September 2006


Amateur Radio Society of Dryden

 September 13th, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Dryden Fire Service Training Centre


Scott, VA3EXT chaired the meeting as both Bryan,VA3BRY, and Bob, VA3GUN were away.

In Attendance were:

  Leo, VE3ASS
  Dave, VE3LMU
  Dick, VA3DIK
  Scott, VA3EXT
  Trevor VE3HTT
  Gary, VE3MOR
  Alf VE3EFT
  Fred, VE3WFN
  Jeff, VE3NAH
  Rick, VA3RGA
  Neil, VE3VNM
  Jan, VE3JNS



M.S. Rick, VA3RGA, Neil, VE3VNM, the minutes of the May 10 General Meeting be adopted as distributed.  Carried.


Old Business


Jeff, VA3NAH, has ordered a Motorola interface to program our Motorola MCX-1000s.  The interface can be used to program other Motorola radios we may purchase in the future.


M.S. Dave,VE3LMU, Neil, VE3VNM, the club purchase the Motorola interface, reimbursing Jeff.  Carried.


Camp 807 was in Warroad, MN this past August.  During the weekend, Warroad experienced tornadoes.  Although there was property damage/loss, thankfully, there were no injuries/fatalities.


Antique Tractor Association Parade on Fathers Day went smoothly.  Communications were provided by:


  Bryan, VA3BRY
  Dick, VA3DIK
  Jeff, VE3NAH
  Kim SWL
  Bob, VA3UDP
  Kim, VA3KMM


Walleye Mastersunfortunately no one was available to provide communications.


Canada Day Parade was covered by Arnie, VA3NOL and Dick, VA3DIK.


Dave reported that Modak Helicopters (who were offering the two 48-foot radio towers at the airport) had declared bankruptcy, and the hangar/towers reverted back to Canadian Helicopters.


Basic Radio Class has started with 6 students.


M.S. Neil, VE3VNM, Dick, VA3DIK the Treasurers Report as of September 12 be adopted as distributed.  Carried.



New Business


Scott reviewed the installation and contract of the DMTS Internet access on the VE3DRY tower.


M.S. Rick, VA3RGA, Gary, VE3MOR that Bryan, President and Scott, Director, sign the contract.  Carried.


Rick, VA3RGA passed on greetings from former club member and director Gord, VE3UTB.


Pumpkin Patrol is planned for Gate Night, Monday, October 30th and Halloween Night, October 31st.  Meet at the Dryden Fire Hall each night at 6 pm.





The York Region Ham Club is hosting their Hamfest on Saturday, October28 at the Markham .


Gary, VE3MOR, reported on progress of the linking project between Ignace, VA3IGN, and Dryden, VE3DRY, repeaters.  As reported at the last meeting, the 2M VHF link didnt work, as the frequencies were too close together, and caused desensing.  To reduce the amount of UHF radio equipment in the field, he is planning to use a Voip internet link.  Hopefully, the project will be completed this winter.


Scott, VA3EXT, is planning to interface the VA3DIS repeater with Echolink/IRLP this winter.


Depending on how these 2 linking projects go, Scott may work on the VE3VBY (Camp Robinson) and VA3BPL (Bear Paw Lake) Repeaters to make them full duplex links instead of remote bases.  Time frame is next spring/summer.


Scott is studying the new APRS Protocol and will implement during the winter.


VA3ADI has not reported back to the club on the status of the VE3YXL Sioux Lookout Repeater.  The link is working between Dryden and Sioux Lookout both ways, however, for some reason, their Repeater has been off the air since spring of 2005.


Atikokan is thinking about linking VE3RIB east.  Warren, VE3FYN, has 6 people interested in ham radio and will tutor them.


For the November meeting, Scott is planning a training session on how to use the VE3DRY repeater.


Club Caps are still available at $12.00 each.  Emergency Vests are $35.00.  See Dave.


M.S. Neil, VE3VNM, Leo, VE3ASS the meeting adjourn.  Carried.


VE3JNS won the 50/50 draw.





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