November 2008


Amateur Radio Society of Dryden

 November 12th, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Dryden Fire Service Training Centre


President Bryan, VA3BRY, called the meeting to order at 19:30.

  Bob, VA3GUN
  Bryan, VA3BRY
  Neil, VE3VNM
  George, VA3JGM
  Dick, VA3DIK
  Dave, VE3LMU
  Bob, VE3YDN
  Joe, VE3EEX
  Adrian, VA3ALC
Scott, VA3EXT


M.S. Neil, VE3VNM; Dick, VA3DIK; the minutes of the September 12 meeting be adopted as corrected.  Carried.  The minutes appear to indicate that DMTS will move our equipment.  The club is responsible for moving its equipment over to the DMTS tower site.


M.S. Neil, VE3VNM; Scott, VA3EXT; the minutes of the October 15 Special Meeting be adopted as corrected.  Carried.  The minutes indicate that Scott be reimbursed for duplexersit was actually crystals for the radios that Scott had purchased.


 Old Business

Scott, VA3EXT advised the members that DMTS has been extremely busy with their projects and we will wait until they indicate we can move over to their tower.  It now appears that their equipment building will not have room for the VE3DRY repeater, so we will likely just move our building closer to the base of their tower.  Scott is hoping to relocate the VE3DRY antenna to the top of the DMTS tower.  (DMTS antennas are located near the top and 2/3rds up their tower).


8 members patrolled on Gate Night (1730 to 2300), and 7 members patrolled on Halloween (1730 to 2030).  Dispite the good weather, both evenings were quiet with no pranks.

M.S. Bob, VA3GUN; Scott, VA3EXT; the Financial Statement as at October 1, 2008 be adopted as read.  Carried.

Scott, VA3EXT, reported that he and several other members had helped dismantle a beam and tower at Sioux Lookout, VE3UKKs QTH.  In addition to other radios, they will be used to outfit the Emergency Communications Trailer the club is planning.  Any additional equipment declared surplus will be sold to club members.

New Business

 Bob, VE3YDN and Scott, VA3EXT will liaise with Fire Chief Darryl Herbert concerning the Environment Canada Weather Radio project, because of the future ability of the system to broadcast emergency warnings to the public in addition to the current use as a weather broadcast.

Bob, VA3GUN; Bryan, VA3BRY; Scott, VA3EXT; and Dave, VE3LMU are willing to continue in their executive positions for 2009.  George McNaughton, VA3JGM, is willing to work as an Assistant Director as required.  Dave, VE3LMU to contact others who were not in attendance to confirm if they will continue to serve in their respective positions.

M.S. Neil, VE3VNM; Dick, VA3DIK, to accept Bryan, VA3BRY. President; Bob, VA3GUN, Vice President; Dave, VE3LMU; Secretary-Treasurer.  Carried.

Rick, VA3RGA, attended the Legions Remembrance Day Service at the Dryden Cenotaph and laid the wreath in remembrance of all armed forces radio operators.

A general discussion ensued concerning training and how to attract and hold students. 

George, VA3JGM, volunteered to contact Diane Jacobsen, the Dryden High School Student Counsellor to discuss how high school students could obtain credit for volunteering for community service events with the Club.

Bob, VE3YDN asked for members to be available for Thursday evening, November 20th from 1900 to 2200 for possible deployment as part of the Trillium Exercise taking place in Thunder Bay.  He also mentioned that the Canadian Military will be stopping at the Dryden Fire Hall on Friday, November 21st 1300 to 1430, and will have some of their communications equipment on display.

Friday, November 28th is the Christmas Parade, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the Dryden Rotary Club.  Members are asked to meet at 1730 at the staging area along Princess Street by Alex Wilson Coldstream.

 The Clubs annual Christmas supper will be held December 10th.  VA3BRY will check availability of the Barclay Hall.  VA3ALC will organize donations for the Chinese Auction.  Neil, VE3VNM, will check with Leo, VE3ASS, about a turkey; VA3BRY will bring a ham this year.  As with other years, the supper will be pot luck, and members will bring their own utensils and beverages.  The plan will be to open for cocktails at 1730, supper at 1800.

 Scott, VA3EXT, reported that VA3DIS has a new computer/controller and duplexers.  He has also built (from the radios donated by the OPP), a 10 watt emergency repeater that can be set up at a remote/emergency location as required during an emergency.

Moved by Neil, VE3VNM, the meeting adjourn.  Carried.


Adrian, VA3ALC, won the 50/50 draw, and donated his share back to the club.


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