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The Next Meeting  *** November 6, 2014  Starting at 7:00 PM 

 Location: *** BRMC, Lower Level. Medical Center. , Bristol TN

Program presdented by: ***- Mr. C. L. Brooks, K4XMN - The election of officers for 2015; and the nomination of the HAM OF THE YEAR for 2014.

November Meeting
The meeting for the month of November is a very important meeting. We will be electing the club officers for 2015 and also we will be seeking nominations for The Ham of The Year for 2014. Every one should try to attend this meeting. You can nominate some one for office or run yourself and also nominate some one for the ham of the year award. We always take nominations in November and present them with The Gene Stitt Award in December at the annual Christmas Dinner. The nominations for The gene Stitt Award is always kept secret and then presented at the Christmas Dinner next month.Also at this meeting Chris Brooks,K4XMN will do a short presentation called Red Neck Repeater.

Test Sessions
 Ben Morris,K4EDI is giving testing for Tech thru Extra class after each club meeting. Ben and the fellers in the testing facility are to be admired for going the extra step to do this for every one.For more info you may call Ben at 276.791-0102 or you may contact him by email:
Ben and all the fellers in the test session are a great asset to the BARC. Thanks a bunch fellers!

BARC club Dues
 Toni Ward,KF4BMW is accepting club dues for 2015. You may give them to her at the club meeting or you may mail them to:BARC C/O Toni Ward,KF4BMW,
305 Honeysuckle Lane, Bristol Tennessee,37620.

The dues run from January 1 thru December 31 of the same year. The dues are needed by the radio club for Field day, the upkeep of the repeater and other things. Thank You.

Ham Radio Deluxe Update, QRZ interface in the works
The Ham Radio Deluxe team enjoyed the final convention of the year last weekend at Pacificon in Santa Clara, CA. The entire team would like to express their thanks to all the volunteers that put this event together, and all other conventions throughout the year. In honor of our customers near and far, HRD has extended the normal weekend “show discount” until October 31st! All items in the store are now 10% off with the coupon code halloween2014 – (be sure you don’t include any caps or space in that code!)

HRD appreciate all the feedback we are receiving from our customers on the Beta 303 in Version 6.2.72. This beta release includes improvements to the memory leak issues experienced in Digital Master, as well as support for Winkey Version 3 CW keyers. The developers are working to incorporate the necessary improvements and have been working with the Microsoft development team on the issues. HRD looks forward to releasing the update soon. HRD will also be incorporating uploads to the QRZ logbook.

As always, HRD is available to “try before you buy” with a FREE 30-day trial that includes support. Now is the time to try out HRD or renew your support package AND save 10%. Visit HRD at Don’t forget, this special is available until October 31st! When the lights on the jack-o-lanterns fade away, so does our coupon!
Try Ham Radio Deluxe 6.2 at
HRD Forum:

More Log 40M Free Software
The free logging software Log4om Version 1.19 now includes support for the K1EL Winkeyer, all versions including the latest Winkeyer Version 3.00 and above
Support for the ever popular K1EL Winkeyer was top of the Log4OM users requests and will be welcomed by everyone that uses Steve K1EL’s excellent devices.Facility to save and load any number of user defined macros for Winkeyer.Direct logging from the Winkeyer control window with full contest logging support is provides and in the coming weeks extra features will be added.The program can be downloaded free from:

W4KKP Charlie Kayhart 103 years young and still hamming it up!
Today the Greeneville TN Hamfest was honored to have Charlie Kayhart W4KKP as our special guest. Charlie just celebrated his 103rd birthday earlier this week. I have been privileged to have known him for about 37 years. Charlie is active on the radio and I have provided a link to a story done by WBIR TV in Knoxville TN earlier in the week.
Charlie said he was becoming interested in digital modes and I am making arrangements for one of the local guys that operates digital modes to get with him. Perhaps you will see him soon on PSK31.
Bob Gass N4FV
Chairman Greeneville Hamfest

Radio hams should consider 3D printing

Mike Grauer, Jr, KE7DBX, asks radio amateurs to think about how 3D printers can be used in home construction. He says as a member of the ham radio community, I have always been fascinated by the maker mindset which has existed since the early days of radio. From making radio equipment from scratch, to kits and even modifying commercially available equ...ipment, the maker movement and radio go hand in hand.

The 3D printing community shares many traits with the ham radio movement. At the heart of it all is making, creating and inventing.
And just like ham radio operators, those involved with 3D printing are constantly learning new technical skills that can be used in other areas of our lives.

The IARU Region 1 Monitoring System newsletter reports a Russian high power Over the Horizon radar system centered around 21 MHz recently affected the entire 15 meter band. Added to this a Russian voice scrambler nicknamed Yakhta has been transmitting daily on 21 dot zero MHz on USB voice encryption that also contains a Frequency Shift Keyed synchro signal with a 100 baud rate and 150 Hz shift. That transmitters location is believed to be at Nizhny Tagil. Meantime, a spurious emission from Voice of Iran is also causing interference on 21.249 MHz. An in depth report including charts compiled by DK2OM can be found at

Some hams in the United Kingdom will get temporary access to an extra portion of the two meter band. This as a part of a planned long term overall restructuring of the VHF spectrum from 143 to 169 MHz. Jeremy Boot, G4NJH, has the details
Ofcom has published a Statement that included an intention to release 1MHz of additional spectrum to radio amateurs on the 2m band on a temporary basis.
The frequencies, from 146 to 147MHz, will be available via a Notice of Variation to Full license holders only. Applications for Notices of Variations can be made via the RSGB website from the end of October.

The 4M LXS ham radio moon mission now has a definite launch date as we hear from Amateur Radio Newsline’s Heather Embee, KB3TZD
The launch of China’s Chang'e 4 mission carrying the 4M LXS moon orbiting ham radio payload is expected to take place on Wednesday, October 23rd from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.
According to China's State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, the soon-to-fly craft is a backup probe of Chang'e 3. This was that nation’s first moon lander and rover, which successfully touched down on Earth's nearest neighbor in December 2013.
But Chang'e 4’s job is not to land but to circle the moon. More important its hoped that the capsule will return its payload safely to Earth without burning up in the atmosphere during descent to our home planet.
As previously reported, the on-board amateur radio payload will transmit a JT65B signal on 145.990 MHz which can be decoded by radio amateurs here on Earth using the free WSJT software. Its builder, LuxSpace is encouraging radio amateurs around the world to receive the transmissions and send in data to it.

Some names in the news. AMSAT North America has announced that Barry Baines WD4ASW will hold forth as the organizations president for the 2014 through 2015 operating year. Others appointed include Alan Biddle WA4SCA as the organizations secretary with Keith Baker KB1SF as Treasurer.
Flight Frank Bauer, KA3HDO has been appointed as Vice President of Human Spaceeflight operations; Jerry Buxton N0JY as Vice President of Engineering; Drew Glasbrenner KO4MA as its Vice president of operations and JoAnne Maenpaa K9JKM as the Vice President of User Services. E. Mike McCardel KC8YLD will be serving as the Vice President of Educational Relations with Martha Saragovitz continuing as Manager.
Positions not yet filled are Executive Vice President and Vice President of Marketing.

NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution or MAVEN orbiter has yet to begin its formal science mission, but it is already radioing back clear images and crucial data about the fourth planet’s upper atmosphere.
The spacecraft entered orbit around Mars September 21st. Only nine days later it imaged a coronal mass ejection from the Sun’s surface. The early observations are already providing scientists with hints as to how the red planet’s atmosphere changed over time.
MAVEN’s official mission will begin sometime in November, once final adjustments are made to the orbiter’s science instruments. Its long range purpose is to conduct a study of the Mars upper atmosphere to determine how it transitioned from a habitable planet to the cold and dry world it is today. Scientists think that maybe billions of years ago that a warm Mars would have been able to sustain liquid water in which microbial life could develop.

John, Papay, K8YSE's, satellite grid expedition trip has come to an end on October 1st, and he is now signing as K8YSE stroke 7 from Mesa, Arizona. According to Papay, he operated in 27 different grids, most of them very rare. States covered during his trip included South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada and Arizona while driving over 7300 miles in 27 days. A computer controlled Icom 910H was used on the linear satellites and a Kenwood V7A was used for communications through the SO-50 FM bird. Arrow antennas were used for all contacts. QSL information is on

You may find this next item a bit strange, but apparently its true. And depending how you look at it can be funny, scary or a little of both. Here’s WIA Newsman, Graham Kemp, VK4BB, with the details:
For the first time ever there are more gadgets in the world than there are people, including a growing number that only communicate with other machines, according to data from digital analysts at GSMA
The number of active mobile devices and human beings crossed over somewhere around the 7.19 billion mark.

GSMA's real-time tracker put the number of mobile devices at 7.22 billion whilst the US Census Bureau says the number of people is still somewhere between 7.19 and 7.2 billion.
Gadgets like tablets, smartphones and not-so-smart phones are multiplying five times faster than we are, with our population growing at a rate of about two people per second, or 1.2% annually.

If you have a device running Apple’s new iOS 8 operating system, you can now add an app that will permit sending Morse code from that unit.
Morse Code Telegraph Keyboard plugs directly into your iPhone's keyboard and lets you send dots and dashes from right within iMessage or your favorite e-mail.
The most interesting feature of the keyboard app is its relative lack of keys. It only includes the bare essentials of a J-38 looking key and a handy Morse Code alphabet and numbers guide.
If you want to give it a try, "Morse Code Telegraph Keyboard" is available for only 99 cents at the App Store.

Something new for your ears courtesy of Bob Heil, K9EID of Heil Sound. This as he introduces his new PRO 7 headset that applies some of the knowledge Bob gained from audio engineering pioneer Paul Klipsch back in the early 1970’s.
The new Pro 7 earphones feature a very specialized electrical and mechanical design that uses a very specialized tuned headphone enclosure that Bob says really eliminates usual distortion while producing greater sensitivity and a gorgeous response. Also included in the design is a balanced control that’s usually absent from most headsets.
On the microphone boom, you can get either a newly developed dynamic that is as articulate as the original Heil HC 5. Also available is an electret capsule for the early low level input iCOM rigs. These mic elements are interchangeable in the field.
For more on the new Pro 7 headset and other of Bob’s inventive products go to slash amateur ad click on the photo of the headsets you will see at the top of the page.

In DX, JH3PRR is reported to be on the air using the call KH8B from Pago Pago and will be there through October 27th. Activity is on 160 through 10 meters. QSL via JH3PRR preferably using Logbook of the World.

By the time you hear this, N7OhU should be operating as E51NOU from Rarotonga in the South Cook Islands. He plans to be there through November 9th operating 60 through10 meters in his pare time using only CW. QSL direct via N7OhU.

F6ICX will be active as 5R8IC from Saint Marie Island between November 3rd and December 12th. Operation will be holiday style on all HF bands operating mainly CW, with some SSB, RTTY, and PSK63. QSL via his home callsign as listed on Logs will be uploaded to ClubLog and Logbook of the World.

DK9PY will be operational as 6Y6N from Jamaica between November 26th and December 17th. Activity will be holiday style on the High Frequency bands using a Yaesu FT-857 into an inverted L antenna. QSL via his home callsign, direct or via the bureau.

G3RWF is heading back to Southern Africa for a 5 week holiday. He will begin operation in Lesotho as 7P8NH between December 11th through the 14th. Listen for him on the higher bands on CW only. QSL via G3RWF.

Lastly, CE5WQO will be active stroke CE0Z/CE5WQO from Juan Fernandez Island between November 19th through the 27th. This will be a holiday style operation using CW, SSB and the digital modes on 160 through 10 meters using. QSL via KA3LKM with two International Reply Coupons.

November 2014

+ IPARC Contest, CW

0600Z-1000Z, Nov 1 and
  1400Z-1800Z, Nov 1

+ Ukrainian DX Contest

1200Z, Nov 1 to 1200Z, Nov 2

+ ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW

2100Z, Nov 1 to 0300Z, Nov 3

+ IPARC Contest, SSB

0600Z-1000Z, Nov 2 and
  1400Z-1800Z, Nov 2

+ High Speed Club CW Contest

0900Z-1100Z, Nov 2 and
  1500Z-1700Z, Nov 2

+ DARC 10-Meter Digital Contest

1100Z-1700Z, Nov 2

+ ARS Spartan Sprint

0200Z-0400Z, Nov 4

+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest

1800Z-1900Z, Nov 6 (CW) and
  1900Z-2000Z, Nov 6 (SSB) and
  2000Z-2100Z, Nov 6 (FM) and
  2100Z-2200Z, Nov 6 (Dig)

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint

0145Z-0215Z, Nov 7

+ WAE DX Contest, RTTY

0000Z, Nov 8 to 2359Z, Nov 9

+ ARRL EME Contest

0000Z, Nov 8 to 2359Z, Nov 9

+ 10-10 Int. Fall Contest, Digital

0001Z, Nov 8 to 2359Z, Nov 9

+ JIDX Phone Contest

0700Z, Nov 8 to 1300Z, Nov 9

+ OK/OM DX Contest, CW

1200Z, Nov 8 to 1200Z, Nov 9

+ Kentucky QSO Party

1400Z, Nov 8 to 0200Z, Nov 9

+ CQ-WE Contest

1900Z, Nov 8 to 0500Z, Nov 10

+ RSGB 80m Club Sprint, SSB

2000Z-2100Z, Nov 12

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint

0145Z-0215Z, Nov 14

+ SARL Field Day Contest

1000Z, Nov 15 to 1000Z, Nov 16

+ All Austrian 160-Meter Contest

1600Z, Nov 15 to 0700Z, Nov 16

+ ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB

2100Z, Nov 15 to 0300Z, Nov 17

+ Run for the Bacon QRP Contest

0200Z-0400Z, Nov 17

+ NAQCC CW Sprint

0130Z-0330Z, Nov 20

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint

0145Z-0215Z, Nov 21

+ YO International PSK31 Contest

1600Z-2200Z, Nov 21

+ LZ DX Contest

1200Z, Nov 22 to 1200Z, Nov 23

+ RSGB 80m Club Sprint, CW

2000Z-2100Z, Nov 27

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint

0145Z-0215Z, Nov 28

+ CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

0000Z, Nov 29 to 2400Z, Nov 30