900Z, Jul 2 (SSB) and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jul 2 (FM) and
  2000Z-2100Z, Jul 2 (Dig)
+ QRP Fox Hunt0100Z-0230Z, Jul 3
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint0145Z-0215Z, Jul 3
+ NCCC Sprint0230Z-0300Z, Jul 3

+ Venezuelan Ind. Day Contest0000Z, Jul 4 to 2359Z, Jul 5
+ DL-DX RTTY Contest1100Z, Jul 4 to 1059Z, Jul 5
+ Marconi Memorial HF Contest1400Z, Jul 4 to 1400Z, Jul 5
+ Original QRP Contest1500Z, Jul 4 to 1500Z, Jul 5
+ FISTS Summer Slow Speed Sprint1700Z-2100Z, Jul 4
+ PODXS 070 Club 40m Firecracker Sprint2000 local, Jul 4 to 0200 local, Jul 5
+ WAB 144 MHz Low Power Phone1000Z-1400Z, Jul 5
+ DARC 10-Meter Digital Contest1100Z-1700Z, Jul 5
+ QRP ARCI Summer Homebrew Sprint2000Z-2359Z, Jul 5
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, CW1900Z-2030Z, Jul 6
+ ARS Spartan Sprint0100Z-0300Z, Jul 7
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test1300Z-1400Z, Jul 8 and

  1900Z-2000Z, Jul 8 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jul 9
+ QRP Fox Hunt0100Z-0230Z, Jul 10
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint0145Z-0215Z, Jul 10
+ NCCC Sprint0230Z-0300Z, Jul 10+ FISTS Summer Sprint0000Z-0400Z, Jul 11
+ IARU HF World Championship1200Z, Jul 11 to 1200Z, Jul 12
+ SKCC Weekend Sprintathon1200Z, Jul 11 to 2400Z, Jul 12
+ CQC Great Colorado Gold Rush2000Z-2159Z, Jul 12
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test1300Z-1400Z, Jul 15 and
 1900Z-2000Z, Jul 15 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jul 16
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, SSB1900Z-2030Z, Jul 15
+ NAQCC CW Sprint0030Z-0230Z, Jul 16
+ QRP Fox Hunt0100Z-0230Z, Jul 17
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint0145Z-0215Z, Jul 17
+ NCCC Sprint0230Z-0300Z, Jul 17
+ Trans-Tasman Low-Bands Challenge0800Z-1400Z, Jul 18
+ DMC RTTY Contest1200Z, Jul 18 to 1200Z, Jul 19
+ Feld Hell Sprint1600Z-1759Z, Jul 18
+ North American QSO Party, RTTY1800Z, Jul 18 to 0559Z, Jul 19

+ CQ Worldwide VHF Contest1800Z, Jul 18 to 2100Z, Jul 19
+ RSGB Low Power Contest0900Z-1200Z and 1300Z-1600Z, Jul 19
+ Run for the Bacon QRP Contest0100Z-0300Z, Jul 20
+ SKCC Sprint0000Z-0200Z, Jul 22
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test1300Z-1400Z, Jul 22 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jul 22 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jul 23
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, Data1900Z-2030Z, Jul 23
+ QRP Fox Hunt0100Z-0230Z, Jul 24
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint0145Z-0215Z, Jul 24
+ NCCC Sprint0230Z-0300Z, Jul 24+ RSGB IOTA Contest1200Z, Jul 25 to 1200Z, Jul 26

+ County Hunters CW Contest1400Z-2400Z, Jul 25 and
  1400Z-2400Z, Jul 26
+ ARS Flight of the Bumblebees1700Z-2100Z, Jul 26+ CWops Mini-CWT Test1300Z-1400Z, Jul 29 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Jul 29 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Jul 30
+ QRP Fox Hunt0100Z-0230Z, Jul 31
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint0145Z-0215Z, Jul 31
+ NCCC Sprint Ladder0230Z-0300Z, Jul 31

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