May 2011


Amateur Radio Society of Dryden

 May 11th, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Dryden Fire Service Training Centre


President Bryan brought the meeting to order.

In Attendance were:

  Jim, VE3JLN
  Bob, VA3GUN
  Ron, VA3RHP
  Scott, VA3EXT
  Bryan, VA3BRY
  Ken, VE3VGM
  Dave, VE3LMU
  Del, VE3DEL
  Sid, VE3SID
  Rick, VA3RGA
  Trevor, VE3HTT
  Bob,  VE3YDN


Bryan, VA3BRY, opened the meeting.


Bryan introduced Sid Wall, VE3SID. 


M.S. Ken, VE3VGM; Bob, VA3GUN, the minutes of the 09March11 meeting be adopted as read.  Carried.


M.S. Rick, VA3RGA; Scott, VA3EXT—Financial Statement as at May 11, 2011 be adopted as read.  Carried.


 Old Business:

Scott, VA3EXT, has booked Birchland Trailer Park BBQ Shelter for Camp 807.


Bryan, VA3BRY and Bob, VE3YDN represented the Club at the N.W.O. Emergency Response Forum  April 5-7.  The theme was “You are Not Alone”.

Among other presentations, CN Rail presented a session on Derailment Precautions; Eric Tremblay, MNR—Night Vision Goggles; Goeff Coulson—CanWarn; Breeze—GIS Implementation in Dryden in Emergencies; Lt. Col. Steve Hull—Military Liason;  Red Cross—role in Emergencies.  Dryden Police Chief Shayne MacKinnon paid the club a complement at the Forum.


Can Warn training will be held June 16th at the Fire Hall Training Centre.


Bryan reported that the Trillium review committee had called with requests for more information:  Would the club consider putting a portion of your on funds towards the EmComm trailer?  We have committed $2,000 of our funds towards the trailer.  Has the club helped First Nations communities?  If roads are out, the EMO Incident Commander will be in charge, and the club will do whatever we can to assist.



New Business: 

Scott, VA3EXT, suggested the club purchase a Portable Gas-operated Generator for the repeater site.  Our UPS was damaged during a lightning strike at the repeater site.  He will wait until we get a response from the Trillium Foundation to purchase it.


Barbeque tentatively set for June 11 at VE3VNM’s QTH.


Bob, VE3YDN, briefed the members on the Mock Lockdown at Pinewood School on May 13th.  The club will be participating in the exercise.


M.S. Bob, VA3GUN; Ken, VE3VGM, the meeting adjourn.


50/50 Draw winner—Bryan, VA3BRY.



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