September 2008


Amateur Radio Society of Dryden

 September 10th, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Dryden Fire Service Training Centre


 Bryan, VA3BRY called the meeting to order.


In Attendance were:

  Leo, VE3ASS
  Dave, VE3LMU
  Dick, VA3DIK
  Scott, VA3EXT
  Bob, VE3YDN
  Alf VE3EFT
  Ron, VA3RHP
  Jim, VE3JLN
  Jan, VE3JNS
  Neil, VE3VNM
  Del VE3DEL
  Ken, VE3VGM
  Bryan VA3BRY
  Adrian, VA3ALC
  George, VA3JGM
  Joe, VE3EEX
  Lucy, VA3LUX


M.S. Jim, VE3JLN; Neil, VE3VNMthe minutes of the May 14, 2008 meeting be adopted as corrected.  The meeting was held at the Dryden Flying Club prior to the CANWARN presentation by Serg Besner, Environment Canada.  Carried.


M.S. by Del, VE3DEL; Ken, VE3VGMthe financial statement as of August 1, 2008 be accepted as read.  Carried.


Old Business

During the CANWARN presentation, there was a discussion about implementing a VHF Weather Radio for Dryden.  Serg advised that a 2-year lead time was average.  Environment Canada will pay for the equipment, but the local community or a sponsor within the community would have to pay for the operating expenses, and provide the location.  There was a general discussion as to how to canvas the community and initiate a petition to Environment Canada.  The more support we can generate, the better the chances that E.C. will move ahead for a Dryden station. It was decided to table any action until after the Simulated Emergency Exercise/Mock Disaster in September.  Organizers may use the lack of the Weather Radio to illustrate a lack of warning for the public about the potential hazards of a real emergency.



New Business

 The Ear Falls Node is at Warrens, VE3FYN, home.  APRS will be I-gated from Ear Falls.

 Bob, VE3YDN briefed the members on the Mock Disaster scheduled for Sept 16.  The plan is for an Anhydrous Ammonia spill as a result of a truck/train collision/derailment at the Gordon Road crossing on the northwest corner of the mill.  The exercise will run 1000 to 1300, followed by lunch at the Arena.  Bryan, VA3BRY, would like to see a minimum of 16 members participating.  We will meet at the Fire Hall at 0900 to sign in and deploy from there to various sites.  We will use Simplex 146.52 MHz with VA3DIS (147.375) as back up.  Please use plain language in our communicationsno Q-codes.  Please say This is an exercise as a preface to all message traffic.  If, during  the exercise we get a Code Red preface, it means a real emergency is happening.

 Other things to consider:  wear our emergency vest to identify our role during the exercise;  Carry a cheat sheet for phonetics in case we need to spell out names; for those using hand held radios, consider an extension of coax as the antenna feedlines at the emergency sites is very stiff and it will help protect the hand held if it falls.  Use a speaker mic; carry our ID cards; have a thermos/drink and snack;  carry PL-259 to BNC connectors/adapter.

 Members then discussed locations and staffing.


 Scott, VA3EXT now has a program for the Motorola Radios the club received from the Thunder Bay Police.  The Nestor Falls repeater is working good.  The IRLP link is working good.  IRLP depends on an internet connection.  DMTS is extremely busy with their internet implementation, so we will have to wait until they have time to move the VE3DRY repeater into their shelter/tower.


Moved by Neil, VE3VNM, the meeting adjourn.


Neil, VE3VNM won the 50/50 draw.



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