VA3DIS Repeater


IRLP #2739

VA3DIS is owned and operated by the Amateur Radio of Dryden

The repeater is located at the City of Dryden Fire Service Building.

It is consists of a 56' DMDX free standing Delhi tower, Decibal DB224, 4-bay dipole for the repeater,  Cushcraft 14 element 2 meter beam, Ham 3 rotor and a Spiro all-band wire antenna for HF. The Decibal DB224 is fed with Andrews 7/8" heliax, the beam with Andrews 1/2" heliax and the wire antenna with RG-8 coax.


The repeater equipment consists of a GE VHF Mastr II, 65 watt continuous duty,  putting 50 watts to the antenna trough a Sinclair Q2330E, 6 Cavity Q-circuit duplexer. The VHF receiver pre-amp is a stock GE UHS.  It is all ran by an S-Com 7K,  2 port controller. An Astron RM-35A-BB power supply powers the equipment. The IRLP computer is connected directly to the second port of the controller linking the repeater.

It usually connected to the 9021 ARES Ontario Public Service Reflector.