September 2009


Amateur Radio Society of Dryden

 September 9th, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Dryden Fire Service Training Centre


 Bryan, VA3BRY called the meeting to order.


In Attendance were:

  Bryan VA3BRY
  Bob, VA3GUN
  Dick, VA3DIK
  Fred, VE3WFN
  Bob, VE3YDN
  Alf VE3EFT
  Dave, VE3LUM
  Arnie, VA3NOL
  Trevor, VE3HTT


President Bryan called the meeting to order.


M.S. Arnie, VA3NOLDick, VA3DIK the minutes of the May 13 meeting be adopted as read.  Carried.



Old Business

During the CANWARN presentation, there was a discussion about implementing a VHF Weather Radio for Dryden.  Serg advised that a 2-year lead time was average.  Environment Canada will pay for the equipment, but the local community or a sponsor within the community would have to pay for the operating expenses, and provide the location.  There was a general discussion as to how to canvas the community and initiate a petition to Environment Canada.  The more support we can generate, the better the chances that E.C. will move ahead for a Dryden station. It was decided to table any action until after the Simulated Emergency Exercise/Mock Disaster in September.  Organizers may use the lack of the Weather Radio to illustrate a lack of warning for the public about the potential hazards of a real emergency.


CanWarn training went well.  Approximately 12 attended, including 3 volunteer fire fighters from Sioux Lookout.


Since Scott worked on the VE3BRK, Blackhawk Lake repeater, it has become popular with users in the SW corner of NWO.


Mr Rickford has passed our letter concerning Weather Radio on to the Minister responsible for Environment Canada.  This summers tornado at Fishermans Cove may raise the level of priority.


Members discussed the Emergency Trailer, and will hold a planning session to prepare an application for funding.


New Business


Dave, VE3LMU, will follow-up a request for Parade participation from the 2010 Homecoming Planning Committee.


Bryan, VA3BRY, will follow-up a request for Communication assistance from the Red Cross.


Arnie, VA3NOL, will follow-up a request from Bill Laidlaw, Dryden Scout Master for assistance during Scouts Jamboree on the Air.


M.S. Bryan, VA3BRYFred, VE3WFN the Financial Statement be accepted as distributed.  Carried.


M.S. Fred, VE3WFN, the meeting adjourn.


Bob, VE3YDN won the 50/50 Draw.




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