November 2010


Amateur Radio Society of Dryden

November 10th, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Dryden Fire Service Training Centre


In Attendance were:

  Bob, VE3YDN
  Ed, VA3ETP
  Jim, VE3JLN
  Scott, VA3EXT
  Ken, VE3VGM
  Bob, VA3GUN
  Dave, VE3LMU
  Alf, VE3EFT


Vice President, Bob, VA3GUN, called the meeting to order.


Correction to the September meeting minutes:  Remembrance Day is Nov 11 not Oct 11.


M.S.—Ken, VE3VGM; Jim, VE3JLN—the September Meeting Minutes be adopted as corrected.  Carried.


M.S.—Ken, VE3VGM; Jim, VE3JLN—the October 13 Special Meeting Minutes be adopted as distributed.  Carried.




Old Business:


JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) was attended by 14 cubs, scouts, leaders and parents.  Unfortunately, conditions were poor.  Our only QSO was with Warren, VE3FYN, in Atikokan via IRLP.


Pumpkin Patrol was quiet.  There was only one egg-throwing incident on Halloween Night.  10 amateurs patrolled Saturday night (Gate Night); 7 amateurs patrolled on Halloween Night.  We will liaise with Dryden Police next year to see if it would be better to adjust our times to 2000 to 2300 on Gate Night.


The Trillium Foundation has turned down our grant application.  We will re-apply.


A.R.S.D. decals will be printed to apply to the blue safety caps.  They will also be available for sale to members.


M.S.—Jim, VE3JLN; Ken, VE3VGM—the Financial Statement as at October 1, 2010 be adopted as distributed.  Carried.


New Business:


December 8th will be our Christmas Supper.  As Barclay Hall is no longer available, we will meet at the Dryden Flying Club.  Bob, VE3YDN has booked the hall; rental is $50.00, which we will pay out of the ‘Chinese Auction’ receipts.


Christmas Parade:  We are still awaiting details from the Kinsmen Club.  Scott will e-mail members once known.


VA3EXT Technical Report:


Fort Frances amateurs are utilizing the Blackhawk repeater which is now working.  The digipeater is running as well.


Ignace, Bearpaw and Sioux Lookout repeaters are still down.  Adi, VA3ADI was asked to have a look at Sioux Lookout, however, he has not returned Scott’s call yet.  The other 2 repeaters will be fixed as time permits.


Ken, VE3VGM, moved the meeting adjourn.


Jim, VE3JLN, won the 50/50 draw.



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