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The Next Meeting  *** April 7, 2016  at 7 PM 

 Location: *** Bristol Regional Med. ctr. lower level - see Hall Monitor

Program presdented by: *** Mr. Ken Graff, N8FF the topic: Skype


March Meeting 
The Meeting for the month of April will be presented by Ken Graff,N8FF and it will be a program called Skype or that is he is setting up a program through Skype with Bon Heil,K9EID. I do not know what this program actually is but Ken promises it will be good, so come on out and see what Ken has for us.

Bristol Two Meter
Tuesday night at 9:00 PM, The frequency of 146.670, minus offset, no tones is held The Bristol Two Meter Net. Dale Barker, KT4SQ is the Net Control station so try to check in and help keep Dale straight , We need all the help we can get! Dale runs a very good net so Try to check in and see what old Dale is up to! Thank You.                                                                  

VE Testing
Ben Morris, K4EDI, and the gang will be once again giving VE tests after each meeting. All exams Tech thru Extra will be given. If you need to get in touch with Ben you may call him at 276/791/0102 or you can email him at: Ben and the rest of the VE’s do a wonderful job so if you know someone who is looking to take their Tech test or wanting to upgrade tell them about our VE sessions. Remember a photo ID is required and if you are want to upgrade a photo copy of your license is required also. The fee is fifteen dollars and Ben says that the correct change is greatly appreciated. Him and the other VEs, run a very good test session so just give them a try!

BARC Dues for 2016
Toni Ward, KF4BMW is now accepting the dues for 2016. These dues run fifteen dollars per year and they cover from January1, thru December 31 of the same year. You can pay them at the next meeting or you can mail a check to: BARC, C/O Toni Ward, KF4BMW, 305 Honeysuckle Lane, Bristol Tennessee, 37620. Everyone has responded beautifully so keep up the good work. The radio club needs these monies for the upkeep of the repeater and such.

Russian “Inventors of Telecommunications” Stations on the Air
Special event stations in Russia will be on the air from March 16 until June 16 as part of the international scientific-educational radio marathon called “Inventors of Telecommunications,” established by the Russian Geographical Society and supported by radio clubs and Amateur Radio operators. There will be awards and certificates. Each RT73-prefix station represents a historical figure in the area of telecommunications or electronics. For example, RT73BA represents Alexander Graham Bell, RT73EA represents Edwin Howard Armstrong, RT73VZ represents Vladimir Kosmich Zworykin, and RT73NT represents Nikola Tesla.

Former DX QSL Manager Mary Ann Crider, WA3HUP, SK Well-known QSL manager for DX stations and a former manager of the Third Call Area QSL Bureau Mary Ann Crider, WA3HUP, of Duncannon, Pennsylvania, died on March 12 after a period of failing health. An ARRL member, she was 91. DX chasers during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s likely received QSL cards from DX stations for which she handled QSLing duties. In 2005, the ARRL Executive Committee voted unanimously to name Crider the recipient of ARRL President’s Award for her contributions to the cause of international goodwill through her long service as a QSL manager and as manager of the ARRL Third Call Area Incoming QSL Bureau. When she stepped down, the National Capitol DX Association (NCDXA) took over the bureau, with noted DXer Fred Laun, K3ZO, at the helm. At the time, Laun cited Crider’s “encyclopedic knowledge of DXCC entities and call sign prefixes...built by her work in the trenches, as illustrated by her DXCC confirmed total of 360 entities.” Before she became the bureau’s manager, Crider served as a sorter for 11 years. Among the DX operators she served as QSL manager was King Hussein of Jordan, JY1, and she made several trips to Jordan to visit him. Crider was licensed as a Novice in 1967. Her late husband was W3GE (ex-W3HTO).

Over the Horizon Radars Becoming Routine Visitors on Amateur HF Bands The International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 (Europe/Africa) Monitoring System (IARUMS) has reported a spate of over the horizon (OTH) radar signals on various Amateur Radio HF bands — exclusive and shared. Many of these signals are being heard outside of the Region 1 confines. A 50 kHz wide Russian OTH radar has been heard in the evening on 80 meters, often in the CW part of the band. An “often long-lasting” Russian OTH signal about 13 kHz wide is being heard on the 7000-7100 kHz segment of 40 meters, while some digital traffic (FSK or PSK), and a “Codar-like radar from the Far East” are being heard in the 7000-7200 kHz segment as well as non-amateur CW transmissions. The same OTH radar being heard on 40 meters also is appearing on 20 meters, along with digital traffic in FSK or PSK and on CW and broadband OTH radar signals from China. Some monitoring reports are intriguing, such as this one on 14.280 MHz from IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Coordinator Wolf Hadel, DK2OM: “Female voice with encrypted msgs — figures — ‘SZRU’ = Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine in Rivne — every Wednesday at 1005 UTC.” Broadband OTH radars from China, Australia, Cyprus, and Turkey have been monitored in 15 meters. On 10 meters, radars from Iran with FM CW and different sweep rates have been monitored, as well as fishery buoys on CW, and taxi operations on voice from Russia. Voice traffic from fishing operations has been heard on all or most HF bands, as have a variety of broadcasters, including the third harmonic of Radio Tajik (4765 kHz) on 14.295 MHz, Radio Taiwan and Myanmar Radio, both on 7.200 MHz, and Radio Hargeysa in Somalia on 7.120 MHz. The February 2016 IARU Region 1 Monitoring System newsletter offers more details. There is an online archive of past issues.vvvv

HRD Software, LLC announces the release of Version today HRD is pleased to announce the release of Version to the public. This latest release includes many features, enhancements and improvements. A brief highlight of the updates include stability improvements to rig control and logbook; QSX split enhancements; resolution of the Digital Master launch issue; IMD measurement, and RAC CD lookup issues resolved. HRD Developers and Dave Freese, W1HKJ worked in conjunction to make changes to the IMD measurements in HRD. Dave is a fine programmer and has always worked with HRD when it related to the digital modes. The GPL source code for the modems in and always has been included with the HRD program download. New features include the addition of the ability to upload logs directly to your logbook within from within HRD Logbook, Support for the new Icom IC-7300 in Rig Control. Additionally, we tested compatibility with Icom’s BA1 software and we are happy to report the audio works great with HRD Remote and the virtual ICOM soundcard driver. Details of all updates, including Mantis ID numbers, are available in the Release Notes on the download page of our website. Customers are invited to download this current version at As always, Ham Radio Deluxe is free to try before you buy for 30 days, including full technical support. Purchase and download Ham Radio Deluxe 6.3 at

National Parks on the Air Update ARRL’s National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event will take center stage at Dayton Hamvention® May 20-22. NPOTA co-managers Sean Kutzko, KX9X, and Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, will be on hand to answer your NPOTA questions, host a forum on the event, and help guide you through your activation plans. As part of the NPOTA presence at Dayton, ARRL is looking for high-quality videos or photographs of your NPOTA activities. Video should be no more than 3 minutes in length and highlight both ham radio and the NPS unit itself. You should also have the rights to any background music included in a submitted video. Help us tell the NPOTA story by sharing yours. E-mail for more information. The weather must be getting warmer, as the number of weekly scheduled activations is going up. No fewer than 46 are on tap for March 10-16, including the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail in Alabama, and the first-ever activation of Chamizal National Memorial in Texas, which has extremely limited access for hams. Details about these and other upcoming activations can be found on the NPOTA Activations calendar. Keep up with the latest NPOTA news on Facebook. Follow NPOTA onTwitter (@ARRL_NPOTA).

Heil Sound Celebrating 50th Anniversary Heil Sound, a name that’s probably synonymous within the Amateur Radio community for its microphones and “boom set” microphone/headset combinations, is marking its 50th anniversary this year. Heil Sound came into being in 1966 as Ye Olde Music Shoppe — a music store in Marissa, Illinois, the hometown of its founder, Bob Heil, K9EID. The celebration — called “50 Years of Maximum Rock N’ Roll” — kicked off at the winter NAMM show. A commemorative series of interviews, packaged as podcasts, also debuted with the new year. The series highlights the history of Heil Sound. Bob Heil initially made a name for himself working with music performers to provide sound reinforcement for their live gigs, initially supplying full sound system packages for venues and festivals throughout the Midwest and later working with world-class acts, such as Humble Pie, The Who, The Grateful Dead, and Joe Walsh, WB6ACU. Heil said it was the Dead’s Jerry Garcia who suggested changing the name of his enterprise to Heil Sound. Among other innovations, Heil created the quadraphonic sound system for The Who’s “Quadrophenia” tour as well as the Heil Talk Box made famous by Joe Walsh and Peter Frampton. By 1982, Heil Sound had curtailed the touring side of the business and began concentrating on developing products for the Amateur Radio market. Heil also launched a home theater division. Amateur Radio and professional audio came together in 2006, when Walsh suggested that Heil Sound develop microphones for concert use. Heil Sound designed and manufactured high-quality microphones, and has gained a reputation among music performers for its professional microphone products, such as the PR30 and PR40. Bob Heil and his wife and business partner Sarah — who is the president of Heil Sound — are frequent visitors at major Amateur Radio conventions and gatherings.

World-Famous Moonbounce Enthusiast Doug McArthur VK3UM, SK Renowned Earth-Moon-Earth (EME, moonbounce) enthusiast Doug McArthur, VK3UM, of Glenburn, Victoria, Australia, died on February 21, following a stroke. He was 74. Within the EME community, McArthur — a radio amateur for nearly 60 years — enjoyed a worldwide reputation for his expertise, exploits, and accomplishments. He was well known for his 8.6 meter dish, which he used on 1296 MHz in 2006 to set a moonbounce DX record by working CT3/DL1YMK in Portugal, a distance of 18,342.3 kilometers (11,372.2 miles). His early interest in Amateur Radio guided his choice of career in radio communication and broadcasting. VK3UM became a stalwart of the VHF bands, pursuing contacts via various scatter modes, aircraft reflection, and — inevitably — moonbounce on 2 meters and 70 centimeters. It was after he retired to rural Glenburn, northeast of Melbourne, that he purchased his 8.6 meter Kennedy dish, although a stroke in late 1999 interrupted work on that project. Eventually he rigged the dish with a dual feed, to work on 70 and 23 centimeters. Along the way, he developed some key software applications now used by moonbounce operators around the world, including his EME Calc package, for assessing and simulating every aspect of an EME station’s operation. His EMR Calc software, for assessing any amateur station’s compliance with electromagnetic radiation safety standards, is known and used around the globe.

Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society Seeks New Leadership
 The Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (ARLHS), sponsor of Intercontinental Lightship-Lighthouse Week, is looking for a new leader. Jim Weidner, K2JXW, who founded the ARLHS in 2000, has resigned as owner and president, due to serious illness. The organization’s stated purpose is to promote public awareness of both ham radio and lighthouses, “preserving lights that are in danger of extinction, and paying tribute to the role that hams and lighthouse keepers have played in contributing to maritime safety.” Headquartered in New Jersey, the ARLHS has about 2000 dues-paying members. “Anyone wishing to take over the membership list and trusteeship of club station W7QF is welcome to do so and is guaranteed our full cooperation in the transition,” said a solicitation distributed by Weidner on February 29. “We intend to keep the ARLHS active until June 30, 2016, after which time we will terminate the web page, BeaconBot, and all club activities, if no one is willing to assume ownership and leadership.” For more information, contact Weidner via e-mail or telephone, (856) 486-1755.
Northern California DX Foundation Announces Scholarship Grant to Falklands Schools
 The Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) has announced a scholarship grant to the Falkland Island Elementary and Middle schools for the acquisition of Amateur Radio equipment, antennas, electronics kits, and science curriculum materials. NCDXF said David Collingham, K3LP, has been instrumental in getting the project off the ground during the recent Intrepid-DX Group DXpedition travels through the Falklands for the recent South Sandwich and South Georgia operations. Collingham met with government and school officials and teachers. In addition to providing grants to rare and expensive DXpeditions, the NCDXF charter provides for certain scholarship opportunities from a separate and established scholarship fund. For example, NCDXF currently provides tuition to Contest University for hams 25 years of age or under. Contributions to the NCDXF general and scholarship funds are welcome.

MFJ Founder, President Martin Jue, K5FLU, Will Keynote Dayton DX Dinner
 “The Early Days of MFJ” will be the topic as MFJ Founder and President Martin Jue, K5FLU, keynotes the 31st annual Dayton DX Dinner, sponsored by the SouthWest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA). Held in conjunction with the 2016 Dayton Hamvention®, the dinner will be on Friday, May 20, at the Marriott Hotel, 1414 S Patterson Boulevard, Dayton. MFJ’s first product was an audio filter, which Jue began manufacturing in a small hotel room in downtown Starkville, Mississippi. Today, MFJ manufactures more Amateur Radio products than any other company in the world under the Ameritron, Hy-Gain, Cushcraft, Mirage, and Vectronics brands. For more information, visit the SWODXA events page.

CQmaps 1 Year Anniversary & Sale
CQmaps - Professional Maps for Amateur Radio is extremely happy to make this very special announcement: March 16th is CQ maps One Year Anniversary! To help ring in the first full year, CQmaps is giving away a 13x19 inch US Call Sign District map with each purchase, a $15 value. Nothing to do but fill your cart and the rest is taken care of for you! Offer is good from March 11th to March 31 2016. Please share this great news with all your Amateur Radio Friends! As the owner of CQmaps, I would like to thank everyone one who has visited the site from QRZ has been a tremendous help to CQmaps in terms of advertising and conversations with many of the members here. This past year has far exceeded my expectations for the potential of the business. As of now, CQmaps has shipped out more than 700 individual orders in excess of 1000 maps! To think that there are hundred of hams around the world displaying maps designed and printed by me is astounding and very pleasing. Thanks again to all who stop by and especially those who order. Here is to another great potential year and I look forward to meeting all of you on the air! 73! De, James/ N4EGA

Fox-1E (RadFxSat-2) Selected for Participation in NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative RadFxSat-2, the Space Radiation Effects CubeSat — also known as Fox-1E — has been selected to participate in NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI). RadFxSat-2 (Fox-1E) is a partnership opportunity between Vanderbilt University’s Institute for Space and Defense Electronics (ISDE) and AMSAT. The Fox-1E spacecraft bus will be built as part of the Fox-1 series but will feature a linear V/U (Mode J) transponder “upgrade” instead of the standard FM repeater that Fox-1A through D have carried. Vanderbilt University, with cooperation from AMSAT, submitted the RadFxSat-2 CSLI proposal in November 2015. Out of 21 proposals, NASA has recommended 20 for participation in the CSLI opportunity. RadFxSat-2 is prioritized as number 1 out of the 20 selected and has been offered an opportunity for a launch date. AMSAT and Vanderbilt University are evaluating the opportunity to see if it meets their mission and orbital parameters.

RadFxSat-2 (Fox-1E) will carry a radiation effects experiment similar to the one aboard RadFxSat (Fox-1B), which is set to launch in January. The downlink will feature a 1200 bps BPSK telemetry channel to carry the Vanderbilt science data, in addition to a 30 kHz-wide transponder for Amateur Radio use. Additional mission and timeline details are forthcoming.
Amateur Radio Accompanying “Great Northern Way” Arctic Russia Expedition Amateur Radio is traveling with the “Great Northern Way“ Arctic expedition in Russia. Listen for R3CA/8/9/0 along the route. The historical-geographical expedition commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Northern Sea Route and will be part of a research program, “Mysteries of the Russian Arctic.” Two all-terrain vehicles will carry participants along a 10,000 kilometer (approximately 6200 miles) route on frozen Siberian rivers, the open spaces of the Arctic tundra, and the land-fast and drifting ice of Russia’s Arctic seas. The expedition plans to make stops of about 1 day each on some Arctic islands, which would be of interest to Islands on the Air (IOTA) enthusiasts. Heading the expedition is the president of the Russian Geographical Society’s Arktika Center and polar explorer Vladimir Chukov, R3CA. Call sign designators will indicate the location — R3CA/8 (Yamal), R3CA/9 (Taimyr), and R3CA/0 (Yakutia, Chukotka). Operation has been on SSB in the vicinity of 14.120 and 14.130 MHz. The radio operator is Valery Nesterov, RA9J. In Tiksi, Yuri Zaruba, UA9OBA, the president of the Russian Robinson Club, plans to join the expedition, which is carrying an Icom IC-7000 transceiver. An Icom AH2B mobile antenna will be used while under way, but when the expedition is parked, inverted Vs will be deployed. The expedition plans to visit sites associated with research and development of the Russian Arctic, historical monuments, and places of interest related to natural history and cultural heritage. Expedition members will conduct environmental monitoring along the Arctic coast. A series of documentaries about the history and current state of the Russian Arctic and its people is planned.

Morse Telegraph ClubDo you have an interest in the history of telegraphy and the telegraph industry? Are you interested in the history of telecommunications? If so, you are cordially invited to join the Morse Telegraph Club. The Morse Telegraph Club was founded in 1943 to perpetuate the history of telegraphy. Its membership consists of retired railroad and commercial telegraphers, former telegraph industry employees, radio operators and others with an interest in the history of telegraphy. In addition to publishing a Quarterly Journal entitled "Dots and Dashes," MTC members assist with the design and construction of historically accurate museum exhibits throughout the United States and Canada. Members present talks on the history of telegraphy and telecommunications for historical associations, engineering societies, Amateur Radio clubs and the like. MTC members also demonstrate Morse telegraphy at steam train excursions, US Civil War encampments, historical events and the like. MTC membership is open to anyone with an interest in the history of telecommunications. One may join one of the many local chapters throughout the United States and Canada or become a member of the MTC "Grand Chapter" (member at large). If you are a former commercial telegrapher with experience in railroad operations, stock brokerage work, commodities work (boards of trade, cotton exchanges, etc.), pipeline, press or other phases of telegraphy, you will meet other operators with similar backgrounds. If you worked in testing and regulating for organizations such as Western Union, Canadian National, CP Telegraphs or AT&T, you will enjoy the opportunity to re-establish connections with others who performed similar work. Radio amateurs, former maritime or military radio operators, and others will enjoy learning more about the history of telecommunications and the origins of many of the procedures and traditions with which they are familiar.

ARRL 2016 August UHF Contest Cancelled: The ARRL August UHF Contest for 2016 has been cancelled, while the ARRL VHF Contest Revitalization Committee mulls its future. The Contest Revitalization Committee fielded dozens of comments from members concerning possible changes to this annual UHF operating event, traditionally held on the first weekend of August each year. Many commenters expressed dissatisfaction with the timing of the contest, occurring as it does at the hottest time of the year, and that it was too close on the calendar to other VHF/UHF events. In response to this member input, the Contest Revitalization Committee recommended to the Programs and Services Committee (PSC) that the 2016 August UHF Contest be cancelled, and the PSC agreed. The ARRL VHF Contest Revitalization Committee continues to study the possibility of redesigning the August UHF Contest or replacing it with a similar event at another point in the calendar — possibly in the spring — for 2017. The Committee will solicit member comments in the near future, as it weighs several alternatives

April 2016
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint         0145Z-0215Z, Apr 1
+ NCCC Sprint    0230Z-0300Z, Apr 1
+ 15-Meter SSTV Dash Contest  0000Z, Apr 2 to 2359Z, Apr 3
+ LZ Open 40m Sprint Contest    0400Z-0800Z, Apr 2
+ Mississippi QSO Party 1400Z, Apr 2 to 0200Z, Apr 3
+ Missouri QSO Party     1400Z, Apr 2 to 0400Z, Apr 3 and   1400Z-2000Z, Apr 3
+ SP DX Contest                1500Z, Apr 2 to 1500Z, Apr 3
+ EA RTTY Contest           1600Z, Apr 2 to 1600Z, Apr 3
+ North American SSB Sprint Contest      0000Z-0400Z, Apr 3
+ UBA Spring Contest, 6m            0600Z-1000Z, Apr 3
+ RSGB RoLo SSB              1900Z-2030Z, Apr 3
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, CW      1900Z-2030Z, Apr 4
+ ARS Spartan Sprint       0100Z-0300Z, Apr 5
+ Phone Fray     0230Z-0300Z, Apr 6
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test               1300Z-1400Z, Apr 6 and   1900Z-2000Z, Apr 6 and   0300Z-0400Z, Apr 7
+ UKEICC 80m Contest   2000Z-2100Z, Apr 6
+ SARL 80m QSO Party   1700Z-2000Z, Apr 7
+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest     1800Z-1900Z, Apr 7 (CW) and   1900Z-2000Z, Apr 7 (SSB) and   2000Z-2100Z, Apr 7 (FM) and   2100Z-2200Z, Apr 7 (Dig)
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint         0145Z-0215Z, Apr 8
+ NCCC Sprint    0230Z-0300Z, Apr 8
+ JIDX CW Contest           0700Z, Apr 9 to 1300Z, Apr 10
+ PODXS 070 Club PSK 31 Flavors Contest              1000Z, Apr 9 to 0400Z, Apr 10
+ OK/OM DX Contest, SSB           1200Z, Apr 9 to 1200Z, Apr 10
+ SKCC Weekend Sprintathon    1200Z, Apr 9 to 2400Z, Apr 10
+ New Mexico QSO Party             1400Z, Apr 9 to 0200Z, Apr 10
+ Georgia QSO Party       1800Z, Apr 9 to 0359Z, Apr 10 and   1400Z-2359Z, Apr 10
+ Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest 2100Z, Apr 9 to 2100Z, Apr 10
+ International Vintage Contest HF          1200Z-1800Z, Apr 10
+ Hungarian Straight Key Contest             1500Z-1700Z, Apr 10
+ 144 MHz Spring Sprint                1900 local - 2300 local, Apr 11
+ NAQCC CW Sprint        0030Z-0230Z, Apr 13
+ Phone Fray     0230Z-0300Z, Apr 13
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test               1300Z-1400Z, Apr 13 and   1900Z-2000Z, Apr 13 and   0300Z-0400Z, Apr 14
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, SSB      1900Z-2030Z, Apr 13
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint         0145Z-0215Z, Apr 15
+ NCCC Sprint    0230Z-0300Z, Apr 15
+ Holyland DX Contest   2100Z, Apr 15 to 2100Z, Apr 16
+ TARA Skirmish Digital Prefix Contest    0000Z-2359Z, Apr 16
+ ES Open HF Championship       0500Z-0559Z, Apr 16 and   0600Z-0659Z, Apr 16 and   0700Z-0759Z, Apr 16 and   0800Z-0859Z, Apr 16
+ Worked All Provinces of China DX Contest        0600Z, Apr 16 to 0559Z, Apr 17
+ CQ Manchester Mineira DX Contest    1200Z, Apr 16 to 2359Z, Apr 17
+ Nebraska QSO Party   1400Z, Apr 16 to 0200Z, Apr 17 and   1400Z-2300Z, Apr 17
+ Michigan QSO Party    1600Z, Apr 16 to 0400Z, Apr 17
+ EA-QRP CW Contest    1700Z-2000Z, Apr 16 (20-10m) and   2000Z-2300Z, Apr 16 (80m) and   0700Z-1100Z, Apr 17 (40m) and   1100Z-1300Z, Apr 17 (20-10m)
+ North Dakota QSO Party           1800Z, Apr 16 to 1800Z, Apr 17
+ Ontario QSO Party       1800Z, Apr 16 to 0500Z, Apr 17 and   1200Z-1800Z, Apr 17
+ Feld Hell Sprint              1700Z-1859Z, Apr 16
+ YU DX Contest               2100Z, Apr 16 to 0500Z, Apr 17 and   0900Z-1700Z, Apr 17
+ WAB 3.5/7/14 MHz Data Modes            1200Z-1400Z, Apr 17 and   1800Z-2000Z, Apr 17
+ ARRL Rookie Roundup, SSB      1800Z-2359Z, Apr 17
+ Run for the Bacon QRP Contest             0100Z-0300Z, Apr 18
+ 222 MHz Spring Sprint                1900 local - 2300 local, Apr 19
+ Phone Fray     0230Z-0300Z, Apr 20
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test               1300Z-1400Z, Apr 20 and   1900Z-2000Z, Apr 20 and   0300Z-0400Z, Apr 21
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, Data    1900Z-2030Z, Apr 21
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint         0145Z-0215Z, Apr 22
+ NCCC Sprint    0230Z-0300Z, Apr 22
+ 10-10 Int. Spring Contest, Digital            0001Z, Apr 23 to 2359Z, Apr 24
+ SP DX RTTY Contest     1200Z, Apr 23 to 1200Z, Apr 24
+ Helvetia Contest           1300Z, Apr 23 to 1259Z, Apr 24
+ BARTG Sprint 75            1700Z-2100Z, Apr 24
+ SKCC Sprint     0000Z-0200Z, Apr 27
+ Phone Fray     0230Z-0300Z, Apr 27
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test               1300Z-1400Z, Apr 27 and   1900Z-2000Z, Apr 27 and   0300Z-0400Z, Apr 28
+ 432 MHz Spring Sprint                1900 local - 2300 local, Apr 27
+ UKEICC 80m Contest   2000Z-2100Z, Apr 27
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint         0145Z-0215Z, Apr 29
+ NCCC Sprint    0230Z-0300Z, Apr 29
+ SBMS 2.3 GHz and Up Contest and Club Challenge        0600 local, Apr 30 to 2359 local, May 1
+ Russian WW MultiMode Contest          1200Z, Apr 30 to 1159Z, May 1
+ Florida QSO Party         1600Z, Apr 30 to 0159Z, May 1 and   1200Z-2159Z, May 1

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