September 2010


Amateur Radio Society of Dryden

 September 8th, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Dryden Fire Service Training Centre


 Bryan, VA3BRY called the meeting to order.


In Attendance were:

  Bryan VA3BRY
  Bob, VA3GUN
  Dick, VA3DIK
  Ken, VE3VGM
  Bob, VE3YDN
  Alf VE3EFT
  Dave, VE3LUM
  Arnie, VA3NOL
  Jim, VE3JLN
  Scott, VA3EXT
  Neil,  VE3VNM



New Business


M.S.—Neil, VE3VNM; Ken, VE3VGM—the minutes of the May 12 meeting be adopted as read.  Carried.


Technical Director, Scott, VA3EXT reported the Camp Robinson repeater is working better.  Although he didn’t work on it, Richard, from Prairie Mobile Communications may have tweaked it during one of his trips to the site.


The club BBQ had a good turnout at VE3VNM’s.


The Airshow coverage was good.  16 hams and 17 flying club members helped with communications and check points.


10 hams assisted with marshalling during the Centennial parade.


The club received a donation from Dr. Schneider for our assistance at the Rugby Creek Dog Sled Races this past spring.


Rickford still has not responded to our request for a Weather Radio.  In fact they have “lost our letter” again for the 3rd time.  Bryan has sent them a copy via email.



Upcoming Events:


Remembrance Day—Oct 11—the club will sponsor a wreath in remembrance of the radio operators.  Dave, VE3LMU, will contact the Legion to order, and arrange for a member to lay the wreath at the cenotaph.


JOTA—Jamboree on the Air for cubs and scouts—Oct 16/17.  Bill Laidlaw has asked if the club would participate.  He is expecting 8 to 10 participants this year.  Rather than an afternoon, as we had done last year, we are planning to meet at the EOC in the evening, between 1900-2100.  Several members indicated their willingness to assist.


Pumpkin Patrol—Oct 30/31—we will assist again this year.  Times will be finalized closer to the date.


Scott, VA3EXT, further reported that he had done some work on the Blackhawk repeater and it is improved over what it was.  The hams in Ft. Frances area, along with Warren, are planning to set up a digi-peater as well.  The digi at VE3RMU is not working as well as it used to.


Trillium has turned down the club’s application for a grant for the emergency communications trailer.  It was suggested we reapply for the next submission date.


Bob, VE3YDN, will check pricing for club stickers for the hard hats.


Usually, at this meeting, the club proposes nominations for the directors and executive.  There were no nominations, so the existing executive has agreed to continue in their respective positions.


M.S.—Ken, VE3VGM; Arnie, VA3NOL—the financial statement as at August 16th be adopted as read.  Carried.


Neil, VE3VNM moved the meeting adjorn.


Neil, VE3VNM won the 50/50 draw.




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