November 2006


Amateur Radio Society of Dryden

 November 8th, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Dryden Fire Service Training Centre


President Bob, VA3GUN, brought the meeting to order.

In Attendance were:

  Bob, VA3GUN
  Roy, VE3BJD
  Neil, VE3VNM
  Ron, VA3RHP
  Dick, VA3DIK
  Gary VE3MOR
  Bryan, VA3BRY
  Jim, VE3JLN
  Adrian, VA3ALC
George, VA3JGM
  Rick, VA3RGA
  Joe, VE3EEX




Bryan, VA3BRY called the meeting to order at 1935 hrs.  Rick, VA3RGA took minutes as Dave, VE3LMU is out of town.


The minutes of the September 13, 2006 General Meeting were read.  


M.S. Neil, VE3VNM, Joe, VE3EEX the minutes of the September 13, 2006 General Meeting be adopted as read.  Carried.


Business Arising from the minutes


There was an excellent turnout for both Gate Night and Halloween although no one had exact numbers.  Both evenings were very quiet and there were no incidents to report on.  Thank you to all who assisted.


The contract with DMTS has been signed.


Old Business




New Business


Santa Claus Christmas Parade will be November 24th.  It was believed that members would be asked to turn out at 1800 hours but listen to the radios to confirm.  Bryan, VA3BRY will confirm with Arnie, VA3NOL whether he will be organizing this event.


Christmas Party for ARSD is being planned for December 13th at Barclay Hall, Cocktails at 1700, and Meal at 1800.  Bob, VA3GUN to book the hall, Neil, VE3VNM to organize the Chinese Auction, Leo, VE3ASS will be asked to cook a turkey, Bryan, VA3BRY volunteered to smoke a turkey and Sue VE3NNX and Bob, VA3GUN to set up the hall.  Please make plans to attend with your family and BYOcutlery, plates, beverage and glass.


Bryan, VA3BRY gave a brief overview of future plans for a mobile communications centre to service emergencies in the area.  Money is being applied for through the Trillium Foundation.  More information will be forthcoming as this project progresses.


Moved by Neil, VE3VNM, the meeting adjourn.


Gary, VE3MOR won the 50/50 Draw.



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