October 2008


Amateur Radio Society of Dryden

 October 15th, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Dryden Fire Service Training Centre


President brought meeting to order at 7:30 PM


In Attendance were:

  Bob, VA3GUN
  Bryan, VA3BRY
  Neil, VE3VNM
  Scott, VA3EXT
  Dick, VA3DIK
  Alf, VE3EFT
  Bob, VE3YDN
  Ron, VA3RHP
  Ken, VE3VGM
Brenda, VE3SBU
  Del, VE3DEL
  Luci, VA3LUX


 Old Business

Minutes of Septembers meeting were not available at the time of the meeting. Will be reviewed at November Meeting.

Meeting called for scheduling amateurs for upcoming Gate Night and Halloween. YDN asked for volunteers and he made up a list for both nights. Contact Bob, YDN if you can make it out for either or both nights. Start night for Halloween is 5:45PM. YDN to contact Police Service re: start time for Gate Night.

New Business

President reviewed Debriefing of Drydens Mock Disaster. All positive comments for Amateur Radio Operators.  Some discussion regarding problems identified with other agencies. Minutes of debriefing attached.

16 Amateurs took part in the event: VA3GUN, VA3DIK, VE3JLN, VE3JNS, VE3LMU, VE3DEL, VA3EXT, VA3BRY, VE3YDN, VE3VGM, VA3LUX, VE3EFT, VA3JYA, VE3VNM, VE3NNX, VE3MOR.

 Bob, GUN Dave, LMU and Bryan, BRY to meet to address new executive and how many directors are needed.

 Luci, LUX suggested the club could generate more interest for new members if we took part in School Registration Day & Safety Nite. Is there any way the course could be made shorter or easier for new members to take? Will discuss at next meeting.


Scott EXT submitted a bill for $114.92 to the club for 3 sets of crystals for our repeaters and APRS radio, for reimbursement.


The Club will purchase a wreath for Remembrance Day at the Dryden Cenotaph.  Bryan BRY will check with Rick, RGA to see if he will be available and if not Maurice MLF will lay the wreath on behalf of the club


Motion to adjorn VE3VNM & VE3VGM. Carried


Ken, VE3VGM, won the 50/50 draw, and donated his share back to the club.


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