January 2010


Amateur Radio Society of Dryden

 January 14th, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Dryden Fire Service Training Centre


In Attendance were:

  Bob, VA3GUN
  Arnie VA3NOL
  Neil, VE3VNM
  Dave VE3LMU
  Fred, VE3WFN 
  Scott, VA3EXT
  Bryan, VA3BRY
  Ken, VE3VGM
  Bob, VE3YDN
  Jim, VE3JLN


Bryan, VA3BRY, called the meeting to order at 1930.


The minutes of the 11 November 2009 meeting were read.  Missing from the minutes was mention that there were no elections for the Executive for 2010,  however, the existing Executive have volunteered to continue in their positions for 2010.


M.S.—Ken, VE3VGM; Jim, VE3JLN, the minutes be adopted as corrected.  Carried.


M.S.—Arnie, VA3NOL; Scott, VA3EXT, the December 31, 2009 Financial Statement be accepted as read.  Carried.


Old Business

 The club has not had any response to date from Mr Rickford regarding the Dryden Weather Radio station.


25 members and family attended the Christmas Supper December 9th, 2009.


13 Vests were purchased and embroidered in time for the Olympic Torch Relay.  Total cost was $516.90.


8 members participated in the Olympic Torch Relay: on January 4th.


            Jim, VE3JLN                 Bob, VE3YDN               Bob, VA3GUN

            Ken, VE3VGM               Del, VE3DEL                Bryan, VA3BRY

            Scott, VA3EXT              Dave, VE3LMU            Neil, VE3VNM



9 members participated in the Christmas Parade:


            Scott, VA3EXT              Neil, VE3VNM               Ken, VE3VGM

            Bob, VE3YDN               Bryan, VA3BRY             Bob, VA3GUN

            Lucy, VA3LUX               Shelly, VA3MLS            Alf, VE3EFT


New Business

Our emergency vests cost $516.90.  Several members indicated they would be willing to purchase their own vests.


M.S.—Ken, VE3VGM; Fred, VE3WFN, that we sell the vests for $35.00 to cover the costs of purchase and embroidery.  Carried.


M.S.—Bob, VE3YDN; Arnie, VA3NOL, the club reimburse Scott for the purchase of a Exec II Mobile radio.  Carried.


M.S.—Scott, VA3EXT; Del, VE3DEL the club donate $100.00 to the Amateur Radio Defense Fund.  Carried.


On the Calendar:  Near the end of February (not certain of date, yet)—Dog Sled Races at Eton Rugby WinterFest.


Fred, VE3WFN needs help to put up a G5RV at his new QTH.


Jim, VE3JLN, moved the meeting adjourn.


The 50/50 draw was won by Bryan, VA3BRY.



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