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Thank you very much for visiting my website, my name is Francis, I took the first time ham Exam held in 1994 after China reopened the personal amateur radio operation, and got my first third class call: bg1rb, then 2nd class call -- bd1rb in 1996, and the final 1st class call -- ba1rb in 1999.

I was born in 1974 and graduated from Guilin University of Electronic Technology, the same as bd7nq,Terry Liang, in 1995, computer science dept. And I am now continuing my master's degree in the Economic and Management department of Tsinghua University, Major in new technology economy and investment management.

I like DX very much, as earilier as 1992, I became a member of BY7WGL, and later when I came to Beijing, I took part in serval DXpedition including IOTA operation, such as BI3H AS-134, BI4C AS-136, BI5Z AS-137. I am also a member of BJDXC(BeiJing DX Club).

Now I am using a TS-680V HF+6m tranceiver, which can only output 10W, I DIYed an Amplifier which can magnify the power to 100W, I am still looking for a PA-680 for the tranceiver. :-). My major operating mode is CW, and sometimes SSB, DATA as well, when I on air in voice, English and Japanese are welcome, Chinese is also welcome of course. If you want to make a sked QSO, please don't hesitate to contact me. My QSL Manager is: EA7FTR, FRANCISCO SUERO, Fran's address showed below:


Do you feel difficult to get QSL info of Chinese ham radio stations? Here is a good website -- ChinaQRZ to find lastest information of Chinese stations, they almost maintain the website everyday. unfortunately it has no English edition so far.

If you have any question with me or Chinese ham, such as "how can I judge the grade by using the callsign of Chinese hams?" or "what freq Chinese hams often use now?", just contact me, maybe when you come to China, I can help you get the Chinese license. :-), My QTH is Beijing, the capital of China, welcome you.

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